Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1

Jericho's alchemist fire goes wide and misses Drakus.

"A challenge. Wonderful," the faceless creature says, the three pronged tongue whipping in and out of the small "mouth" opening. "These mewling creatures begin to bore me."

The creature lounges at Corwin and before he realizes it, Corwin tries to take advantage but was totally fooled by the feint. He strikes with his sword and Corwin barely gets hit shield up in time to deflect it. The creature's second sword strike is no more accurate. The rat continues to attack Elkran.

Drakus: 1> Feint Corwin 2> Sword Attack Corwin 3> Claw Attack Corwin
Feint: 1D20+10 = [19]+10 = 29 vs Perception DC 12. Critical Success. Corwin is flatfooted rest of Drakus' turn.
Sword: 1D20+10 = [4]+10 = 14 Missed by one.
Second Sword: 1D20+5 = [6]+5 = 11 Missed again.

Rat: 1> Attack 2> Attack 3> Attack
Three bites: 1D20+6 = [11]+6 = 17
1D4 = [1] = 1
1D20+2 = [10]+2 = 12
1D4 = [4] = 4
1D20-2 = [19]-2 = 17
1D4 = [3] = 3

Two hits for 4 hp of damage and 2 Fort saves DC 13 needed from Elkran.

Initiative order
Drakus 24
Corwin 17
Hiromi 13
Elkran 8
Jericho 3
Urik 21

Party is up in round 3.
ashen ossuary lair.png
Urik is prone in Corwin's square. No idea if that is legal or not.

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Not sure what else to do, Hiromi fired two more arrows. Then she took a dagger in hand (holding her bow in her off-hand) ready to defend herself if Corwin fell, or to move in and aid him if she could.

1: Strike! [roll0] for [roll1]p;
2: Strike! [roll2] for [roll3]s;
3: Object: Dagger in hand

Corwin's flurry of sword strikes hit one the first time before Drakus is able to block the other two.
Hiromi's arrows miss again so she decides to change tactics.

Drakus has taken 32 hp of damage. The rat 3 hp of damage.

Jericho and Urik are up. (Though Urik is still prone.)


Elkran grimaces, and pulls out his dagger to have at the rat...

1>Draw Dagger
2>[roll0] for [roll1] piercing damage
2>[roll2] for [roll3] piercing damage

The rat skips to the left and the right deftly dodging Elkran's dagger.
Urik cannot get a good shot at Drakus either.

Jericho and then Drakus and the rat go.

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