(OOC) Emerald City Knights

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First Post
Ok couldn't wait will probably make these changes:
Int 5 +8 pp

Jack of All Trades 1 PP
-8 skill Points on Technology and Investigation -4 PP

You will also save a little on Expertise, which is also Int-based.

-Weapon Bind
-Improved Defense
-Improved Disarm
-Defensive Attack

Ok. I will edit the sheet accordingly.

Well either that or I need to decide how he became a multimillionaire and got the equipment.

It is probably a good idea to think about this, either way. :)



@ H4H

Added some complications and I will incorporate the info you provided into his background. Where did you find it anyway? I didn't see anything in the core book. Is it in one of the other 3e books?

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Ah, that might be... I assumed that there is a minimum of -1 (because the Rook has one such power, but it is 3 PP to begin with), but maybe you need the 3 PP to hit the breaking point. Shouldn't be much of a problem, though, to change that accordingly. :)


Yep 3pp is the break point.


[MENTION=478]Thanee[/MENTION] I'll probably go with the way you have if for now. Intelligence is just so expensive for what it gives. Two points for three skill points vs four to just buy the skills. It just seems weird to have only an intelligence of one.



Real Name Samuel Oryn
Gender male
Age 27
Height 6'2”
Weight 220lbs
Hair black
Eyes blue

Power Level 10
Power Points 150

Experience 0
Hero Points 1

Strength 4
Stamina 4
Agility 6
Dexterity 2
Fighting 4
Intellect 1
Awareness 6
Presence 0

Power Points: 54 PP

Initiative +6
Unarmed +13 (Close, Damage 7)
Boomerang +14 (Ranged (150/300/600), Damage 6)
Smart Bola +12 (Ranged (80/200/400), Dodge DC 18 (Homing 1) → Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobile+Defenseless/- (Reversible); Charges)
Flash Grenade (Ranged (250) Burst Area, Will DC 20 → Impaired/Disabled/Unaware (Visual); Charges)
Stun Grenade (Ranged (250) Burst Area, Fortitude DC 20 → Dazed/Stunned/-; Charges)
Smoke Bomb (Close Cloud Area, Concealment Attack 4 (Visual); Charges)

Charges: 5/5

Dodge 12
Parry 12
Will 8
Fortitude 8
Toughness 8

Power Points: 20 PP

Acrobatics +7(1)
Athletics +7(3)
Close Combat: Unarmed +13(9)
Expertise: Business +5(4)
Insight +10(4)
Intimidation +9(9) [+15 with Voice Amplifier]
Investigation +15(14)
Ranged Combat: Thrown +14(12)
Stealth +12(6)
Perception +15(9)
Technology +5(4)
Vehicles +3(1)

Power Points: 38 PP

Benefit: Wealthy 4
Defensive Attack
Equipment 1
Improved Defense
Improved Disarm
Power Attack
Takedown 1
Weapon Bind

Power Points: 15 PP

“Fighting Gloves” [Invented / Technological]
Damage 3 - (Power Cost: 3x1-1 = 2 PP)
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Armored Costume” [Invented / Technological]
Protection 4 - (Power Cost: 4x1-1 = 3 PP)
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Gliding Wings” [Invented / Technological]
Flying 4 - (Power Cost: 4x1-1 = 3 PP)
» Flaw: Gliding [-1]
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Face Mask” [Invented / Technological]
Senses 4 - (Power Cost: 4x1-1 = 3 PP)
» Effect: Infravision
» Effect: Low-Light Vision
» Effect: Radio
» Effect: Tracking
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Voice Amplifier” [Invented / Technological]
Enhanced Intimidation 6 - (Power Cost: 6x½-1 = 2 PP)
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Utility Belt” [Invented / Technological]
Array (8 PP per Configuration) - (Structure Cost: 8+5-3 = 10 PP)
» Extra: Alternate Effect 5 [+5 PP]
» Flaw: Removable [-3 PP]
“Grapple Gun” [Invented / Technological]
Movement 4 - (Power Cost: 4x2 = 8 PP)
» Effect: Safe Fall
» Effect: Swinging
» Effect: Wall-Crawling 2
“Boomerang” [Invented / Technological]
Damage 2 - (Power Cost: 2x2+4x1 = 8 PP)
» Extra: Increased Range 6
“Smart Bola” [Invented / Technological]
Affliction 8 - (Power Cost: 8x1+2-2 = 8 PP)
» Defense: Dodge
» Conditions: Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobile+Defenseless
» Extra: Alternate Resistance (Dodge) [+0]
» Extra: Extra Condition [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range [+1]
» Extra: Homing 1 [+1 PP]
» Extra: Reversible [+1 PP]
» Flaw: Limited Degree [-1]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]
» Flaw: Diminished Range 1 [-1 PP]
» Flaw: Inaccurate [-1 PP]
“Flash Grenade” [Invented / Technological]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1-2 = 8 PP)
» Defense: Will
» Conditions: Impaired (Visual)/Disabled (Visual)/Unaware (Visual)
» Extra: Area (Burst) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range [+1]
» Flaw: Limited (One Sense: Visual) [-1]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]
» Flaw: Diminished Range 2 [-2 PP]
“Stun Grenade” [Invented / Technological]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1-2 = 8 PP)
» Defense: Fortitude
» Conditions: Dazed/Stunned
» Extra: Area (Burst) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range [+1]
» Flaw: Limited Degree [-1]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]
» Flaw: Diminished Range 2 [-2 PP]
“Smoke Bomb” [Invented / Technological]
Concealment 4 (Visual) - (Power Cost: 4x2 = 8 PP)
» Extra: Area (Cloud) [+1]
» Extra: Attack [+0]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]

