CB's The Sunless Citadel v3.5

Though the pebble obviously hits the rock face of the ravine wall about forty or fifty feet down and keeps going, Elyan listens for several long seconds afterward but hears nothing save the wind whipping over the low shrub of the plain.

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Grotzkoshter pulls the rope up and ties (Take 20) 2 other long ropes to it.
For safety ... now it's long enough
he throws a look down the ravine
I'll go first, tie the basket and send me the dog and the keg later ...
I'll meet you down

Grotz checks that his equipment is secure, holds the rope and descend

Finley DaDum

First Post

Kiaphas prepares for his own descent, stowing his buckler and securing all his equipment. Concerned that he is hardly an expert at this sort of thing, Kiaphas will take his time and descend very carefully.

OOC: Taking 10 on the climb with a climb +1.


First Post
While the others make preperations to climb down the ravine, Korgrave will examine the campfires looking for signs of who may have made them (ie could it be the children or perhaps kobolds, goblins, orcs, etc).

Survival +8 (If applicable...)

Groztkoshter sits down and very carefully takes his time tying two extra lengths of rope to the existing length of rope already tied to the leaning pillar. The original rope seems to be in good condition and has not yet begun to unravel, depsite the unburned ends. Being knotted, the first rope combined with the other two ropes makes for a total of about 130 to 140 feet of rope.

After checking to make certain that his equipment is secure, Grotz starts down. The hand- and footholds carved into the rock face peter out after a bare 40 feet down. The dripping of water from somewhere far below catches Grotz's attention, but after carefully listening and straining to see into the inky darkness, Grotz neither hears nor sees anything else. 80 feet into the descent, Grotz looks down and sees that a sandy ledge looms twenty feet away. The ledge overlooks a subterranean gulf of darkness to the west. The ledge is wide but rough. Sand, rocky debris, and the bones of small animals cover the ledge. A roughly hewn stairwell starts at the side of the ledge and zigzags down, descending into darkness and the unknown.

Kiaphas starts his own descent after Grotzkoshter and soon enough has to halt ten feet above the half-orc, who has stopped on the rope to have a look at something below. The ravine has grown dim to the extreme, and whatever is below is unseen by Kiaphas.

Korgrave squats to examine the campfires and finds them to be small and recent, probably used within the last month. There is evidence, too, that whomever built the campfires went to some trouble to secure them from casual view. A few tracks beside several of the cold rings of stone lining the campfires have long been muddied by wind and animals, leaving behind no particular characteristics of who or what originally made them.

Up top the ravine in the light of day, Elyan, Rogue, Korgrave, and Karl remain and have yet to begin their descent.


First Post
Elyan says to Korgrave, "What do you see?"

"As soon as they are down, we'll haul up the rope and attach the basket. I'll put Rogue in and we can lower him, then I'll follow."

The young bard's face betrays his excitement at the coming climb. Already he is rolling phrases around in his mouth, describing the epic descent into the earth.


Grotz descent and touch the soft sand ledge, he peers into the darkness with his vision
When Kiphas is down, He unties the greataxe from his back, and with his other hand he pulls the rope several times to signal the others to follow.
What do you say Kiphas …
He nods towards the darkness and the stairs.


First Post
Korgrave gives Elyan a puzzled look, then begins making faces at the bard as he says, "The campfiressss were sma...sssssssmall to help avoid detection."

Seeing no response, Korgrave begins moving his arms and hands in odd gestures, trying to confirm Elyan really is blind. "I am not well versssssed in tracking, but I can tell the trackssss are too muddled to figure out who or what made them."

Still getting no reaction, he decides he must have given out other clues as to what he was doing. "You sssshould probably head down next," he says to Elyan. "Would you prefer you or your dog go firsssst?"

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