Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1


'Why?" his large eyes stare at Urik as he scratches his receding chin,
"anybody who hangs out with a guy like Drakus, gots to be a ..." Narkle stops mid sentence, 'I foiget da woids, don' maddah...'

'I'm foiteen anna halve! I'm 'bout ratied, see. been woykin the gawbage scene since I was two! we gowblins ratie 'en we toin sexteen, well, til Drakus raised ratirement to twenny...Ah'll be dead by then!'

'Sides, got me a hot nombah, she ratied las yea, named Gumblebun, nose like a toad an ayes like a trowt!' he whistles, and winks at the half -orc, with an acknowledging nod, 'we get to head topside when we ratie, topside's whehit's at!'

'Ain no Snarklenit gonna jus sit an wotch, ma always sez they's two types o' trash, the good stuff and the bad stuff...and ya know what ma always sez? Bad stuff gets the boin!'

He turns to answer Corwins query,"tree er foi," and pauses deadpan, to see if any reaction, then slaps his knee and laughs, 'gotcha, din i?'

'prolly bout ten er twel...mebbe...heaps o' peeps been leavin, seein how aye don like raiding an stuff'

when Hiromi asks her question, the goblin turns to answer, and taken aback, 'Dang goil, was with all tha!' he gestures around at her, asking out loud, pointing, 'don you peoples has laws an stuff?' he insists, 'you should prolly doing somethan about...all tha..'

'nah, don knows bout no lawms an stuff, but I don get ow much'

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First Post
Jericho sat and eat in silent, wanting to let the goblin speak for itself first. After it finally answered and trying to make heads-or-tail out of it's guttural butchery of the Common tongue. If he understood it, the creature was going to help them in their quest, there were probably less then a dozen opponents (if he trusted the goblins ability to count) and that it liked troll eyed women, but not much else. He shrugged slightly at his own thoughts and added "My lady what does this blessed Star of Desna look like if I might inquire?" after she answered he looked over at the goblin and asked "Do you know where this Drakus might keep such an item? Does he have a private chamber or a spot where he keeps valuables?"

"My lady what does this blessed Star of Desna look like if I might inquire?"

"Oh of course, the Star is an oval shaped ruby about two inches long surrounded along the long axis by a ribbon of gold."

"Do you know where this Drakus might keep such an item? Does he have a private chamber or a spot where he keeps valuables?"

Keleri interrupts, "Mr. Hexpot. Have you not seen the map Elkran has drawn?" She then indicates that Elkran may elaborate.

GM: On the table, is a much cruder version of the map posted in post #7 on the prior page.


Urik eats while the others ask questions, apparently satisfied by Narkle's description of the state of the remaining goblins. Other than his rough treatment of the unsuspecting bread roll he seems very patient and measured with his dining. The food is suitably delicious, and he savours each bite. After peering intently at the map for a few moment he looks up to the goblin again to ask another question of his own. "How likely is it that we will have to fight all of Drakus' remaining minions at once? Do they usually congregate where it is marked 'bad goblins' or the living quarters, or are they usually split between the two. It will be easier if we can get the drop on some and dispatch them before reinforcements come down another passageway." The half-orc grabs his goblet of wine and takes a few gulps before proceeding with his meal again.


First Post
"Yes my lady" Jericho replies with a smile "I just want to make he would keep it there. Or is there another place for the tribes treasure? Has he moved it all into his area?"

OOC: His quarters are the circular room, correct? Just want to be sure that's where he keeps all his treasure and maybe not another place.


Wanting to look clever Hiromi said, "No, his quarters are off the map at the bottom. I assume this fellow has never been there, right? That does leave the question as to what exactly is the roundish-room."

GM: I'm loving the questions but the timezone difference is chopping it up something fierce. Radaceous, I'm going to give terse answers here to some of the above questions. You can still answer them in character if you like as I may feed you additional info in our PM chat that I don't reveal here.

Drakus' quarters: are off the map. Unknown.
All treasure is in Drakus' quarters.
round room: Unknown
Goblin tribe: split between Living Quarters and Nasty Goblins.


Urik eyes a scumptious and airy looking dessert. He probably did not need it, having been well fed already, but he felt his willpower buckling under the weight of his orcish appetites. He takes another gulp of wine from his goblet and then to get his mind off of it he turns back to Keleri for another question. "What sort of timeline were you expecting for this raid? I see at least one of us has come prepared for action," he says politely gesturing to Hitomi, "But as I merely came prepared for lunch I will need a bit of time to gather my things and inform my superiors of a possible absence."

"I need the Star in 6 days so I can bring it to Sandpoint in time for the festival," Keleri says. She has not eaten much, nervous probably. "I was hoping you might be ready by dusk." (GM: about 6 hours from now.)


"Preparations should not take nearly so long as that," Urik says letting out a small sigh of relief. "Two or three hours, depending on interruptions and the mood of the head priest, should be fine." He glances down at the plate of Lady Deverin and then back up to her face and he says gently, "You have had such a delicious lunch prepared for us. It would be a shame if you do not have your fill of it as well. Do not trouble yourself too much, Keleri. I will get the Star back to you, I swear it."

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