Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1


OOC: Are we gonna just charged forward? Cause if we are, I’m gonna use my Inspire Courage to give everyone a +1 boost to Damage and attack, raise my shield spell, and attack. But I wanna make sure that’s what we’re doing first.

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OOC: I plan to delay till the goblins get close then cast a spell. Can't move and cast without leaving Bucky behind so will wait till they come to us. Will get my action up once I get home from work.


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The dwarf nods in agreement. He prepares his sword and shield for battle.

GM: Welcome, Tailspinner.

Well, it seems like you all are delaying. So I'll do the goblin's actions.

L22: stride, stride to L22, attack (dogslicer) Elkhorn, scuttle (to K22)
L23: stride, stride to L23 (trigger scuttle), attack (dogslicer) Elkhorn
N24: stride, stride to N24, attack (dogslicer) Bixby, scuttle (to N25)
M25: stride, stride to M25 (trigger scuttle), attack (shortbow) at Bixby

_: 1D20+6 = [8]+6 = 14; 1D6 = [1] = 1 On Elkhorn
1D20+6 = [9]+6 = 15; 1D6 = [5] = 5 On Elkhorn
1D20+6 = [11]+6 = 17; 1D6 = [1] = 1 On Bixby
1D20+6 = [10]+6 = 16; 1D6 = [3] = 3 On Bixby

What's a scuttle?
<0> Goblin Scuttle
Trigger A goblin ally ends a move action adjacent to the warrior.
Effect The warrior Steps.
ashen ossuary LQ.png

Bixby is surprised by the ferocity of the goblins assault. He barely has time to raise his staff in defense. His surprise cost him and he took a cut to his arm. It was merely a light scratch but it stung and began to bleed. The arrow loosed by the other goblin zips past Bixby's head. The halfling curses and motions to Bucky.


As the badger begins to attack the goblin in front of him Bixby begins to cast. As he finishes an arc of electricity forks from his hands towards the two goblins. In the same instant Bucky snaps his jaws at the goblin that just struck Bixby. The jaws snap open air and the badger snarls and follows up with a vicious claw attack.

OOC: Bixby:
Action 1: Command Bucky to attack (Bucky gains 2 actions)
Action 2&3: Casting Electric Arc at the goblins on N24 and L25. It must make a DC 15 reflex save or take Electric Arc Damage: 1d6 4

Action 1: Bite attack on Goblin in N24 Bite attack on goblin on N24: 1d20+3 5; Jaw Damage: 1d8+2 3
Action 2: Claw attack on Goblin in N24 Claw attack on goblin in N24: 1d20+3-4 19; Claw critical damage: 2d6+4 13
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GM: Yes, everyone in the party can post their actions in any order. I'll adjudicate them in initiative order. (So you might need to issue contingency actions (unless Bixby kills goblin at M25, the stride to .... etc.)

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