Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1

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player text said:
The damp sewer passages have led to a slimy cistern that stinks of decay. On the northern edge of this circular chamber lies a pile of burnt bones in front of a scorched tunnel.

GM: Everyone can make a Perception check as the group enters round cistern. Narkle has detected no magic.

[sblock="Perception >= 20"]The pool of slimy water in the northeast corner is shifting. There's no obvious reason for it to be moving. But occasionally, the mass of slime shifts.[/sblock]


Urik gets the faintest whiff of something unfamiliar and it sharpens his focus enough to spot a possible source. He freezes and puts his hand up to signal everyone to stop what they are doing. "Something is not right with that pool of water," says the half-orc in a low voice. "Ready yourselves." He slowly reaches his hand into his belt pouch and pulls out a couple of coins. He works one of pieces of copper into his fingers and when everyone appears ready he tosses it into the pool.

Everyone sees the slime in the puddle move to "check out" the coin and "investigate" where it came from.

GM: Initiative. Since no one is really sneaking or doing anything else, Initiative is Perception for the party. Ooze is on 19.
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GM: Sure, we could do that. It even makes sense.

Urik 24
The Ooze 19 The black dot
Corwin 16 Has shield ready
Hiromi 13
Snarkle 5
Jericho 3

So Urik can take a turn and then we'll have side by side after that.

Use the grid for movement. Squares are 5 feet.
[sblock="Map"] ashen ossuary A1.png[/sblock]
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Quickly assessing his options the half-orc slips the remaining coins back into his pouch and then pulls his spike-covered morningstar off the hook on his belt. At the same time he grunts a few words of magic and there is a shimmer in the air before him as the slime approaches.

OOC: 1. Interact.
2. Interact to draw my weapon.
3. Verbal Casting to use Shield.

GM: 1> The ooze moves toward the party (D4) and 2> unleashes a Filth Wave. Everyone except Hitomi must make a DC 15 Reflex save or take [roll0] acid damage and become hampered 10 (-10 feet of movement). and finally in 3> moves back to its starting position.

Anyone hampered can spend an action removing filth from them to remove hampered 5 from themselves. (So it takes two actions to remove the entire hampered condition.

The ooze slips forward and seems to explode in a wave of filth. Afterward the cistern has a 20 foot radius of filth including 10 feet down the hallway.


Urik's cautiously raised magical shield saves him perhaps from getting the foul goop splattered all over his face but it does little to help with the burning sensation on other parts on his body. Having been duly rewarded for his cautious he unleashes a guttural growl as he powers his way through the mess covering him towards the slime. As he approaches he raises his morningstar over his head and then smashes it down on the slime. He is not sure how effective it will be given the sliming they just got put hopes that involuntary splattering will hurt it.

Reflex: 1D20+1 = [11]+1 = 12

Morningstar (B): 1D20+4 = [19]+4 = 23
1D6+3 = [1]+3 = 4

That attack roll with that damage D: .

1. Stride G4 -> E4
2. Stride E4 -> C5
3. Strike!

HP 19/16, Hampered 10
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Jericho whelped when the slime moved and was too slow to get out of the area of its "spit". The young alchemist spent the next couple of seconds wiping the disgusting goo off of him before drawing one of his fire bombs...

OOC: Jericho HP 14/17, Resonance 4/5

Saving Throw failed
2 Actions to remove slime/hindered
1 Interact to draw alchemist fire bomb

Reflex save vs. DC 15: 1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12



Hiromi wasn't sure she wanted to put herself in a place were she could get splattered with goo like the others had. It smelled! But she knew she had to do her share, if she wanted to be a member of an adventuring company. So she strode forward (avoiding the puddles) and found a spot as close to the other side of the creature from Urik as she could get without risking putting her back to the wall. She'd had her rapier out since they had come close to the goblin lair, so she thrust it at the creature hoping that it wouldn't ruin her blade.

OOC: HP: 17/17

A1: Stride (to D3)
A2: Stride (to A4)
A3: Strike [roll0] for [roll1] piercing.

GM: Normally I wouldn't post results of what happens until after everyone went. But in this case, you should probably know that Hiromi's rapier also hit the slime. Though the slime does not seem ready to drop any time soon.

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