Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1

This is the PF2 playtest adventure "Doomsday Dawn" in character thread for party #2.

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[MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION]: Coralin Pagebinder, Male Elven/Budding Osirenologist/Bard 1
[MENTION=6803188]VLAD the Destroyer[/MENTION]: Bixby Buckhollow, Halfling Mind Quake Survivor Druid 1 & Bucky, a small honey badger
[-][MENTION=6899077]EarlyBird[/MENTION]: Noboru, male human(half-orc), Pathfinder Hopeful, Barbarian 1[/-]
[-][MENTION=6803664]ccs[/MENTION][/-]: Elkhorn, Male Dwarf/Warrior/Fighter 1 Taken over by [MENTION=11456]Tailspinner[/MENTION]
[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION]: Triessa Elrich, Half Elf Wizard 1
[MENTION=6847138]Charlotte of Oz[/MENTION]: Alan Oake, Human/Pathfinder Hopeful/Paladin 1

In the year 4707 AR (11 years ago, shortly before the Rise of the Runelords), in the Varisian city of Magnimar, at around 9 or 10 am, a messenger finds you and hands you a sealed envelope. When he remains, he says he was asked to find out if will be attending. You promptly open the envelope. It is an invitation from Lady Keleri Deverin, a local scholar and aristocrat. You became acquainted with her some time ago and she occasionally meets with you to discuss mutual interests.

In the invitation, she reminds you of the times you told her you were hoping your life would involve more adventure and that she might have the job to kick off that new part of your life. No other details, other than lunch being served at 1 pm are listed. The messenger who delivered the invitation waits for you to say you will attend and hurries off.

You have a few hours to do something in town before you describe your arrival at the Deverin manor. (You might also reminisce about how you know Keleri.)
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Noboru was well traveled, but the sights of "The City of Monuments" took the half-orc's breath at almost every turn. From the Irespan (a bridge built for giants to cross the sea??) to the LHonneurdu Fondateur, he had tried to make a stop at them all, questioning the Magnimarians at every other block.

And now he stood before the Eyes of the Hawk in the Dockway district. Locals told him the story of a group of adventures the monument was built to honor. And a new goal came to the half-orc, he too wanted a monument built in his honor. Gold for drinking and smoking too, but more so he wanted glory so a statue would be built.

He had only a few short hours before he was to meet Lady Deverin once more. The letter from her cousin (the mayor of Sandpoint) had got the large half-orc's foot in the door, without which he knew he never would have been invited back today to discuss her offer. Sitting under the shade of the monument Noboru finished his last cigar, and day dreamed of his own towering likeness in stone.


41st lv DM
Lady Deverin's messenger finds Elkhorn haggling over terms of service with the representative of a south bound caravan. Had the man arrived several moments later Elkhorn's next adventure would've been a fairly boring low risk, low reward, 2 week round trip babysitting job.

In response to the messenger approaching & asking for him, Elkhorn replies:
"If you're tying to serve me a Jury Summons or something, keep walking."
"No sir, it's from one Lady Keleri Deverin."
"Mmm, OK then."
To the caravan rep; "Give me a moment."

Elkhorn accepts the envelope, recognizes the script, & gives it a quick read.

Thinking: "Hmm, Lady Keleri Deverin.... It's been awhile. I wonder what ruin she wants to go poke around in this time? Oh well, she pays waaay better than this caravan gig. So hey, even if she wants to go map out another Cyclops burial site {what a waste of time that was....}, I'm in. Thank the gods her man found me in time."

To the messenger; "Yes, let her know that I'll be there. I know the way." Elkhorn tips the man a SP. {marks it off my character sheet}
To the caravan rep; "No hard feelings, but it looks like I'm going to have to turn your job down. If still it's dwarven swords you're looking to hire, I recommend the Gimli brothers. I hear they're in town. Now, if you'll excuse me, apparently I have a lunch date with a noble lady (holding up the envelope). I gotta go take a bath & make sure my spare shirt is clean."

And with that? Elkhorn finishes his drink and heads off to a bath house & then off to find a laundry.
{spends a max of 1 SP + 7CP to accomplish this - let me know what to mark off}

Elkhorn will arrive slightly earlier than 1pm - within whatever is the acceptable timeframe for that.

Bixby awakens with a start. The small halfling had been sleeping so peacefully when the dream came. It always started the same, he is in his woods at night but the sky is off. No moon or stars are visible but the sky watches. As Bixby looks up the presence reaches down. The thing reaches for him and where it touches the forest and trees twist and distort. The living things that are covered by the shadow die or worse. As the black thing is about to close on the halfling he awakens, drenched in sweat. It was the same this time. Bixby shivered even though he was wrapped in a warm bedroll.

