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CB's The Sunless Citadel v3.5

Finley DaDum

First Post

"Very well, Elyan we may well be away from the beast for quite a while and it might attract predators. The regular rope should be fine anyway Grotz can easily handle the load along with rest we will just devide it evenly. Thankyou for your help master Hastleson, we should be off the sun speeds the day along."

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Ahh.. what we have here
Grotzkoshter take the basket from the priest and sniff around.
I'll put those in my pack
He takes the rope and the rations, he leaves the other stuff in the basket and carry it
So, what's the direction we need to head? I can lead you wherever you want


Grotz ties his greataxe to his back and looks at the fresh keg of ale, Being regular to lift kegs, he lifts the keg in the air and place it on his shoulder, there is a spot between the armor's spikes so it is balanced but he holds it with his right hand anyway, he picks up the basket with his other hand.
Yep ... I'm ready
he glance one more at his friends, smiles and leads the way to ravine.
he haven't been in the ravine before but he was not far from there, during his day offs in the inn, he traveled the area a couple of times, trying to hunt the local game … unsuccessfully

After walking southwest for an hour or two, the path meets up with what must be the largely abandoned Old Road. The Old Road soon angles nearly due south. Heat shimmers from the Ashen Plain far off in the western distance, forcing a mirage effect from the dry grey dust of that area.

After walking the Old Road for the better part of the afternoon, the party sees that the Old Road passes to the east of a narrow ravine. At the road's closest approach to the cleft, several broken pillars jut from the earth where the ravine widens and opens into something more akin to a deep, but narrow, canyon. Two of the pillars stand straight, but most of them lean against the sloped earth. Others are broken, and several have apparently fallen into the darkness-shrouded depths. A few similar pillars are visible on the opposite side of the ravine, 40 feet across.


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Karl wanders over to look at the pillars, coming close enough to look, but not touch. He keeps an eye out for any creatures lurking in the shade or the pillars.

spot +5
listen +5
search +5

The ravine appears to run for several miles off into either distance. The pillars themselves are worn and broken, and are additionally covered in some sort of script that is chiseled through or otherwise rubbed off in many places. Karl notes that the area in and around the pillars has hosted countless small campfires, though none seem to have been used within a month. A knotted rope is tied to one of the pillars that precariously leans over the dark cleft in the earth. In addition to the rope, when Karl leans over to look into the ravine's fathomless inky depth, he spots ancient and weathered hand- and footholds carved into the rock of the ravine's mouth.


Says Grotzkoshter and looks on the pillars
I leave it to the smart ones
He thinks and lowers the basket and the keg to the ground
Anyone want a drink ?
He say, points to the keg and takes out several small wooden mugs he took from the inn a week ago, he pours some ale to himself and turns to Karl
So … what's that?


Karl shrugs at Grotz's question.

"Goes down."

He gives a short laugh at the irony and points to what he has found tied to the pillar.

"And rope."


First Post
"Rope?" Elyan has been standing, head bowed, listening to the echoes of wind in the ravine. He raises his head at Karl's words, and cocks it to one side.

"Perhaps it belongs to the Hucreles. Does it appear to have been there for long?"

Calling on Rogue to guide him, he moves towards the edge of the ravine. When Rogue stops, whining, he crouches down. Scrabbling for a pebble, he stands and lofts it towards the gap. He listens intently, counting off the beats until the stone strikes the bottom of the chasm.

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