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Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1

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First Post
Triessa, grim-faced, pulled a small handful of crystals from one of the pouches affixed to her belt. With a sweep of her arm through the air she hurled them up in an arc and shouted, "Forzare!"

The crystals lit up from within, and suddenly clumped together in three wicked-sharp looking jags of pure light that whickered out at blinding speed at the goblins!

(Magic Missile, using all three actions. Targeting the three most wounded goblins she can see. [roll0], [roll1], and [roll2] damage)

Bucky misses with his bite but his claws eviscerate the goblin at N24 with a critical hit.
The goblin at L25 shakes off most of the effect of Bixby's electric arc.
Elkhorn swings his ax at the goblin in K23 and brings it to near death. He misses his attack on the other goblin.
Triessa kills the two damaged goblins (at L25 and K23) and wounds the last goblin (at J22).
Coralin does...


Coralin raises his shield spell, and yells “Charge!”, swinging at the goblin (J22)

OOC: Action 1: Raise Shield Spell
Action 2: Inspire Courage
Action 3: Attack. [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

GM: you aren't near the goblin. Action 2 needs to be Stride to M23, not inspire courage. Action 3 turns out to be a crit so you smear the goblin. So combat is over.

As the last goblin falls, silence is mostly restored in the cavern. (Refer to the map as you continue to explore.)


First Post
Triessa dusts her hands off to keep them from shaking and says with forced briskness, "Well. There's our adventure. Is everyone all right?"

If that spell hadn't worked...

She was painfully aware that she didn't have another spell like that ready to go. The next fight, she'd have her frost rays and crossbow. Hopefully it would be enough.


Coralin’s Heart was racing, his eyes wide as the goblins came at them, slashing and cutting. He screamed, either in defiance or fear he didn’t know (perhaps a little of both) and leapt at the goblins, slashing with his sword.

Through sheer luck, it slipped right through the goblin’s defenses and hit square on its neck, slicing right through and sending its head flying. The goblin’s body stood there for a moment before collapsing.

Coralin stood there, eyes wide, breathing heavy as the cavern went quiet. He’d done it. He’d...

He moved to the side of the cavern and retched on the ground.

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