The halfling sighed, he knew sleep would not find him again. He unwrapped himself from the blanket carefully as not to disturb the furry bundle sleeping blissfully at his feet. Bixby smiled at Bucky. The honey badger was orphaned when it's mother was killed by poachers. Bixby had found Bucky half dead and shivering. The halfling had nursed the little cub back to health. Buck has been Bixby's family since that fateful day.

Bixby dressed and began preparing breakfast. The aromas woke Bucky and the badger sauntered over and stared at Bixby. The halfling looks at his friend.

"What, you be wanton' me breakfast?" The badger snuffles loudly and paws at Bixby's foot. "Fine but ya aren't gettin' all the bacon this time."

The mostly one sided conversation continues through breakfast and the cleanup that follows. As Bixby begins to break down his small camp he shoos Bucky away and the honey badger ambles off into the underbrush. Bixby is wrapping his bedroll and securing it to his pack when he hears the Bucky's warning growl followed by the yelp of someone. Bixby curses and pushes through the underbrush towards the noise.

On the other side of the crush Bixby is greeted by an interesting picture which brings a smile to the diminutive halfling a face. A man barely out of boyhood has been backed against a tree and the small badger is growling and hissing just out of arms reach of the terrified boy. Bixby quickly recognizes the livery of Lady Deverin's house. What could one of the Lady's memes angers be doing out here?

"Bucky, what do ya think you be doing?". Bixby moves to place himself next to the badger. "Is that anyway to be treating a guest? Now leave the boy be."

With that he pushes the badger with his hand and grins at the messenger.

"And what can I be doing for ya me boy?"

The boy stammers for a minute and reaches for a pocket. This only sets off Bucky again. The boy jumps back. Bixby pats Bucky's head to reassure him that everything is alright.

"It's all right. Bucky's just being protective. He won't be hurt no fly." Noticing the letter clutched in the boys hand. "I takes it the Lady be sending me that there letter. You can give it here. Buck won't bite cha. I promise."

The boy gingerly hands the letter to Bixby who deftly breaks the wax seal and reads it's contents. The Lady inviting him to a lunch. It was an odd request and this intrigued Bixby more than any detailed missive would have. The last time she had called on him was to transport a scritchling from the city out into the Marshfen where it wouldn't hurt anyone or get hunted for sport. Bixby wasn't sure if this was going to be just as interesting but he wasn't going to miss the chance to find out.

"Tell the Lady that I shall be there."

As he watches the man run off towards the city Bixby smiles down at the badger.

"Come now Bucky we be having an meeting to attend."

Bixby shoulders his pack and begins the journey from his small wood to Magnima. He whistles as he walks and stops frequently to speak to a plant or animal he encounters. The slow meandering path eventually brings him to Lady Deverin's door. Bixby looks down at Bucky.

"Well here be goings nothing."

The halfling wraps on the door with his staff and waits.

The door opens and tall man in formal attire steps out the door. "Ah, Mr. Buckhollow, if you would not mind leading your friend this way." He seems unafraid of the badger and leads you around the mansion to the rear and points out a fenced paddock, several acres in size that stretches out beyond the mansion. The fence is designed to keep horses inside, not badgers. "I'm sure your friend would prefer to roam the grass enclosure rather than the hard floors and small rooms of the house. And it's not like he would be trapped therein. But it's up to you. If you want to bring him inside, you may. I just thought he might prefer the open space."

Bixby looks down at the badger.

"What you be thinkin Buck? Want to be going frolickin' in the field?" Bucky gives what can only be called a smile and begins to waddle towards the paddock. Bixby calls after him. "And you be staying away from the Ladies bee boxes."

Bixby wags his finger at the badger in emphasis. He then turns back to the tall man.

"I be thanking you. Bucky'd only be gettin in trouble inside." Bixby smiles, "Not that he won't be gettin trouble outside neither."

The halfling fidgets for a minute. He is not used to the civil niceties of the city and unsure what to say next.

"So where be Lady Deverin? She be wanting to see me, sumtin bout adventure and lunch?"

The butler nods and says, "Right this way." He leads Bixby into a sitting room, through a rear entrance. Bixby passes a few different rooms as he is lead back to the front of the house and room off the front entryway. There is a knock at the door and as soon as Bixby enters the sitting room, the butler says, "One moment, sir." He returns to the entryway and opens the door. "Ah, Mr. Elkhorn, you are just a bit early. Please follow me." He leads the dwarf to the same sitting room. "If you gentlemen will wait here. I'll come fetch you when the lady is ready to receive you in the dining hall."


The sun is shining brightly outside, though Coralin only notices because the beams of light filter through his room, giving enough so he can see without wasting one of his candles. The sounds of pens scratching on paper can be heard throughout his small, one room abode, but that is usual with Coralin. Either it is the scratching of a pen, or the subtle rustle of a turned page, that are the predominant sounds coming out of his room.

Until he gets tired, as he is now. It is with a slight start that he realizes he has been up the whole night! Ah, well. His research has been fascinating.

