Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1

This is the PF2 playtest adventure "Doomsday Dawn" in character thread for party #1.

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[MENTION=1231]Kaodi[/MENTION]: Urik Soladere, a male half-orc "esoteric scion" cleric 1
[MENTION=5044]Charwoman Gene[/MENTION]: Corwin Aleron, a male human "family friend" fighter 1
[MENTION=59816]FitzTheRuke[/MENTION]: Hiromi Kitsune. a female human "pathfinder hopeful" rogue 1
[MENTION=6796086]Radaceus[/MENTION]: Elkran Snarklesnit, a male, goblin "renegade" sorceror 1
[MENTION=6801242]GreenKarl[/MENTION]: Jericho Hexpot, a male, human "pathfinder hopeful" alchemist 1

In the year 4707 AR (11 years ago, shortly before the Rise of the Runelords), in the Varisian city of Magnimar, at around 9 or 10 am, a messenger finds you and hands you a sealed envelope. When he remains, he says he was asked to find out if will be attending. You promptly open the envelope. It is an invitation from Lady Keleri Deverin, a local scholar and aristocrat. You became acquainted with her some time ago and she occasionally meets with you to discuss mutual interests.

In the invitation, she reminds you of the times you told her you were hoping your life would involve more adventure and that she might have the job to kick off that new part of your life. No other details, other than lunch being served at 1 pm are listed. The messenger who delivered the invitation waits for you to say you will attend and hurries off.

You have a few hours to do something in town before you describe your arrival at the Deverin manor. (You might also reminisce about how you know Keleri.)
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Urik grunted as he heaved the young man over his shoulder and sent him tumbling to the mat; the last of his student challengers. A polite round of applause ensued among those assembled (and bruised) for the daily session. Sweat glistened on his shirtless green chest as he stood up straight and looked around the small gym. "Size and strength may help you, and the Master of Masters teaches us to hone our bodies, our most basic tool," he says. "But the wise warrior does not seek to merely overcome his opponent: he assists his foe in defeating himself."

Smarting from the fall he just took the young man gets up and takes his place sitting outside the mat, while another student, similarly worn out, pipes up to ask, "Now that we are all thoroughly defeated do you suppose we could have the blessing of Irori?" He was not asking for an intonation. Rather he was hoping that his teacher might use his divine gifts to relieve them of their pains.

Urik frowns and gives out a small sigh. "The blessings of Irori are not to be regarded so casually. Part of learning to fight is learning to live with your bumps. This is a form of discipline and," his tone lighten for a moment. "I hear that is popular around these parts." They were just students, after all. Young men and women, practically still children. Some of the more elderly priests might disagree, but one did not need to be unflinchingly serious all the time. Or maybe that was the orc in him speaking. It hardly mattered. Irori teaches perfecting oneself, not merely perfecting the imitation of an ideal.

At that moment one of the acolytes from the adjacent shrine entered and approached the half-orc. Coming in close they silently handed him a sealed letter before nodding to those assembled and then retreating the way they came. "That is probably enough for today," Urik says as he opens the letter. "Go get cleaned up in the baths and then you may take your leave until tomorrow." Inside was a letter from the distinguished Lady Keleri Deverin; an invitation to lunch to discuss - that was interesting: a job.

Not so long ago Lady Deverin had been a stranger to him as were most of Magnimar's aristocracy. Urik's own family, the Soladeres, were good and respectable (with at least one notable exception) but they did not have free run of elite circles. Their noble contacts usually stemmed from professional acquaintances and chance encounters. Lady Deverin, a scholar, had contracted with the temple for medical care for a boy in her employ. The senior physician had employed Urik as an attendant when the visited the Keleri estate. The boy had cut himself up pretty good after a nasty fall playing on the estate, and there was some concern about infection.

