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Sylvar B.

Saemund sighs...Our goals being what they are, it would be more efficient to break into groups and attempt to gather the information we need. Being new to the city we could use unfamiliarity as an excuse to wander, linger and ask questions that otherwise would attract suspicion. Spending time in taverns might lend us greater insight into how the populace feels about foreigners and the manipulation of way. We might even find hidden factions that harbor benders. Factions we would otherwise not find if we are hanging around with government officials. As it is we are just merchants trying to make a living. We start spending too much time with Zael and we become something else all together.

Perhaps if we paid attention the names of shops or taverns we may find one that might indicate an amiable stance toward benders.
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Konokoro! No PC will be eaten in his sleep.

We start spending too much time with Zael and we become something else all together.

Sannit replies,
"I have more official reasons for wanting to meet with the man. He made contact with us, and I am hoping there is a good reason for that besides wanting to meet our friendly bear. It is possible Zael knows something about our difficulties with Asylim and what it will take to put a stop to it. I am hoping to make him an ally in our struggle, much as Giodavi and Lyndha are. I am going to ask him philosophical questions about Way, though, and behind closed doors he might have more to say. All of you are welcome to join in these discussions, but if you feel your time is better spent elsewhere then do as you will."

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Vadin says, "I agree with Saemund here, I think we could gather more information if we break into smaller groups. The best way to truly get a feel of the town is meeting with the townsfolk. Getting around and meeting some of those folks may serve us well. I for one would not mind visiting a tavern, I am getting a bit thirsty."

Tellerian Hawke

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Sannit said:
"...All of you are welcome to join in these discussions, but if you feel your time is better spent elsewhere then do as you will."

Merin smiles at Sannit, saying, "My brother, for that is what I consider you, I might disagree with you from time to time, but I will never abandon you. I will attend these discussions as well. I have to admit, I know, deep in my heart, that the world is a dunghill, and that Benders will never be fully accepted. It's just hard to live with, that's all. The struggle is not one of pride, but of simply wanting to belong. Having to keep my abilities secret is a great burden, one that I do not enjoy carrying. But never assume that my desire to belong would ever outweigh my loyalty to this group. I'm in it for the long haul, my friend. And I will always have your back."


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Y 0: D 197: Doldrums 47: Concluding Trade

GM: It is currently mid morning. As the season of Doldrum is 47 days into its 60 day run, for once, there is a blessed breeze. The temperature is still very hot.

OOC: Blather:
  • Charisma (Collegiate Task) +
  • Mind + Knowledge + Persona +
  • Commercial + Mercantile
This active task applies to any attempt to convince another of the speaker's opinion. It also applies to haggling for favorable commerce, whether buying, selling, or trading. This task only applies to spoken intercourse.
Opposing Tasks: Skepticism
Sheldon: 38(Charisma) + 38(Blather) + 70(d100) = 146
Tor: 34(Charisma) + 36(Blather) + 72(d100) = 142
Merin: 48(Charisma) + 37(Blather) + 87(d100) = 172
Indigo: 34(Charisma) + 38(Blather) + 70(d100) = 142
Sannit: 31(Charisma) + 39(Blather) + 81(d100) = 151
Bolo: 39(Charisma) + 37(Blather) + 81(d100) = 157
Saemund: 34(Charisma) + 38(Blather) + 85(d100) = 157
Vadin: 26(Charisma) + 38(Blather) + 96(d100) + 23(luck) = 183

Trading Silk:
Sheldon, Sannit, and Merin negotiate with the weaver for the silk. While 3 bags seems like a lot to carry with such a small group, it unfortunately does not translate to very much cloth. The 3 bags of Yellow Silk will translate to 3 bolts of cloth of 100% coverage each. Yellow Silk is favored among the soldiers of Boga City as woven material for flexible armor because it has a greater deflective strength than Ansylin or especially Eastabin silk. After favorable negotiation, the party receives 562 ocrin.
OOC: As a reminder, the silk belongs to Southroad Fair and the Seekers agreed to a 20% commission; therefor, 450 ocrin (same value as a clam) needs to be returned.

