Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1

Charwoman Gene

Corwin searches Drakus's body and takes the longsword and one healing potion, which he immediately downs for [roll0] hp.

"Let's finish what we came to do."

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Immediately Urik moves to grab the gruesome remains of the dead goblin from the altar and move them to somewhere less unsuitable. He then moves belabouredly back towards the chest filled with rags and looks for something that is not completely filthy.

"If we use some of the water from the spring and any serviceable scraps I think we can clean away the worst of that garbage on that altar and the walls..." says Urik. "I think, I think the goddess Pharasma spoke to me. She desires for her holy place to be restored." On the way back he grabs the holy symbol Drakus had been carrying - best to wait until he has cleaned up the altar a bit before he places it there.


Hiromi was surprised to find herself alive. She rolled her shoulders and sighed. She was tired. More tired than she'd ever been in her life. She followed Urik and helped to restore Pharasma's altar from its defiling.


Once he is satisfied that the shrine has been restored to some semblance of order Urik takes the symbol of Pharasma he had recovered from Drakus and places it on the shrine. He pauses a moment to see if there is some sign the goddess is pleased.

Beyond the door is a short hallway that leads to a flight of stairs, ascending into a small chapel. This space is perfectly still and spotlessly clean, a stark departure from the grime and filth that has marred the rest of this complex.

You can tell Drakus never came into this room. It was probably to sacred. Atop the altar is a book, a dagger, and a silver bowl.

As you look into the bowl, you suspect it already contains holy water. Without warning you feel yourself drawn into the cup. You see a vision of yourself and the others around you, all many years older than you are today, trekking through a vast desert at night, while the stars wheel at a dizzying speed overhead before blinking out into darkness, one by one. The vision ends a quickly as it started. (Anyone else looking into the cup sees the same vision.)

The book on the altar is a copy of The Bones Land in a Spiral, one of Pharasma’s sacred texts. It is open to a prayer of sanctification.

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