Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1


They lay around dead and dying. Friends, what a concept. He wanted to run, to hide, to do the goblin thing. This facing your enemy in open battle was hard, not as hard as being a friend. He could die, he most surely would die if did not run. He was on his back foot, about to pivot and put his other foot in large bounds away from here...

Then, one of them that should have died, ruled dead by all accounts of goblin scrutiny, rose to continue against the insurmountable odds before them, shouting words
which echoed a challenge to his fear "I shall meet my fate someday, but it is not today!"

Hackles raised on his coward nape, Elkran pressed on into the rat before him.

1> [roll0] for [roll1] piercing damage
2> [roll2] for [roll3] piercing damage
3> [roll4] for [roll5] piercing damage

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Elkran misses. He misses again. He hits. The rat dies. (Elkran still has two DC13 fort saves from last round.)

Corwin falls but he gains strength from somewhere and stands striking true again Drakus. Drakus is killed, purple blood oozes from its body. The room is quiet except for everyone's heavy breathing. Urik lies motionless.

GM: Must have missed them. You are out of combat. I assume someone searches the body.

Drakus has (and I'll assume you eventual try to figure out the quality so for simplicity):

He had an expert longsword, master key (unlocks all doors in the dungeon), 2 minor healing potions, silver religious symbol of Pharasma, expert studded leather


First Post
Jericho leans against the wall for support thinking he would like nothing more then to lay down right here no matter how dirty. "Well that was exciting" he says out loud and then looking over at Elkran and Corwin "Great job you two. I believe you have saved the all of us."


Cleanse my temple...

When Urik comes to again his head is swimming. "Urrrgh..." he groans as he weakly tries to push himself into an upright position. The half-orc slowly looks around, "Not dead yet, I guess."

He does not try to move further until he has had a few more moments to regain his breath. Then he turns over so he is facing the ground and pushes himself up the rest of the way on his fists. He teeters once, and grabs his head, but does not fall again.

"I think... I think there is something I am supposed to do in the next room."

He lurches toward the tunnel that Drakus appeared from.

While this room may have been used as a shrine long ago, its contents are now a ghastly mockery of its former purpose. To the south, an altar upon a raised dais is surrounded by mosaics depicting a stern woman with long, flowing white hair, all of which has been slathered in filth and gore. The whole area reeks of decay and cloying, clotted blood.

You are entering from the northeast corner. There is a staircase to a door on the north side that probably leads back to the areas in the lair you've been before. There's also a door on the east wall. Both are locked. But you have the key now.

There is a goblin corpse on the altar. Drakus was feeding when he heard noise in his lair and came to investigate. Otherwise there is nothing of value in this room.

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