Note: The 5 Charges are probably shared over all alternate powers with that limitation.

Power Points: 23 PP


Secret Identity Samuel Oryn Main stockholder of Oryn Industries, and heir to the Oryn fortune.

Enemie(s) Unknown

Tall Dark and Average?
Seems how most see him, the only son of deceased Samuel Oryn Sr. CEO of Oryn Industries.
As BlackWing think Batman with a solid black color scheme.

Used to living in the lap of luxury, as scion of the Oryn dynasty, Sam jr. had a mispent youth until the death of his father under mysterious circumstances, most likely by a competitor, Sam is the major stockholder in Oryn Industries and heir to the Oryn name and fortune. While techincally he has the right to be CEO, the board doesn't see it that way. They still see the Sam of his mispent youth, and Sam likes it that way. It gives him time for his new project, discovering who killed his father, and making sure it doesn't happen to others. To this end, he has developed the identity of BlackWing using his money for training and experimental equipment, developed by Oryn Industries, Head of Reasearch, James Bromely, longtime friend of the Oryn family. As BlackWing he takes to the skies of Emerald City, to make sure others don't suffer as he did. To protect family, mostly his younger sister Kate, and friends such as his college pals and James, he maintains the illusion of layabout, with sometime interest in the stockmarket.

Power Point Summary: Abilities 54 PP + Defense 20 PP + Skills 38 PP + Advantages 15 PP + Powers 23 PP = 150 PP
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Walking Dad

First Post
Greyhound Background:

James Marks never lived an ordinary life. Coming from a poor family in a bad part of the town, it was only a question of time before he was convicted for gang-related crimes.
But he was lucky. The man who beated him and the others as they tried to mug him sensed in his moves not only potential for gratness, but also that he was holding back, trying not to permanently hurt an innocent man.
As a martial arts instructor in a local dojo, he offered him training and shelter. James was soon good in many styles, but excelled in the Phillipinian stick-fighting art Escrima.

Growing up and becoming a teacher was great. Finding his true love was even better. But it was then when fate hit him hardest. His gang was now led by one of the others that were accompanying him on the botched robbery that changed his life. Back from prison after being judged as an adult, he was sure that James bailed him out.
They attacked James and his girlfriend Monica only a few streets away from the dojo. James fought valiently, holding his own versus fists, knifes and clubs. But he couldn't dodge bullets.
With Monica killed they left him dying in the alley. He was brought in the hospital and it seemed he had some epilleptic shock after being dignosed to never walk again.

The shock, trauma and grief triggered something in him, a latent mutation layn dormant so long.

First it channeled inward, throwing his healing capabilities in overdrive. Shocked and not sure what happened, he faked still needing a stick to walk properly. The healing ability was gone again.

He soon realized that he had now access to inhuman speed, that also improved his coordination, letting him execute martial arts move much to advanced for him before. Working as part time instructor and writing articles for various martial arts magazines, he started his vigilante career...

Taking his name from a local urban legend about a greyhound that hunts the wicked boys, able to outrun anyone, he become Greyhound.




Insight/Momentum/Energy Controller/Sheet needs review
Thanee/Fusion/Shapeshifter/Sheet needs review
Walking Dad/Greyhound/Speedster/sheet needs review
Voda Vosa/Green Dragon/Martial Artist with Ki Powers/sheet needs review
Shayuri/Visage/Energy Controller/sheet in progress
Graybeard/Horus/Paragonesque Warrior/sheet needs review
rangerjohn/Blackwing/Crimefighter/sheet needs review
drothgery/Spellslinger/weaponsmaster/sheet needs review
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