He sat back, rubbing his eyes before pulling out his harmonica. It is a simple little thing, but he holds it with much care. He opens a window, allowing the sun to filter in even more, and puts the instrument to his lips, paying a long, soft tune filled with the longing of times long ago.

It is shortly after he is done, revitalized as he always is, that he hears a knock at his door. Upon answering, he finds an invitation by Lady Deverin. How charming. He always loved discussing history with her, though he had not been on any adventures himself. She knew he longed to visit ancient sites himself, discovering what he may on his own. It seems she is inclined to help him with this.

He dresses and grabs his pack before heading to the Lady's manner.

Noon has passed as you arrive at the home of Keleri Deverin. The house steward greets you pleasantly and escorts you to a sitting room, a room with several stuffed chairs, a sofa and two lounges. One by one four people arrive in the room sitting or standing, admiring the small book shelf of fiction or the knick-knacks and baubles on the other shelves. At around one, Keleri enters and greets each of you personally. She keeps the conversation short and after a few moments says, "Let's go to the dining room."

In the dining room, a formal room, the table is set with a seat for her at the head and three chairs on either side. She indicates you should sit, if you haven't done so. "I was going to serve lunch first, but I am impatient.

"Last night my basement was broken into by some goblins. They took some meaningless heirlooms and some coins. But more importantly, the stole a blessed jewel I was to deliver to my cousin, the mayor of Sandpoint. It is to be featured in Sandpoint's Swallowtail Festival next week as part of a dedication ceremony for the recently completed Cathedral there. Based on what I've learned form Elkran, this is just a coincidence. But it is imperative that I deliver the heirloom," she looks at Jericho, "The Star of Desna to Sandpoint in time."

"I caught one of the goblins in my basement. She defected from her tribe by hiding in my basement after the others fled with their booty. She claims their tribe has been overtaken by a hobgoblin whose evil dwarfs that of a demon. He kills his opposition and hangs their lifeless bodies to intimidate the goblins. As sympathetic and that makes me, I don't care about liberating the Mudchewer Tribe from this hobgoblin, Drakus by name. I only care about the Star of Desna. You can keep any other things of value you might find. And I know they stole at least hundred gold worth of things from me. Those are yours as well.

"When we finish eating, I will take you to this goblin so you may interrogate her about their lair. I asked if she wanted to accompany you, but apparently this Drakus is so fearsome she would rather rot in a cell than face him again."

The meal is delicious and if you have any small talk you with to make, now is the time.


Coralin's stomach sank to his feet at the prospect of actual adventure. He'd never had an actual adventure. Sure, he'd practiced with the sword and whip, and was by all accounts not shabby with them, though he knew he could be better. His attention was a little divided. But to actually stick the pointy end of his rapier into another thing? And to keep it from sticking the pointy end of its weapon into him?

He shook off the feeling. Well, mostly. it was Adventure! A chance to go out and use his skills! That was exciting!

And it was. The excitement and fear mingled in his stomach, warring like two dragons vying for control. Which one would win? Well, the one he fed, of course.

"This is...most interesting," he says, trying to put on a brave face. "What is for lunch? A good meal would go a long way to get us going, I think."

"Arthur, what has Maven prepared?" Keleri asks her steward.
"I believe there is a vegetable soup. Followed by stewed mutton in a custard style sauce. And finishing with a fruit and cheese dip."

Bixby listens to Lady Deverin's proposal. This was not the adventure he had been expecting but he was intrigued. He cared little for the reward. However this hobgoblin sounded like one who would ravaged the surrounding area. Bixby couldn't let that happen. He started to think of all the burned forests and slaughtered animals. He was beginning to work himself into a fury when the soup was delivered. At the sight of the food he's dark thoughts vanished.

The small halfling picked up the whole bowl and lifted it to his lips. He gulped down half the bowl and then placed it back down wiping his mou with the back of his hand. He looked at those around him and smiled.

"The soup be yummy ma'am."

Bixby continues to eat the rest of the meal with the same gusto. After the last course he pushes the plate away and belches loudly. He leans back in his chair and smiles.

"Now that done hit the spot."


41st lv DM
Elkhorn had barely gotten the chance to introduce himself to the Halfling, let alone examine whatever new curios Lady Deverin had added to her collection, when in quick succession Arthur dropped off a rough looking 1/2orc & then an extremely nervous elf.
So a pair of warriors, a druid, & a (wizard)?
He hadn't even gotten the elfs name yet when Lady Deverin entered and exchanged pleasantries with everyone before relocating them all to the dining room.

