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Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1

Bixby searches the bodies quickly then turns to the others.

"We be needings to move. The fightin' may being alertin' the others."

Bixby then moves up towards the area the goblins had been hiding. He keeps his eyes open for danger.

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At the north end of the chamber and vaguely humanoid "statue" seems to be under construction. Made from refuse and stray bits of wood and stone, the statue topples over as you approach. Additional [-]materials[/-] refuse is strewn about the area. The goblins were probably making the "statue" when you arrived.


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The short battle at an end, Elkhorn heads toward the north to see what is there.


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Triessa goes over to the statue to check it out, glancing around as she goes. It seems quiet now, but goblins can be sneaky.

Even so, building a statue seems like unusual behavior to her. What was the significance of this thing?


As the group investigated, they heard footsteps - human-sounding ones - from the way they came. After a tense moment, a human - boy, maybe? A very young man - poked his head around the corner.

Those who'd paid attention had noticed him from the table, where he'd held back and quietly just listened. But he seemed a good deal more sociable now, as he rounded the corner, slightly rusty chainmail protecting his body and a well-worn greatsword on his back. He waved, enthusiastically.


"Hello! Hello there. Sorry I'm late, there was a - thing - with the - sorry I'm late." He made a yeesh face at the bodies on the floor. "Wish I could have been here, looks like the locals aren't friendly. We haven't met yet! I'm Alan Oake." He shook everyone's hand - insisting on it - then, pleasantries aside, he drew his sword and stayed on guard while the investigation took place.

Bixby shakes Alan's hand and shrugs.

"They be not liking intruders."

Bixby searches the goblins. He then returns to the group.

"There be four other passages. Which do we be taking?"


Alan gets an "oh, you're asking me" expression on his face, and has a quick look around. "Well, perhaps we could tackle them clockwise?" He waves towards the one immediately to the south.


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Triessa shrugs. "It's as good a plan as any. Lets have whoever's lightest on their feet scout ahead a bit, and we'll back them up."

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