Trading Cattle:
Indigo, Bolo, and Vadin negotiate with the butcher for the value of the 4 cows. The price is determined for the value of the meat and for the value of the hides. After favorable negotiation and a bit of luck on the party of Vadin, the party receives 7,712 ocrin.

Trading Iron:
Tor and Saemund negotiate with the metallurgist for the value of iron in the 8 mining mauls, 8 spikes, and 40 bricks of raw ore. The total mass is considered at 52 bricks. After favorable negotiations, the party receives 1,554 ocrin.

Completing Trade:
All Seekers speak Centrin well enough to facilitate their own trade without the need of Thomas, the clerk, to translate. At the completion of each negotiation, Thomas gives the party a voucher signed by the trader for the value of the negotiated coin. The vouchers are exchanged just inside the gate by way of a small window and pass slot from a manned, stone vault. The party physically receives 100 Plates, 200 Dublins, 80 Rupees, and 28 Ocrin. The coins are equally divided among the party for ease of carry, safety, and convenience while within the city.
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Y 0: D 197: Doldrums 47: Boga City Awaits

GM: Boga city is a well designed city. There are 4 gates, one for each side. All gates allow direct passage through the city by way of the area called the Codex. The Codex is walled. The only impediment to this is that the center of the Codex which is in the center of the park is also the area of the Bazaar, where various goods and foodstuffs are sold from pushcarts. The Bazaar can often be crowded.

When entering from the South Gate, the Academy District is to the left, The Trades District is to the right. After the Bazaar, the Merchant District is to the left, the Entertainment District, and the Residential District are to the right.

The Academy District contains schools for learning most all Combat and some Commercial skills. The southern end of the park with its aesthetic grove is contained here. There are no taverns, inns,, or residences in the district.

The Trades District contains guild houses for apprenticeships in many Commercial skills. There are 3 taverns in this district, including Slythe's Place. There are a few residences for guild members but no inns.

The Merchant District contains shops for purchase of finished goods. There are 2 taverns and a few residences of shop owners.

The Entertainment District contains 4 taverns, 4 inns, 2 brothels, 2 bath houses, 2 barbers, and a tattoo artist. There are no residences in this district.

The Residential District contains only that. Visitors in this district are expected to be known or accompanied by a resident. The ring of stones structure of the park is in the center of this district as well.

Saemund sighs.
Our goals being what they are, it would be more efficient to break into groups and attempt to gather the information we need...
Sannit replies,
"I have more official reasons for wanting to meet with the man..."
Vadin says,
"I agree with Saemund here..."
Merin smiles at Sannit, saying,
"...I will attend these discussions as well..."
OOC: State your destinations and desires.
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After finding lodgings with the other Seekers, San-Bolo and Turtle will spend time exploring the city. They will see what lessons are available for non residents in the Academy district with interest in pole, projectile, and obscurative skills. They will see what special goods are available in the Merchant district, and take in a show at the Entertainment district.

Sannit will also leave word for Zael to contact them.

Bolo and Turtle will pick some fruit to snack on but she will keep the bear in check to make sure he does not over indulge.

At night they will meet with the Seekers to drain a few pints and compare notes on Boga City.
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Sylvar B.

Saemund will visit the academy district and inquire about someone willing to train and teach in axe combat. After training he will find some a respectable yet sufficiently common tavern to sit in. Some place the hired help goes to unwind after a long day of work. He will listen in on conversations until he finds someone talking about either the use of Way, or the political situation in Boga City.

He will then ply the individuals with more drink and ask them questions.

GM: In the Trades District, which is heavily occupied by city laborers, Rollers is the gaming tavern. Hammer Fell is the lively tavern. Both are equally patronized by the labor force.

Rollers has dice, cards, and darts, upon which the patrons wager and play. The tavern has music, but it is background to the gaming and talking.

Hammer Fell has groups of musicians and singers, not just some singular Bard. It is often loud, filled with dancers and heavier drinkers. The drinkers here are not the sulking type.

Saemund should choose.
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