(OOC) Emerald City Knights

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Here's my build for Green Dragon. Pretty straight forward "hit you hard" type of character.

Alrighty let us take a look.

I do not see your defenses listed. I know with a 10 fighting 6 stamina and a 5 protection you are breaking PL cap defensively. (10 parry 11 toughness).

Your array while not illegal is a little..weird?
Powers ( 49 pp)
- >Dragon's claws (Slashing) ( Damage 6 : Multiattack Penetrating 10 Split 3 (4 targets) Affects insubstantial 2 ) · 27 point/s
Is this str-based damage? This one comes to 21pp.

- >Dragon's spit (Acid) ( Damage 6 : Range 250 Multiattack Split 4 (5 targets) ) · 1 point/s
Your range would be 150/300/600 feet. Do not know where 250' comes from?
This one comes out to be 22pp. Not sure why Dragon's Claws has less "split" and this one more?

- >Dragon's Breath (Acid) ( Damage 6 : "Line Area (5 ft wide, 30 ft long), Range 250 Ricochet 4" ) · 1 point/s
Again range would be 150/300/600 feet. It seems like an odd attack. He spits a 30 foot line of acid that can bounce off of four walls 600 hundred feet away. You might be better off with shapeable if this is the effect you wanted? I would think a close range area at higher ranks might be more appropriate and effective as dragon breath? This one cost 22pp

- >Dragon's touch (Bludgeon) ( Damage 6 : "Affects insubstantial 2, Innate, Split 3 (4 targets),Penetrating 10" ) · 1 point/s

Not exactly sure what the descriptors for this one is. What exactly makes it Innate over the other powers? Again str-based damage should be listed so I do not have to guess. This one is 22pp

- ">Dragon's Tail (Piercing, Slashing)" ( Damage 6 : "Reach 1, Thrown 3, Penetrating 10, Secondary effect" ) · 1 point/s
Thrown does not exist in 3e. Did you mean Reach (Ranged)? Descriptors on how what this is representing because I am not sure how one throws a tail?
I will assume this is another str-based attack? Secondary effect must either be bought at 6 (costing a total of 26pp for the power) or at rank 10 (to include your str damage; for a total of 30pp)

So this This array has a total of 5 powers. So it should cost 26pp+4 alt powers for 30pp total OR 30pp +4 alts for a total of 34pp depending on how you bought Secondary effect.

The weird but not illegal part was having one attack cost 26 or 30 others costing 22 and the very 1st one listed (usually the most expensive or "base" power) costs 21pp.

Skills ( 8 pp)
Acrobatics 2 (+ 8 ), Deception 0 (+ 1 ), Athletics 0 (+ 4 ), Expertise 0 (+ 2 ), Insight 4 (+ 6 ), Treatment 0 (+ 2 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 1 ), Technology 0 (+ 2 ), Close Combat1 0 (+ 10 ), Close Combat3 0 (+ 10 ), Vehicles 0 (+ 6 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 6 ), Ranged Combat1 4 (+ 10 ), Ranged Combat2 0 (+ 6 ), Ranged Combat3 0 (+ 6 ), Perception 4 (+ 6 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 1 ), Investigation 0 (+ 2 ), Stealth 2 (+ 8 ),
This was a bit hard to read. Mostly due to having superfluous skills listed and then listing numbers after skills took me a moment to grok. Ranged skill is dex based (total of +9 then) & needs to be defined.

So...a synopsis.

