Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1


Having answered as best he can, the Goblin shrugs, 'chow time den, ah'm stahvin!', and heads to a vacant seat, shovels food on the plate and starts stuffing his face.

At the mention of getting ready to go in six hours, he doesn't stop chewing, or even look up from his food, but raises a drumstick to signal his agreement.'

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Six hours? Hiromi frowned. She was eager to get started. Still, it would let her overindulgence in the food subside. She poured herself another wine from the decanter. At least she wouldn't go thirsty.

"I am happy to hear you are willing to help," Keleri says. "How about after lunch, you go do whatever you need to do and then you all meet Elkran here at dusk and he can escort you to the goblin lair?"
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Jericho nodded in agreement and after finishing his meal. "I will see you all soon. I need gather my gear..." he mentioned to the others. Returning to the room he was renting he broke out his lab equipment and combined a number of strange looking chemicals together. Satisfied with his work he carefully packed everything up and returned to meet the others at the designated time...

OOC: OK re-reading Advanced Alchemy, Crafting and Alchemist Items I can do a Daily Preparation (pg. 332) to create items for which I have the formula. I spend 1 Resonance Point and create a batch of the items with the infused trait. I don't need a craft check and I ignore the number of days typically required to create the items and the alchemist reagents requirements. I believe this lets me craft 2 items this way (if they have the consumption trait). I would like Jericho to return to his space and do this for two Alchemist Fire bombs. I believe he would have time for that (30 minutes to one hour). That leaves me 4 Resonance Points for Quick Alchemy for the rest of the adventure :) I don't think I have to pay the 1/2 price for this but if I do it will cost my 3sp to do this. I am pretty sure I can only do this once but it does not spell it out anywhere I saw...


When lunch concludes Urik politely takes his leave and makes the journey back to the shrine of Irori. He makes his way into the altar room, unsurprisingly sparsely populated at this time of day, where he sits down to pray for guidance and centres himself. After a time he heads towards the office of the high priest.

Urik knocks. "You may enter," comes the voice from within. The half-orc gently pushes the door open. Inside is a relatively austere looking office with a small bookshelf and a low desk with woven mats on either side. On the far mat sits an elderly Vudrani man. "I sense this is not a social call," his superior says without a hint of dismay.

"No, your holiness," answers Urik. "I have just returned from a social call at the Deverin estate, where I received an offer of employment that might take me from my duties here."

"Your duties are of great importance," says the high priest a bit reproachingly. "None of the acolytes are quite ready to take over for you, and I suspect your students will be disappointed as well."

"Yes, but I-I," stammers Urik uncharacteristically. He quickly shuts his mouth and takes a deep breath before continuing. "I might not even be gone for very long. I thought to inform you primarily in case I should be grievously injured or die. Though I suppose I hope that this work leads to more, and..."

The high priest closes the book on the table before him and pushes it to the side. "Urik, your duties are of great importance," says the priest more firmly. But something about his tone catches the half-orc off-guard. "That includes your duty to seek self-knowledge and personal growth. I do not know the details of this 'job' you speak of, nor do I need to know them. But I recognize when someone is feeling the need to 'move on'. How, after all, do you think I came to Varisia so many years ago?"

The two of them sit in silence for a moment as the question, rhetorical, hangs in the air. "Thank you, your holiness," says Urik simply. "Word will be sent, either me or by my employer, should my absence become protracted."

The old man lets out a great sigh and motions for him to leave with one hand. "Yes, yes, I have just received word that I have more work to do so take your leave and send in one of the acolytes. I will have instructions for them."

Urik nods and gets up. He quietly opens the door and exits the room and heads straight to the acoyltes' chambers to find one. He thinks to himself that that meeting had gone much more smoothly than he had anticipated, though he had created some headaches for the high priest. But he supposes he had gotten wrapped up in considering the administrative burden his leaving would place upon the shrine, rather than thinking about the personal religious aspect. And for the adherents of Irori the religious was always very personal.

Back in his own room Urik prepares his things. From a chest he takes a suit of chain links that he has not had much use for since coming to serve as the shrine. His father had always insisted that it was important to be ready for the worst though. He dons the chainmail, placing his tabard overtop of it. He grabs the morningstar propped up next to the chest (which had seen somewhat more use, mostly for show) and gives it a heft. Soon it would be splattered with goblin blood and bit of gore, he imagined. There was not too much else really. A dagger shoved into his belt, a crossbow slung across his back, a backpack with a few things and a satchel with his own copy of Unbinding The Fetters. His silver holy symbol, of course, had never left his person.

He had not brought many personal effects with him from home, and soon he is ready to leave. Exiting the shrine once again, he heads out into the city. He had a few hours left before the appointed meeting time, but there were always useful things to do if one merely looked for them.

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Corwin returns to his home and makes preparations to leave for a short while. He dresses in his full armor and gathers all his gear before returning at dusk.


Hiromi went and found an appropriate spot to practice some sword-play. She was very good, but she had only wielded the blade for show until now. She wondered if some of her favorite tricks were, in fact, practical. A few passers-by stopped to watch her and she hoped that they could not see the flaws in her technique. She supposed she would get to put it to the test, and she could not tell if the thought filled her with excitement or dread. Perhaps it was both.

Keleri says to Elkran, "Please return to your quarters. I'll let you know when they've returned. Is there anything you need from town before you lead the group back to your former lair?" Her two men-at-arms step forward, somewhat respectfully, as she waves them into the dining hall.


"Yeh, that Jawicho guy says he gonna do some awchemy, minds if'n ah can check tha out, I likes awchemy."

OOC: Narkle goes and knocks on Jerichos door to ask if can watch and assist him with alchemy, he has his own Alchemical Tool's but has no formulas.

assisting [MENTION=6801242]GreenKarl[/MENTION] with Aid action (assuming he lets the little bugger in his room ;) ) vis a vis:

Cooperation pg 333 said:
Multiple characters can cooperate on the same task. If it’s
a simpler task that just requires a roll, treat this as though
all of the characters but one were using the Aid action.
If it’s a complex task, treat this as all of them working
on different parts of it at a time, so all their efforts count
toward its completion.

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