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As Shayuri seems to have also other ideas, I will go with the speedster concept. Will add background soon.

This will be the first speedster I have a chance to play :)




Fast Attack: Damage 1, Strength-based, Multiattack and Penetrating on 5 Damage • 11 points
• Damage 1, Strength-based, Burst Area and Selective on 5 Damage • 1 point

Fast Martial Arts: Enhanced Dodge 11, Enhanced Parry 5, Enhanced Fighting 4 • 24 points

Super-Speed: Enhanced Initiative 3, Quickness 10, Speed 15 (64,000 MPH)• 28 points
• Super Recovery: Regeneration 10 (persistent) • 1 point

Run On Water: Movement 1 (Water Walking), Limited to While Moving • 1 point

Run Through Walls: Movement 1 (Permeate 1), Limited to While Moving • 1 points

Run Up Walls: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2), Limited to While Moving • 2 points

Agile Feint, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 1, Improved Initiative 3, Instant Up, Luck 1, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

EQUIPMENT (5 total)
Club (x2) 4
Body Armor (as leather 1)

Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 7 (+9), Close Combat: Batons 5 (+15) Intimidate 8 (+8), Expertise: (Martial Arts) 6 (+6), Perception 8 (+9)

Throw +3 Ranged, Damage 2
Fast Attack +15 Close, Damage 5, Multiattack 5, Penetrating 5

WILL 10 *Without Defensive Roll

Motivation: Justice
Reputation: Using to much violence against 'normal' criminals

Power Point Summary: Abilities 36 PP + Defense 17 PP + Skills 19 PP + Advantages 9 PP + Powers 69 PP = 150 PP

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Walking Dad

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6-8 is not much for skills, really. That's just something you are trained in, but not particularily good at. ...
Not exactly...

MM3 HH p 62
For example, a +5 total skill modifier means the character can routinely achieve a result of 15 (a tough task).
Safe to say the character is a pro, able to routinely handle tasks that would prove too much for someone less skilled.

I'm also willing to help with the mechanical aspects, if you are interested.


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Yep, that's the level of a typical human professional (nothing special), so clearly not something you (as a superhero ;)) are particularily good at.

+10 is a human with real expertise, an expert in the field. With +15 and higher you should rate among the best in the world.

As an estimate, roughly double the values on the Ability Benchmark Table should give reasonable levels for Skills. :)

At least, that is how I see it.

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I've decided to submit a Paragon type. I'm tweaking the build a bit and have to finish the background. I will have it posted later today. Essentially he will transform into the hero by uttering a magic word or phrase.


From what I am hearing maybe you can't build a good crimefighter on 150 points.

I mean obviously, the best example in the comics would be Batman. For that you would need everything The Rook has and more. He's not a better detective than say an FBI agent, and yet if you steal from any place else he'll be useless in combat. Given the example combat, he's only good vs minions as is. WD sites his utility belt, but given those are only at level 3, a supervillian not going to notice them. They're equipment not powers, along the lines of tear gas, which I have been exposed to. I didn't react as television/movies would lead you to believe. I don't consider myself to have a high fortitude either, I have health problems, I'm on disability, which is why I can post at odd hours.

Walking Dad

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Yes, normal tear gas and such will not be good vs villains with a high fortitude (which will not be necessarily the case). The archetypes of Energy Controller, Gadgeteer, Mystic and Psychic have all a Fortitude of 7 or lower.

But all attacks that have to hit and then are resisted can be used in conjunction with the Power Attack advantage.
Suddenly his staff and Talon attacks are +10 to hit and 10 damage. Enough to deal some serious damage to most PL 10 opponents.


Oh I agree he would power attack a lot, but he couldn't do that if he moved points out of there into detective skills. That was my main point. Batman is called the Detective, not Master or Sensei. So obviously, those skills should be higher on a crimefighter. Oh and Thanne all your forms are basically suits, which is why H4H and I, thought of that archtype. So is it appropiate for a gadgeteer to be a better detective than a crimefighter? As for senses Radio is all The Rook has as well. Radio covers more than a car stereo. It's a super scanner that picks up everything from am radio to cell phone conversations. Possibly even television and wireless internet. He has low light vision and extended vision, but doubt that will mean much considering he carries a flashlight. On another note, your character doesn't sound like a gadgeteer, your powers are the result of an accident. A gadgeteer would have designed the suit or at least been working in a lab when something went wrong. Or at the outside, would have been one of the engineers who designed the car, you made her sound like just the driver. Also if your character is a multimillionaire what is her father, the owner of the company? Someone on the level of Bill Gates? Please don't take these as negative criticism, just some things to think about.
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Yep, those Rank 3 items are not much use against most PL 10 opponents, most likely. They basically need to have a fairly low Defense AND bad dice rolls.

But it is entirely possible to build some useful attacks at the PL caps, that could work well for such a character. And with Alternate Effect, it's even pretty cheap to do so (as long as it makes sense, of course).

For example, why not give him a bola gun, that can immobilize targets at range. There is the Affliction power, which can impose slowed or immobilized conditions. Something like that would work really well for a Batman-like character, so he isn't only hitting stuff all the time, but has more options.