List & fix defenses. Define and clean up array. List specific ranged combat skill.
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[sblock= Horus]

Real name: Jack Kingston, Construction Worker
Height 6’1” as Jack 6’ 8” as Horus
Weight 205 lbs as Jack 300lbs as Horus

PL 10 150pp

STR: 2/8 AGL: 3 FGT: 3/9 AWE: 2 STA: 3/9 DEX: 2 INT: 1 PRE: 2
pp spent= 36

Dodge: 3/10 Parry: 3/ 10 Fort: 3/10 Toughness: 3/10 Will: 2/8 Initiative: +3
pp spent= 8

Defensive Roll 1
Jack of All Trades
Languages: Spanish
Enhanced Advantages:
Languages (Ancient Egyptian)
Power Attack
Equipment 1 (Staff of Ra: Club)
pp spent= 4

Alternate Form: Horus
Move action to transform
Enhanced Traits (Advantages: Assessment, Leadership, Power Attack)
Enhanced Abilities: (STR 6, FGT 6, STA 6)
Enhanced Trait: Will defense 6
Enhanced Traits: Skills (Expertise Ancient Egypt 6, Insight 6, Intimidation 8, Perception 6, Persuasion 6)
Flight 7 (Wings, 250mph/ ½ miles per round)
Immunity: Environmental Condition Heat
Movement 2 (Environmental Adaption- Desert, Trackless)
Senses 8 (Accurate vision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended Vision 2, Low Light vision, Ultrahearing)
Talons: STR based damage 1 (DC 24)
Impervious Toughness 6
Regeneration 2 (Extra: Persistent, Flaw: source- sunlight)
pp spent= 90

Skills: (ranks)
Athletics: 12 (4)
Close Combat: 10 (1) Staff of Ra
Close Combat (talons): 11 (2)
Expertise: Ancient Egypt: 7 (0)
Expertise: Construction: 5 (4)
Insight: 10 (2)
Intimidation: 10 (0)
Investigation: 4 (3)
Perception: 10 (2)
Persuasion: 10 (2)
Technology: 3 (2)
Vehicles: 4 (2)
pp spent = 12

Total= Abilities 36+ Defenses 9+ Advantages 5+ Powers 88+ Skills 12 = 150pp


Motivation- Justice. Horus has an overwhelming desire to protect the innocent.
Motivation- Thrills. Jack enjoys the transformation into Horus because he likes the thrills of stopping criminals and the power he has as Horus.
Quirk- Horus leaves a small Ankh with all the criminals he captures as a calling card.
Power Loss- If Jack is unable to speak, he cannot transform.
Identity- Jack's life would be in danger if anyone discovers that he can transform into Horus.


Jack is an average construction worker. When he was laid off for the winter, he replied to an ad in the paper for general laborers for a special assignment. He ended up working for Professor Helen Welton. She was going on an archaeological dig in Egypt for the winter. The pay wasn't bad and it beat unemployment so Jack went along. While he was there, he was digging in a location as instructed when he fell into a deep shaft. Unknown at the time, Jack landed on an ancient and powerful amulet, an Eye of Horus. It melded with his skin until it resembled a tattoo on his back. After a few hours, Jack was rescued. He spent the rest of the winter recovering from his injuries. During that time he had many strange dreams. His dreams involved ancient Egypt, Egyptian Gods, Pharaohs, Queens, armies, wars, and more. When he returned home, his dreams became more vivid. One night, during a dream, he was told to speak a certain phrase. In his half awake state, he did as he was told. To his shock, he transformed into a large bird headed man. His own mind was in the background of the birdman's consciousness. He could see what the birdman saw, feel everything he felt, and yet it wasn't him seeing and feeling those things. It was like he was trapped in the body of someone else. Jack's mind panicked and forced the birdman to repeat the phrase. In a flash, he was back to normal.

The next day, Jack went to the library and took out some books on ancient Egypt including history, culture, mythology, and anything else he could find. In his studies, he discovered that the birdman was the Egyptian God Horus. A god of the air, war, and hunting. Jack decided he could use the frightening visage and power of his new alternate form to do some good. He remembered reading in the paper that the police were having a lot of problems with gangs terrorizing the public. He decided to take a chance and go after the gangs as Horus.

His first encounter with the gangs went better than expected. He had swooped down from a rooftop during a carjacking. In seconds, the gang members were unconscious. He picked them up and dropped them off at the front door of the police station. He left a calling card with the gangbangers, an Ankh.

