Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1

The party follows after Coralin. The stairs ascend, turn left, and descend into a large ossuary.

The walls of this long chamber are scorched dark, and the thick layers of soot crusting to the ceiling above attest to the tremendous fire that must have raged through this room in the past. Burial niches in the walls and the row of central pillars contain only fragments of burnt wood and charred bone.

To the north, the sound of several goblins can be heard in the far northern end of the large chamber. They might be celebrating something or arguing, it's hard to tell.

ashen ossuary LQ.png
GM: The yellow is the torchlight (I assume the light spell will be chosen :) ). PCs without darkvision can see nothing outside of the yellow area. We aren't in encounter mode but give me a round's worth of actions if you want to try to sneak up on the goblins or something.

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Bixby pauses at the entrance to the tunnel. He looks in and shakes his head.

"This not be good."

He chants a quick spell and touches the top of his staff. A crystal embedded in the top of the staff bursts into bright light. Bixby holds the staff up to provide light for himself and the rest of the party.

"Ah that be doing better."

Bixby walks into the room looking towards the sound to the north. Bixby briefly thought about hiding but new that the light would instantly give him away. Not to mention the snuffling of Bucky who was not the stealthiest of companions.

OOC: Casting light on my staff. Going to enter the room and move to M24. I will look towards the noise and see if I can make out what is going on.
Perception check to see the goblins: 1d20+5 22


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Triessa edges forward as well, but tries to keep her feet quiet and hug the crags of the walls to keep herself out of sight. Goblins were not difficult to defeat individually, but she didn't relish being too close to the front against a mass of the creatures.

(Stealth [roll0])

Bixby hears the sound of goblins shouting and running down from the north. Elkhorn steps into the room (L22) and looks to the north. "Oy, gobs be rushing us, Lads."

GM: Coralin needs to roll perception.

Bixby 22
Coralin 20
Elkhorn 15
Goblins 13
Triessa 11

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GM: Okay, everyone but Triessa goes first. There are goblins in the a/b/c area of the map. (Elkhorn can see 2 of them.) Post what you do action by action. If the party heads toward the goblins, I'll have Elkhorn rush up there. If the party hunkers down, he won't.

OOC: Question, will Bucky follow me even if I don't command him? From my reading it looks like I would need to command him to follow me or he gets no actions. Just trying to decide if I can move and cast a spell and still have Bucky with me or if I should Delay until the goblins are in range of my Electric Arc.

GM: if you got far enough away from bucky without commanding him to stay, I would start making him follow slowly after you. But otherwise, yeah, he just sits there accrding to the rules.

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