And as WD said, thanks to Advantages like Power Attack, you get some adaptability with attacks (base attack with high attack bonus (15) and low damage (5), can be turned into moderate attack bonus (10) with moderate damage (10)). It is quite important, though, to get close to the tradeoff maximum levels (i.e. sum of 18-20 in attack+damage, active defense+toughness; those two especially), then the character should be decent enough in a fight with supers.



First Post

Real Name ...
Gender male
Age ...
Height ...
Weight ...
Hair ...
Eyes ...

Power Level 10
Power Points 150

Experience 0
Hero Points 1

Strength 4
Stamina 4
Agility 6
Dexterity 2
Fighting 4
Intellect 5
Awareness 6
Presence 0

Power Points: 62 PP

Initiative +6
Unarmed +13 (Close, Damage 7)
Boomerang +14 (Ranged (150/300/600), Damage 6)
Smart Bola +12 (Ranged (80/200/400), Dodge DC 18 (Homing 1) → Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobile+Defenseless/- (Reversible); Charges)
Flash Grenade (Ranged (250) Burst Area, Dodge DC 20 → Will DC 15/20 → Impaired/Disabled/Unaware (Visual); Charges)
Stun Grenade (Ranged (250) Burst Area, Dodge DC 20 → Fortitude DC 15/20 → Dazed/Stunned/-; Charges)
Smoke Bomb (Close Cloud Area, Concealment Attack 4 (Visual); Charges)

Charges: 5/5

Dodge 12
Parry 12
Will 8
Fortitude 8
Toughness 8

Power Points: 20 PP

Acrobatics +8(2)
Athletics +8(4)
Close Combat: Unarmed +13(9)
Insight +10(4)
Intimidation +9(9) [+15 with Voice Amplifier]
Investigation +15(10)
Ranged Combat: Thrown +14(12)
Stealth +15(9)
Perception +15(9)

Power Points: 34 PP

Benefit: Wealthy 4
Equipment 1
Power Attack
Takedown 1

Power Points: 11 PP

“Fighting Gloves” [Invented / Technological]
Damage 3 - (Power Cost: 3x1-1 = 2 PP)
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Armored Costume” [Invented / Technological]
Protection 4 - (Power Cost: 4x1-1 = 3 PP)
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Gliding Wings” [Invented / Technological]
Flight 4 - (Power Cost: 4x1-1 = 3 PP)
» Flaw: Gliding [-1]
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Face Mask” [Invented / Technological]
Senses 4 - (Power Cost: 4x1-1 = 3 PP)
» Effect: Infravision
» Effect: Low-Light Vision
» Effect: Radio
» Effect: Tracking
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Voice Amplifier” [Invented / Technological]
Enhanced Intimidation 6 - (Power Cost: 6x½-1 = 2 PP)
» Flaw: Removable [-1 PP]

“Utility Belt” [Invented / Technological]
Array (8 PP per Configuration) - (Structure Cost: 8+5-3 = 10 PP)
» Extra: Alternate Effect 5 [+5 PP]
» Flaw: Removable [-3 PP]
[SBLOCK=Configurations]“Grapple Gun” [Invented / Technological]
Movement 4 - (Power Cost: 4x2 = 8 PP)
» Effect: Safe Fall
» Effect: Swinging
» Effect: Wall-Crawling 2
“Boomerang” [Invented / Technological]
Damage 2 - (Power Cost: 2x2+4x1 = 8 PP)
» Extra: Increased Range 6
“Smart Bola” [Invented / Technological]
Affliction 8 - (Power Cost: 8x1+2-2 = 8 PP)
» Defense: Dodge
» Conditions: Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobile+Defenseless/-
» Extra: Alternate Resistance (Dodge) [+0]
» Extra: Extra Condition [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range [+1]
» Extra: Homing 1 [+1 PP]
» Extra: Reversible [+1 PP]
» Flaw: Limited Degree [-1]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]
» Flaw: Diminished Range 1 [-1 PP]
» Flaw: Inaccurate [-1 PP]
“Flash Grenade” [Invented / Technological]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1-2 = 8 PP)
» Defense: Will
» Conditions: Impaired/Disabled/Unaware (Visual)
» Extra: Area (Burst) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range [+1]
» Flaw: Limited (One Sense: Visual) [-1]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]
» Flaw: Diminished Range 2 [-2 PP]
“Stun Grenade” [Invented / Technological]
Affliction 10 - (Power Cost: 10x1-2 = 8 PP)
» Defense: Fortitude
» Conditions: Dazed/Stunned/-
» Extra: Area (Burst) [+1]
» Extra: Increased Range [+1]
» Flaw: Limited Degree [-1]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1]
» Flaw: Diminished Range 2 [-2 PP]
“Smoke Bomb” [Invented / Technological]
Concealment 4 (Visual) - (Power Cost: 4x2 = 8 PP)
» Extra: Area (Cloud) [+1]
» Extra: Attack [+0]
» Flaw: Unreliable (Charges) [-1][/SBLOCK]

Note: The 5 Charges are probably shared over all alternate powers with that limitation.

Power Points: 23 PP




Power Point Summary: Abilities 62 PP + Defense 20 PP + Skills 34 PP + Advantages 11 PP + Powers 23 PP = 150 PP[/SBLOCK]
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