Jack couldn't believe the thrills he felt fighting against the gangs. He started going out night after night to fight the gangs and other criminals that would prey on the innocent. Each time, he left an Ankh. The newspapers ran stories about this new vigilante. Who was he and where did he come from? The criminals reported to the police that a giant birdman attacked them. At first the police laughed it off, the ravings of crackheads and stoners. One night, when he was dropping off another criminal, for breaking and entering, he was spotted by an officer going on his break.

"Good evening officer. This person was caught illegally entering Hanson Jewelers on East Main street. You will find the evidence of his crime there." he said to the startled police officer.

Then without another word, he flew away.

The public adored their new protector. The police and the press were not as convinced. They felt he could be just as big a threat as the criminals. He had not killed anyone, yet, but they thought it was only a matter of time before this birdman got carried away and lost control.

Jack read the stories in the papers. He knew they were wrong but couldn't prove it. They were afraid of the unknown. He felt he had to do something so he sent an email to the newspapers and television stations using a computer in a cybercafe. They were to show up at City Hall in two days at noon. The city's protector would be there to answer questions. It was there that he would introduce the world to the return of Horus.

At the press conference, he answered as many of their questions as he could. During the conference, an enthusiastic criminal took a shot at Horus. The .45 slug bounced harmlessly off his skin. In a flash, he was upon the shooter and had him subdued. Horus turned him over to the police and the gathered crowd applauded enthusiastically. He was now officially the hero of the city.


Alrighty. Horus doesn't look too bad. There are a couple of issues.

Defenses At one point you list them as spending 8pp and another 9pp. I have it at 9pp.

Staff of Horus bought as equipment even if a sturdy metal this will go <snap> any time you do over 8 damage. And I think the point of you getting it was to do over 8 damage? Since you spent a whole Power Point on equipment just for a club and have another in powers for claws may I suggest choosing one and combining the points for one effective attack?

Enhanced Language? You list ancient Egyptian as enhanced, but it isn't in your powers. You also list you spent 4pp and then 5pp elsewhere further confusing just where it belongs.

Close Combat Skills this may be moot if you get rid of your club but it would be more beneficial in spending the 1.5 pp to buy Close Combat 1 as an Advantage Then 1 rank of the skill you want +2 in. That way you are +1 in all close combat and +2 in the one thing.

Over Budget Assuming you want your Egyptian Language enhanced I have

36 abilities + 90 powers + 4 advantages + 12 skills + 9 defenses = 151pp


For some reason I keep on thinking this is a female character and have to remind myself it is not.

No issues mechanically other than defining equipment and having 6pp unspent.

Need a background and maybe a picture.

WIP sheet...still working on design, but this way I'll have something up so peeps can see where I'm going, and I can work on it anywhere I need to.

Basically, Visage is a ranged attack specialist and support character. Fairly significant noncombat abilities too.

Name: Daniel Blake
Super Name: VISAGE
Power Level: 10
Power Points: 150
Experience Points:

Str 0 Agi 0 Dex 3 Fgt 1 Awe 4 Sta 1 Int 3 Pre 2

Toughness +13
Dodge +7
Parry +6
Fort +8
Will +9

Initiative +4
Melee Attack
Range Attack +10, DC25

SKILLS 28 SP (14 PP)
Deception +5 (3)
Expertise (Comic Book Art) +9 (6)
Insight +9 (5)
Perception +9 (5)
Ranged Combat (Ectoplasm) +7
Technology +5 (2)


Improved Disarm
Improved Hold
Improved Initiative
Improved Trip
Equipment 1
Uncanny Dodge

Ectoplasm Control, 36pp
Move Object (Damaging, PF Precise, PF Affects Insubstantial 2) +10, 33pp
- Create Object (Moveable, PF Affects Insubstantial 2) +10
- Damage (Shapeable Area, Selective Attack, PF Affects Insubstantial 2) +10
- Illusion (Visual, Hearing) +10

