Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1


"Forgive me, Master of Masters, for this momentary service I must perform for another," says Urik, disconcerted by the vision of the future. He then recites the prayer of sanctification in Pharasma's text.

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When nothing happens, he tries it again in the newly washed sanctum and the murals in the room glow and you all feel the blessing of Pharasma upon you.

You collect up your stuff and exit the room. As you do you walk past a statue of Pharasma that you can tell is trapped but for some reason it does not trigger on you. As you reach the fountain room you can see that the water in the fountain is crystal clear. Someone braves the fountain water and is healed by it. After everyone recovers from the healing you return to Keleri's basement.

She is glad to receive the Star of Desna back.

What of the treasures found do you show her? There was talk of having them returned to their owners and Keleri could help with that.

Depending on what is done with the treasures, there is one or another ending. :) I assume Urik plans to tell the local Pharasma priesthood about the shrine underground.


OOC: I assume Urik would have taken a look at that series of esoteric books and Notes on The Last Theorem, but I guess there could be something special about the inks and powders too? Like if they were related to the books somehow... Not sure what other treasures there were, other than the holy ones, abd I would not have thought of removing those. Urik would definitely look for an audience with the local head of the church of Pharasma. Clearly not an ordinary shrine down there, it is something the higher ups will want to know about, and whether to remove the items would be in their hands.


Hiromi would have taken anything of value that was not nailed down. She would show whatever she took to the lady to find out anything interesting about them, and to see if its okay for her to keep them. (She wouldn't want to anger any gods, or people either for that matter.)

The Notes on the Last Theorum is written in Aklo, and I don't think anyone in the group understands that language.

Lady Keleri is happy that you found her bauble. And is shocked that you found a shrine to Pharasma down there. When she sees the treasure, she recognizes one or two pieces as belonging to people who live in her area. She says she will inquire discretely about the other items and return them. She suggests you keep the money as she won't be able to find a rightful owner. Also the potions can be kept. When she sees the Last Theorum she notes how it seems to even older than centuries old. She flips it open and says, "I'll have to read this carefully. It seems to be about “making ready the world for its new Dominion rulers." She is sure this book will be of great value to the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, of which she is a member.

She invites you to bathe, relax, and rest while she goes about resolving the treasure issue and reading the book. And you can go about your business until the next morning. (Urik talks to priests, etc.)

(I'm just going to paste from the adventure)
Notes on the Last Theorem is a leather-bound journal written in Aklo by a careful hand. The book once belonged to the Chelish diplomat Necerion, a man who recently abandoned his duties in Magnimar and went missing. With a successful DC 15 Society check, a PC recalls rumors that Necerion traveled to Osirion to chase legends of hidden treasures in the desert sands.

If the PCs can read Aklo, they can learn the book’s contents after a few hours of skimming—otherwise, Keleri, who knows the language, can inform them of its contents. The book focuses on cataloging information about the supposed contents and location of a rare tome called The Last Theorem—a book said to contain exhaustive information on the sinister aliens of the Dominion of the Black, and in particular a number of hints toward an upcoming invasion of Golarion by these horrific monsters.

In addition, the book notes that The Last Theorem is said to contain magical formulas, equations, and incantations capable of affecting the physical world and “making ready the world for its new Dominion rulers.” Much of the book seems to be concerned with an upcoming doomsday, yet no clues in Notes on the Last Theorem indicate what date this doom is to occur.

The mysterious book also clarifies that Necerion was much more than merely a Chelish diplomat and irrefutably proves that Necerion had ties to a nefarious secret society of Dominion cultists known as the Night Heralds. The book doesn’t go into further details about the Night Heralds.

At this point, Keleri tells the PCs she has a secret to share—she is a member of a secret society whose interests lie in the hidden nature of reality: the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. Among other goals, the Esoteric Order seeks to find and control dangerous lore and secrets so that cults like the Night Heralds cannot use them for ill intent. While the Esoteric Order has other primary enemies (such as the death cultists known as the Whispering Way), they have of recent years grown more and more concerned with the machinations of the Night Heralds, and the hints provided in the pages of Notes on the Last Theorem are truly worrying to Keleri, who fears that Necerion may be seeking some ancient doomsday weapon or other potent artifact. She cautions that the group is dangerous and must be stopped.

She sponsors the group for membership in the Esoteric Order (the reason you had to choose backgrounds from the adventure). And she believes you will be needed in the future to deal with issues found in this book.

Each party member is allowed an uncommon 3rd level magic item of their choice in return for returning the treasures back to their rightful owners.

And that is the conclusion of Part 1. We'll talk in the OOC thread about what we are doing going forward, if anything.

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