Listening to Lady Deverin, Elkhorn sizes up the others. The 1/2ling seems nearly ready to combust (fortunately the arrival of the food seemed to calm him), the elf on the verge of being sick (Bet it's his first time out of the library). The 1/2orc? Eager?
As for himself? The dwarven attitude concerning goblins and such is as old as the mountains themselves. So Elkhorn is calm & perfectly fine with the thought of going into a goblin warren, exterminating them (and their hobgoblin) & recovering Lady Deverins relic. As a side thought Elkhorn reflects that if Magnamar were a Dwarf hold there wouldn't be a goblin warren in their sewers - but humans tend to be sloppy....

When Lady Deverin comments that the goblin captive declined to accompany the group back into the sewers, Elkhorns response is:
"GOOD. 'Cause dwarves don't adventure with vermin."

At that point the discussion pauses as the food is served.

After the meal Elkhorn brings up a few points of importance.
1) "Division of spoils. I suggest we split it evenly."
2) "What's your relic look like?"
3) "Does your relic do anything? I'd rather know now before we find out the hard way/unexpectedly."
4) "Is the usual arrangement of contacting/compensating our next of kin/clan in place if needs be?"
5) "When do you want us to begin"

Keleri replies, "The star is a flat oval shaped sheet of gold with a two inch oval ruby in the center. It has no powers that I'm aware of though there is mention in a rare book about high priests of Desna being able to do something miraculous with them."

"I would certainly contact your family if something were to happen to you, Elkhorn."

"As soon as possible, it must be on its way to Sandpoint no later than six days from now."


First Post

The word drips from the lips of the half-elf in finely tailed clothes watching from the doorway to the dining room where she was hovering. Her hair was dark, falling in waves over her shoulders and making her intense blue eyes stand out. A rich sky-blue cloak was draped around her, showing a white-blue dress like spun crystal underneath with a pendant with a white crystal dangling around her neck.

Triessa Elrich had arrived. If anyone cared to mention she was late, she had words for them about how wizards were never late. The Elrichs were a bit notorious in Magnimar for their odd studies and activities. Wealth had certain privileges though, even without noble status.

"A small town, far from the center of things. Notable for the lighthouse and other old ruins nearby." A dry recitation of facts, as if reading from a book. "But also notable for their ongoing issues with local goblin tribes."

"What happens, Lady Deverin, if the Star of Desna does not reach its destination in time?"


41st lv DM
Regarding the woman standing in the doorway, something about her just rubs Elkhorn the wrong way. He also reassesses his initial impression of the nervous elf he's just shared lunch with. He's not a wizard, this one is.
He silently muses to himself "I wonder if Miss Elrich here realizes she's singing on to go traipsing through a sewer?"

To Triessa Elrich: "A true wizard eh? Welcome to the party. We were just hammering out the finer details of this job, so pull up a chair."

In general: "So, divide the spoils in five equal shares?"

"Wich leads me to another thought. (looks at Lady Deverin) Legal complications.
1st, You've got goblins breaking into your vault. The damned things dig & tunnel, so I bet they've broken into others as well. Coin is one thing. But like you with your relic, I bet others have lost some identifiable/personal stuff. Stuff I doubt you've got the right to grant us. Stuff that if we kept it or sold it off.... Well, back home, entire dwarf clans have gone to war over this type of thing. Is there any compensation for loot we can't keep?
2nd, Damages. This isn't some ages old cyclopean burial mound out in the hinterlands. This is the sewers of Magnamar. They connect things. Places. What happens if the fight spills over into somewhere? Like your neighbors house?
You covered? You got a good Chelaxian lawyer on retainer to get us out of the stocks (or worse)? 'Cause I don't want my next adventure to be rowing a slave galley about."

"The goblin lair is an old temple of some sort according to the goblin traitor. There should be no issue with the fight spilling into other basements." Keleri says. "If you should recover something belonging to someone in town, if they don't compensate you for its recovery I will. Again, according to the traitor, the goblins only moved in last week. So the number of stolen artifacts should not be high. While you are gone, I will find out from her what other houses were broken into and make inquiries to those houses about lost goods.

"There is no chance of your going to jail for liberating stolen goods. To salve your worries, I will have a friend in the town guard here when you return who will hopefully know about any reported stolen goods."

Bixby listened to Elkorn as he asked his questions and the answers from Lady Deverin. The dwarf seemed to have done this sort of work before. Bixby was glad to have someone competent on this adventure. He was about to pipe up and say so when the woman in the door spoke. The halfling turned to regard the new arrival. He took in her beautiful clothes and haughty bearing. The woman did not seem the adventuring type, but some would say the same for Bixby.

Bixby's mind began to wonder as the dwarf continued to grill Lady Deverin on the contract and legal aspects of the job. The druid began to think about Bucky. Bixby was hoping his friend was behaving himself. He chuckled to himself. There was almost no chance of that. He is brought back to the discussion at the table when Lady Deverin spoke again. The halfling sighed, still yammering about the contract. Bixby figured it was time to move this along.

"When we be speakin' with the deserter?"

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