Concealment +2 (Normal Visual, Burst Area, Attack) 6pp
- Concealment +4 (All Visual, Blending, PF Precise) 1pp
Protection (Sustained) +12, 12pp
Enhanced Trait (Dodge Defense) +7, 7pp
Morph (Humanoids) +2, 10pp
Movement (Safe Fall, Swinging) +2, 4pp
Remote Sensing (Tactile, Simultaneous, Noticible) +1, 1pp
Super Senses (Ranged Touch) +1, 1pp

Abilities [28]
Saves [17]
Skills [14]
Feats [7]
Powers [78]
Total [144]
Unspent [XX]


Neat concept. I like it. The points all add up. I do have some points (surprise!) most of them skills as they relate to your background.

Knowledge: Magic is certainly an appropriate skill for a magic based character to have. +20 is pretty awesome at it. For example master of mystic arts Dr Fate has a +23. Circe a +18 Jason Blood a +16 both have centuries of experience. Zatanna a veteran heroine has a +15. Dragoneye a +13, Seven a +12 both of them are neophyte magic based heroes.

Nothing in your background led me to believe she was the penultimate scholar of magic. A knack certainly, naturally skilled even. One of the best in the Freedomverse? Did not see that anywhere. Likewise +20 sleight of hand does make you pretty much one of the top 5 best in the whole setting.
Your investigation skills top most of the Bat Family. Your multilingual talents suggest a world traveler, which I could see easily, but the history suggests you pretty much stuck in Nevada.

If you want all those top notch skills please give me reasoning for them.:)

Okay, fleshing things out, with second-draft mechanics on my arcane gunslinger idea (will probably need a lot of tweaking)

[sblock=background]Susan Roland was the daughter of a couple of performers in Las Vegas who never let on to anyone save their daughter that the secret to their show's success was subtle application of real magic. Subtle was important -- if you talked fast, you could convince a skilled stage magician that the trick was actually possible.

But when Susan -- by then a college freshman -- got a call from the police telling her that her parents had been murdered, and the next few months made it clear the police were not getting anywhere solving the crime, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She'd seen the telltales that meant a normal person had not been responsible.

It was easy enough to buy a gun in Nevada. The rites to enchant it to be more accurate than it should be came naturally. Without practice, the range instructor said she was good; she got better quickly. A thought to some defense led to enchanting a jacket, and another to carrying her guns and ammo where the government might frown upon the idea led her to build a little bit of an extradimensional space into the pockets.

Perhaps fortunately, she ran into another hero before she found her parents' murderers. [Hero X] recognized her talent, and helped her learn to focus less on vengeance and more on justice. She eventually settled in Emerald City, far enough from home to avoid bad memories.
[sblock=character sheet]
The Spellslinger
The man in black fled across the desert, and the Spellslinger followed
Name: The Spellslinger
Player: drothgery
Alternate Identity: Susan Roland
Type of Alternate Identity: Secret
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: red
Group Affiliation:
Base of Operations: Emerald City
Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 2

Arcane sharpshooter [whether it's the enchanted guns or the alchemical bullets she fires, the Spellslinger can find the right attack to take down just about anything]:
Magic bullets: Blast 5 [magic; multiattack; accurate 3, penetrating 5, variable descriptor 2 (any magic), extended range 2, easily removeable -10]
(17 points)
Arcane jacket [a bit of magic armor never hurt anyone, especially with a portable hole for pockets]:
Protective wards: Protection 3 [magic; removeable], Magic pockets: Feature 1 [as per M&M2e dimensional pocket]
(3 points)

No adventuring equipment other than the arcane devices that are her powers

Power Attack, Defensive Roll 5, Precise Attack 2 [ranged, both], Quick Draw, Uncanny Dodge, Artificer, Languages 3 [Russian, French, German, Latin], Move-by Action

