Forked Thread: Scotley's Tomb of Horrors 3.5 Continued

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OOC: Sorry, I attached the maps to my previous post, but now they are gone. I've attempted to reattach them without success, so I'm trying again.


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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
well, in that case, I can take a five foot move and then a full round action:

vVv ugh, that would be a nat 1 vVv (for [MENTION=54810]renau1g[/MENTION] : Sheit)
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Grackle Granitetop

Grackle stays up out of sight and chants some more, after gnashing out "Rocks surround skull and smash!" in Terran. He just hopes his rocks are making some progress while he hides, since he can't see them right now. The Admiral cowers with him and refuses to take a look himself.

[sblock=Zorn]Zorn oughta dismiss the Web if it's not helping, since it may interfere with Harrison, Garagos, or the summoned critters engaging the skull in melee.[/sblock]
[sblock=ooc]Grackle casts Summon Monster IV again, this time to summon an Earth Mephit at the start of his next turn. The earth elemental beside the skull makes a 5-foot adjustment to flank it with the other earth elemental, then they attack.

Got a 28 and 23 to hit, for 10 and 12 damage respectively. 24 and 19 for 9 and 11 if the skull is airborne, or 29 and 24 for 11 and 13 if the skull is on the ground, due to Earth Mastery.
1d20+9=28, 1d6+7=10, 1d20+9=23, 1d6+7=12

Active Effects: Mage Armor (9 hours), Shield (9 minutes), False Life - 10 (3 hours), Resist Energy - Acid 20 (cast once on everyone, 90 minutes), Summon Monster IV (4/9 rounds).
Spell Slots Remaining: 6/6 0-level, 2/7 1st-level, 0/7 2nd-level, 4/7 3rd-level, 1/5 4th-level.[/sblock]
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