As a medical call it was not much out of the ordinary. But Lady Deverin had received them initially in her an impressive personal library. She had been quite personable, inquiring into their interests, and discovered they discovered that she and Urik shared some similar scholarly pursuits. Ever since she and Urik had met from time to time to discuss their research, and sometimes those chats had led to more personal matters. He had revealed that he was looking to take some time away from the temple and get some more first hand experience out in the world. Apparently Lady Deverin had not forgotten.

He found out some time later that the boy, rather than being a Deverin servant, was in fact a member of her family. Urik knew the wealthy could be a bit circumspect about their image and had perhaps not wanted it to get out that someone had been misbehaving.

The half-orc moved towards the private baths reserved for servants of Irori and eased himself in to soak for a bit. Even having bested all of the students he was not without bumps and bruises of his own! He was no master boxer, after all. He could not spend too much time resting though: lunch would be in only a couple of hours. So after a short while he gets out and tidies himself up. Despite his more savage relations his aunt had brought him up to be right and proper, clean and presentable. His clothes were not fancy but they were tailored and he kept them neat. Usually that would be good enough for one of his chats with Keleri, but on a hunch he decides to slip his freshly cleaned white and blue tabard on over the top of his clothes.

Exiting the shrine Urik puts his hands behind his back and begins a leisurely stroll towards the Deverin estate.

Charwoman Gene

Corwin was in the yard, sparring with his family's master at arms. A servant appears with a letter from Lady Keleri Deverin. Could it be? After all this time my charms have worked? He half-reads the letter, putting it away before finishing it.

Corwin had made Lady Deverin several times and made subtle overtures indicating his potential romantic interest. Seeing her invitation, he now has proof that she might return his affections. He spends the morning cleaning up and making sure his best clothing is in top condition before heading to the estate.


When the messenger found her, Hiromi was next to her favourite fountain dancing while a young halfling with a harp played for her. She'd attracted only a small crowd today, but the money in their little box was already enough for a decent meal and a soft bed, and the halfling would have his share without any argument.

When she finished, the crowd clapped politely and dispersed and she saw the messenger wave to her. When he delivered the message, she did her best not to sound too excited with her reply, but he could tell she was happy to hear it. She split her earnings with the halfling and told him she may be away for awhile, and ran to the lane where she had stashed her savings behind a loose brick. She thanked the gods it was still there, even though she had hidden it well.

She immediately went to the shop where she had seen a nice suit of leather armour that she had tried on many times before. With only a little adjustment, it would fit her, and she had enough saved up - there just had been no reason to purchase it before. She was a street performer, not an adventurer, but that was all about to change. She had her sword sharpened for the first time in a few years - it was real, but it had only been used for show.

She picked up a few more items, tied her hair back and she stowed her clothes into a backpack. Finally, with the ensemble together, she looked into her little mirror: She smiled. It may only feel like a costume at the moment, but soon enough it would be real. She was an adventurer. Some day soon, she would be a Pathfinder.


First Post
Jericho was at his favorite eatery taking a late breakfast. It had been a long night for the alchemist but he had finally figured out the last compound for the elixir of life formula that he had been struggling with over the last couple of weeks. It felt good to have finally worked out the last bit but now he had to test it... he scanned around the room looking the other patrons and work staff as if they might volunteer for some 'exterminations'. It was then that the courtier showed with his message.

Breaking the seal Jericho quickly read it over nodding his head unconsciously. Ah yes, Lady Deverin, she had been most helpful a few months back when he needs funds to find a special mutagen plant. He had of course aided the lady in her interest in the particular mating habits of the local sloths that inhabited the area where he found the mutagen so it had been a win-win for both of them. But more adventure. Hmm yes he was most interested in such. After all was not the Pathfinder Society all about delving down deep holes and cracking open doors on ancient tombs? Yes this would be most acceptable indeed. No more lab work. It was time to see what dusty treasure there might be out there...

He quickly scribbled a quick acceptance and thank you to the lady and handed the paper back to the messenger. He then finished his meal and thought about mixing up a few batches of the elixir before heading over to meet with the lady for lunch.