Acrobatics 5 (+10), Athletics (+0), Deception 6 (+8), Expertise: History 6 (+10), Expertise: Magic 16 (+20), Insight 10 (+14), Intimidation (+2), Investigation 10 (+14), Perception 10 (+14), Persuasion 6 (+8), Ranged Combat: arcane sharpshooter 4 (+9), Sleight of Hand 15 (+20), Stealth 10 (+15)

Initiative +5
Arcane Sharpshooter +15, Damage 5

Dodge 10, Parry 6
Toughness 10 (Def Roll 5), Fortitude 6, Will 9

Power Points
Abilities 48 + Powers 20 + Advantages 15 + Skills 49 + Defenses 18 = Total 150

Sometimes she does not have the right bullets on hand for her opponent, and will need to make more (in game mechanics terms, she can't use the correct descriptor to overcome defenses, or gain penetrating)
Susan Roland has a real life and real job as a stage magician; she has told no one of her super-hero identity

Design notes
Her only attack power is her enchanted guns; she uses the variable descriptor property to attack weaknesses. She's also quite capable of creating one-shot magical devices via the Artificer Advantage and her Expertise: Magic skills, either given time to prepare or by jury-rigging.

Possible scratch-built devices include
- Cloak of Flying (Flight 5) (10 points, so DC 25 to jury-rig)
- Improvised enchanted weapon [baseball bat, kitchen knife, etc] Damage 5 Accurate 5 (10 points, so DC 25 to jury-rig) -> +12 to hit, 5 dmg



First Post
Neat concept. I like it. The points all add up. I do have some points (surprise!) most of them skills as they relate to your background.

Knowledge: Magic is certainly an appropriate skill for a magic based character to have. +20 is pretty awesome at it. For example master of mystic arts Dr Fate has a +23. Circe a +18 Jason Blood a +16 both have centuries of experience. Zatanna a veteran heroine has a +15. Dragoneye a +13, Seven a +12 both of them are neophyte magic based heroes.

I didn't really look at comprables; I'll probably need to beef up her background, then because she pretty much needs to be really good there (maybe not quite as good as she is now, but really good). If we run into something she can't shoot at, she's totally boned barring jury-rigging an impromptu device. If there's a way to make her good at that without the really high Expertise: Magic in general, I could do that, but I don't see anything in the core rulebook that works. Maybe Feature (1-2 points): Master Artificer (+something to Expertise: Magic checks to build magic artifacts) and then drop her Expertise: Magic by the corresponding number of ranks?

Edit: I think I can do this with Enhanced Trait: Expertise (Magic).

Likewise +20 sleight of hand does make you pretty much one of the top 5 best in the whole setting.

I think that was due to a misundertanding of M&M3 mechanics, really. I wanted the really high slight of hand because the M&M2e->3e guidelines said convert Escape Artist to Sleight of Hand (and also because stage magic is slight of hand, of course), and I'm kind of paranoid about her being grappled, since her melee skills are... poor. So I'm not sure about the best way of managing that mechanically. Which probably means raising her acrobatics some, though not too much because she's already +10 there and +15 would put her in best-in-the-world levels, which she's not (the character I started from was a world-class gymnast, and would reasonably have had acrobatics that high, but Susan isn't).

Your investigation skills top most of the Bat Family. Your multilingual talents suggest a world traveler, which I could see easily, but the history suggests you pretty much stuck in Nevada.

If you want all those top notch skills please give me reasoning for them.:)

Will work on it.

Revised character is here.
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Newer version of Momentum not stuck on p. 2 :)

PL 10 150/150pp

[sblock=Backstory]Dr. Donovan McConnell was a world-renowed physicist studying his new proposed laws of motion when he fell into a super-collider and emerged with the superhuman ability to control motion. Now, as Momentum, Dr. McConnell has learned to control his powers and is trying to use them for the betterment of society. He has trained his body to withstand the rigors of crime-fighting and is eager to test out his abilities on whichever villains might cross his path.[/sblock]

[sblock=Complications]Fame: Dr. McConnell, while trying to understand his powers, revealed his identity to those in the scientific community. Therefore, there are many out there who know Momentum's secret identity.
Naive: Momentum is inexperienced as a crime-fighter and could make incorrect assumptions about his opponents.
Responsibilities: Dr. McConnell still works as a physicist, now for the government. He is often required to undertake assignments in the realm of advanced physics.

