Picard Season 4 Rumour

no other reason for Burnham to be raised on Vulcan than to lead into that.
I don't agree, a human raised on Vulcan could have made for and interesting character. It's didn't, but with better writing it could have done.

But I agree with your main point - backdoor pilots are well known, and it's expected that the audience will recognise one when they see one.

And have a long history in Star Trek.

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I have to be real with you, guys. If Henadic Theologian says something is true I am pretty sure it is false.

I pretty much ignore all rumors on YouTube. There's one guy somewhat worth listening to as he has production crews on his show for behind the scenes info. One of his guests/friends was also the one acquired the other Star Wars IX script.

He doesn't speculate much and if he does he always says it's exacy thst and only his thoughts and reductions not a concrete whatever.
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