Noon has passed as you arrive at the home of Keleri Deverin. The house steward greets you pleasantly and escorts you to a sitting room, a room with several stuffed chairs, a sofa and two lounges. One by one four people arrive in the room sitting or standing, admiring the small book shelf of fiction or the knick-knacks and baubles on the other shelves. At around one, Keleri enters and greets each of you personally. She keeps the conversation short and after a few moments says, "Let's go to the dining room."

In the dining room, a formal room, the table is set such that there is no chair at either head of the table. One side has four chairs to the other's two, set somewhat apart. She heads to the far side and indicates the four chairs are for you to sit in. Once you are seated, entering from another door is two men-at-arms between which, walks a goblin.

"This is Elkran Snarklesnit," Keleri says. "He will be accompanying you on your mission if accept it." Keleri sits. The men-at-arms flank the door as Elkran walks up to the table and sits at the seat she is indicating for him, next to her but not too close.

She indicates you should sit, if you haven't done so. "I was going to serve lunch first, but I am impatient.

"Last night my basement was broken into by some goblins. They took some meaningless heirlooms and some coins. But more importantly, the stole a blessed jewel I was to deliver to my cousin, the mayor of Sandpoint. It is to be featured in Sandpoint's Swallowtail Festival next week as part of a dedication ceremony for the recently completed Cathedral there. Based on what I've learned form Elkran, this is just a coincidence. But it is imperative that I deliver the heirloom," she looks at Jericho, "The Star of Desna to Sandpoint in time."

"Elkran defected from his tribe, along with a couple other goblins, by hiding in my basement after the others fled with their booty. They say their tribe has been overtaken by a hobgoblin whose evil dwarfs that of a demon. He kills his opposition and hangs their lifeless bodies to intimidate the goblins. As sympathetic and that makes me, I don't care about liberating the Mudchewer Tribe from this hobgoblin, Drakus by name. I only care about the Star of Desna. You can keep any other things of value you might find. And I know they stole at least hundred gold worth of things from me. Those are yours as well.

"Elkran knows the layout of most of the goblin lair. And, unlike the other defectors, is willing to take you there. While we eat, you may discuss the layout of the lair, it sounds to me like a lost ossuary based on the description." With that she rings a small bell on the table and servers appear with lunch. "At the end of the meal, if you are not interested in helping, you are welcome to leave.

ashen ossuary.png
GM: Elkran can describe himself and his manner at the table. Ask questions. I'll answer some directly (for time sake) and others I PM to Elkran what he knows and he can answer as he wishes.
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Urik rubs his chin for a moment as he considers the goblin before looking away to grab a roll from one of the serving trays which he roughly tears in half. "I understand your wishing to escape from under the thumb of this 'Drakus'," he says as her slathers some butter on with his knife. "But do you not feel any compunction about participating in likely deaths of your kin?" To the half-orc the details of the job were secondary. He was disappointed that it was little more than a bloody raid on some hidey-hole, but it was what Keleri needed done. The personal aspect was important to him. He was not sure he could so easily turn on his mother's people if the occasion were to arise.
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Charwoman Gene

Corwin looks crestfallen as his hope of reciprocal affections from Lady Deverin has proven to be more distant than he had hoped. Feeling a little overdressed, COrwin was glad he at least brought along his armor and other gear as it would be awkward if he hadn't at least done that.

Corwin, dressed more for a formal evening than a discussion of goblin savagery, eats with proper etiquette and protocol. "How many goblins and hobgoblins are we likely facing?"


Hiromi ate more than she should have. She was nervous, and it wasn't often she had such good food. The idea of crawling through the city sewers disgusted her, but she recognised that adventurers did that sort of thing, so she kept her concerns to herself. She had a clever adventurer-like thought, so she shared it: "Do the goblins use any snares, traps, or alarms to catch unwanted guests?"

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