Total Cost: 42pp


Total Cost: 17pp

TOUGH 4(+4 Def Roll)(+6 Force Field) = 10/8/4
DODGE 2+4(+4) = 10/6
PARRY 2+4(+4) = 10/6
FORT 4+3 = 7
WILL 4+6 = 10

Total Cost: 22pp

Expertise - Science [15]: +20
Investigation [10]: +15
Perception [10]: +14
Technology [9]: +14

Total Cost: 10pp

Benefit - Security Clearance
Benefit - Wealth (Well-Off)
Defensive Roll 4
Improved Initiative
Improvised Tools
Move-by Attack

Total Cost: 59pp

Effect: Enhanced Trait (Dodge) +4
Fl: Limited - Only works against physical attacks
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 2pp

Effect: Enhanced Trait (Parry) +4
Fl: Limited - Only works against physical attacks
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 2pp

Effect: Force Field 6
Ex: Impervious 10
Fl: Limited - Only works against physical attacks
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 8pp

Effect: Immunity 11 (Entrapment Effects, Movement Affliction Effects, Own Powers)
Flaw: Limited to physical attacks/effects (Entrapment/Movement Affliction immunities only)
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 6pp

Effect: Move Object 10
Ex: Damaging, Range - Perception
Fl: Limited - Object must already be moving
* Alt - Affliction 10 (hindered / immobile)
Ex: Area Burst +1 size (60ft radius), Selective
Fl: Limited to 2 degrees
* Alt - Leaping 6
Ex: Affects Others, Area Burst +1 Size (60ft radius), Selective
* Alt - Move Object 6
Ex: Area Burst +1 size (60ft radius), Range - Perception, Selective
Fl: Limited - Object must already be moving
* Alt - Speed 6
Ex: Affects Others, Area Burst +1 size (60ft radius), Selective
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 34pp

Effects: Senses 5 (Ranged Detect (Movement Effects) - Accurate, Acute, Radius)
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 5pp

Effect: Movement 1 (Slow Fall)
Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutation
Power Cost: 2pp[/sblock]

Immunity: I decided that it didn't make much sense for his kinetic powers to protect him from energy-based snares and so forth. Thus, I applied "Limited - Physical Attacks/Effects only" as a -1pp/rank flaw to the "Ensnarement effects" and "Movement Affliction effects" immunities. This saved 5pp, which went elsewhere (see below).
Motion Sense: Rather than go with Detect, I just got rid of the flaw (Limited - moving objects) and got rid of the Enhanced Trait - Perception. This kept it to 6pp (same total cost as before) and I think it still fits with the general idea of the power. Basically, Momentum detects motion, which would help him see through concealment and its a radius effect that requires sight. Since this was deemed too upsetting, I have now changed it to Ranged Detect (Movement Effects) with Accurate, Acute, and Radius. This is a "mental" sense.
Skills: With a 5pp largesse, I added 6 ranks to Perception (3 ranks). This is reflected above.
Defenses: The other 2pp went into Will, making it 10.

Slight Change:
I realized his secret id has the same first name as another character I'm playing, so I changed it.

EDIT: Forgot to change the Environment effect. After some consideration, I've removed that alternate effect altogether. The Affliction effect does pretty much the same thing that I was trying to do with the Environment effect. 1pp reclaimed through this process used to add Improved Initiative.
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The motion sight thing still weirds me out a little bit. So he would be able to read a stop sign behind him? Not sure I understand why it is linked to sight? Not so concerned with the balance on it.

Can you give me an example how he would see motion all around him?

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