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From the pure text, I would say Walking Dad's interpretation is the right one (the limit is how much Strength you can add to the Damage Effect of the equipment).

But if H4H wants to play it differently, then just make it a Device, as he suggested himself. That shouldn't really be a problem with a Damage 2 stick. :)


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Walking Dad

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... The GM can also just say at whim it doesn't work, for whatever reason. These are the flaws, that make it so cheap. Ie 5 to 1 price breakdown.
And I said:

But I will adjust to the GM.
I'm always listening to my GMs' wishes. I just wanted to explain my reasoning.

Final (hopefully) Greyhound:




Fast Attack: Damage 1, Strength-based, Multiattack and Penetrating on 5 Damage • 11 points
• Damage 1, Strength-based, Burst Area and Selective on 5 Damage • 1 point

Fast Martial Arts: Enhanced Dodge 11, Enhanced Parry 5, Enhanced Fighting 4 • 24 points

Quick Reaction: Enhanced Initiative 3
• 3 points
Super Movement: Quickness 10, Speed 15 (64,000 MPH)• 25 points
• Super Recovery: Regeneration 10 (persistent) • 1 point

Run On Water: Movement 1 (Water Walking), Limited to While Moving • 1 point

Run Through Walls: Movement 1 (Permeate 1), Limited to While Moving • 1 points

Run Up Walls: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2), Limited to While Moving • 2 points

Clubs: Strength based damage 2
• 2 points

Agile Feint, Equipment 1, Improved Initiative 3, Instant Up, Luck 1, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

EQUIPMENT (5 total)
Utility (Cellphone, Commlink, GPS) 3
Armored Costume (Protection 2) 2

Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 6 (+8), Close Combat: Batons 5 (+15) Intimidate 8 (+8), Expertise: (Martial Arts) 5 (+5), Perception 8 (+9)

Throw +3 Ranged, Damage 2
Fast Attack +15 Close, Damage 5, Multiattack 5, Penetrating 5

WILL 10 *Without Costume

Identity: James 'Jim' Marks
Motivation: Justice
Power Loss: It is nearly impossible to disarm James, but it does happen.
Reputation: Using to much violence against 'normal' criminals

Power Point Summary: Abilities 38 PP + Defense 16 PP + Skills 18 PP + Advantages 7 PP + Powers 71 PP = 150 PP

James Marks never lived an ordinary life. Coming from a poor family in a bad part of the town, it was only a question of time before he was convicted for gang-related crimes.
But he was lucky. The man who beated him and the others as they tried to mug him sensed in his moves not only potential for gratness, but also that he was holding back, trying not to permanently hurt an innocent man.
As a martial arts instructor in a local dojo, he offered him training and shelter. James was soon good in many styles, but excelled in the Phillipinian stick-fighting art Escrima.

Growing up and becoming a teacher was great. Finding his true love was even better. But it was then when fate hit him hardest. His gang was now led by one of the others that were accompanying him on the botched robbery that changed his life. Back from prison after being judged as an adult, he was sure that James bailed him out.
They attacked James and his girlfriend Monica only a few streets away from the dojo. James fought valiently, holding his own versus fists, knifes and clubs. But he couldn't dodge bullets.
With Monica killed they left him dying in the alley. He was brought in the hospital and it seemed he had some epilleptic shock after being dignosed to never walk again.

The shock, trauma and grief triggered something in him, a latent mutation layn dormant so long.

First it channeled inward, throwing his healing capabilities in overdrive. Shocked and not sure what happened, he faked still needing a stick to walk properly. The healing ability was gone again.

He soon realized that he had now access to inhuman speed, that also improved his coordination, letting him execute martial arts move much to advanced for him before. Working as part time instructor and writing articles for various martial arts magazines, he started his vigilante career...

Taking his name from a local urban legend about a greyhound that hunts the wicked boys, able to outrun anyone, he become Greyhound.
Improved Initiative is not part of the Regeneration Array to avoid recalculation of initiative if I use it in combat.

I built the clubs without the inherent Device limitations. They are still objects, bur loosing them counts as a complication and not as inherit limit of the way I bought them.
So the enemies can still disarm him, but he would get a HP because of the power loss (less damage on all his attacks. If he is disarmed after capture it would be similar (HP wise) to have a super in a cage that negates his powers.
I would be much easier to just increase the damage of his attack powers, but I like the clubs on the picture.

Hope this is fine and still 'simulating' enough.

I want him to be still able to do his moves, despite a worse accuracy and damage, without the clubs.
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On a different topic... [MENTION=2469]rangerjohn[/MENTION]: I thought, maybe you could reduce some of BlackWing's skills a little (i.e. a total of 4 Ranks from Acrobatics/Athletics or so) to get Equipment up to 3 Ranks - enough to afford a nice headquarter for his crime fighting operations.

And... is it just me, or are the example vehicles kinda weird? Especially Bike/Car compared to Limo/Truck. :lol:



On a side note, Momentum never has to buy gas for his car (when he needs to ride in a car). All he needs is a little push to get the vehicle moving and he can control the rest. Pretty cool, huh? He could control most vehicles' motion this way, probably land and sea vehicles anyway. Anything too big (aircraft carrier) or moves too fast (jet airplane) would be beyond his abilities.


I actually had a character do this once. Drove hundreds of miles on an empty tank. I think he had about the same power if I remember correctly. Though mine was limited to objects, nothing organic.


Grr, going have to write every post in notepad now. :( I'm losing at least a post a day.

Anyway, [MENTION=478]Thanee[/MENTION], sounds good, take two skill point from each of them. Reverting acrobatics to joat and athletics to six.

I think you can just copy The Rook's since they were so kind to do the math and everything.

Yeah that is weird, who would a thought a motorcycle has more defense than a car.
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Grr, going have to write every post in notepad now. :( I'm losing at least a post a day.

Not sure what the problem is, but if you are having trouble with posts not coming through, you could simply hit CTRL+A & CTRL+C before posting to copy the content to the clipboard, then, if the posting doesn't work, just paste it from there. Might be a bit simpler than using Notepad. :)

Anyway, [MENTION=478]Thanee[/MENTION], sounds good, take two skill point from each of them. Reverting acrobatics to joat and athletics to six.

I think you can just copy The Rook's since they were so kind to do the math and everything.

Ok. :)

Yeah that is weird, who would a thought a motorcycle has more defense than a car.

Well, I guess that is because it is smaller (harder to hit).

But it is more expensive than a Limo. ;)



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Removable doesn't necessarily mean the powers are inherent to the item. Just that you cannot use it when removed. It could just be a focus for your power/skill.

However if you wanted to pick up *any* +2 damage weapon and do the same thing then you would want to build it that way.

Not having them as a device but still removable as a complication is pretty cool.

On a side note. Great pic. Inspired me make him as well for a street level game a couple months ago.


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If you want to preserve the "fight with regular weapons" feel, you could also get Improvised Weapon 2, instead of the clubs, for a similar effect?


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