Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#2 Chapter#1

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"If by ready & going you mean off to interrogate a goblin, then sure.
I'll be needing about an hour or so after that though to get my gear. Afterall, the invite only mentioned lunch. So I came dressed for that."
(gives a shrug)
Indeed, what you're looking at is a dwarf with his shaggy black hair tied back & beard groomed, dressed in low soft boots, clean trousers & shirt, belt, & a belt pouch. The closest thing to any equipment would be his clan dagger.
"I bet she needs to change too." (nodding towards Triessa Elrich)

The Lady gets up and says, "Right this way." She leads the group to a sturdy iron door that she opens and steps down the stairs beyond it. Torches in sconces every twenty feet dimly light the way. You pass two wooden doors before she opens another iron door. Inside is a bedroom. It is spartan in detail, but clean, well ventilated, and well lit by two sets of torch sconces. Sitting at a desk is a goblin who is drawing something with a piece of charcoal. When the Lady enters she stands up and bows awkwardly, "Oh, you returnt, Lady. I dun me best to draw Mudchewer home. See." She hands the paper to the Lady.

"That's excellent, Talga. Tell your story to these fine people and then we'll discuss the map."

"Mudchewer tribe was peaceful. Then Drakus the Taker arrive, big hobgoblin, and kill our chief and chief's guardsmen. He take over. He move tribe into sewers and makes us raid rich houses in city. He takes all the loot and leaves us scraps. Anyone complains he takes them into his chamber. A few hours later they body placed on hooks in display hall. They have no wounds but their blood all gone. Then he ask, 'Anyone else want to say som'ping?' And he laugh and go away. I hide when this happen.
"Last night me had enough. After the tribe raided this house, me stay behind, hide and hope no goblin see me so I can get away from Drakus. Many goblins before me leave tribe as well. Those who failed are hanging in the display hall with no blood."

"Very good, Talga," Keleri says. "Please explain to these people what can be found in each location on your map." She passes the map around as the goblin speaks.

"Um, 'kay, entrance is circle room. Nothing special there. Use to be lookouts but tribe too small now.
"Living quarters has old friends. They afraid of Drakus. Lots of old bones in room.
"You see garbage room, display room, and flower room. Garbage is for garbage. Display room where Drakus hang dead goblins who make Drakus mad. Flower room peaceful.
"On other side, shrine room feels funny. Me no go there.
"Nasty goblins live in east cavern. Me no go there. Not welcome. Those goblins are Drakus favorites. They cruel and vile like Drakus.
"Me also never see Drakus room. There is a door. Me know nothing. Me want to know nothing. Drakus must be stopped or tribe die."
ashen ossuary.png

"How much old friends be there? How much nasty goblins?"

Bixby listens to the goblin and scans the map. It seemed that the tribe was divided. Maybe it would be possible to enlist the scared goblins and have them help to take out the nasty goblins.

"Do ya be thinkin' old friends would be helpin' if we be askin'?"

"When I there last there are six or eight old friends and I think just as many evil ones. But I think some of my friends might have escaped when I did. I'm not sure." Talga says after a (possibly) worrying amount of counting on her fingers.

"As for help, Drakus scarier than you. They not openly fight against him. But if Drakus dead, they would be thankful to you and not want to fight you. Bad goblins are bad. They like Drakus and I understand they probably should die."


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"Talga," says Triessa with a bit of force to cut through the chatter nearby, "Does Drakus have any friends who aren't goblins? Maybe wolves or other creatures?"

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