(OOC) Emerald City Knights


I know City of Heroes has a free standalone costume creator.

Different versions of heromachine at HeroMachine 2.5, Superhero Generator, Create a Hero – UGO.com - UGO.com

Fábrica de Heróis is pretty cool but it takes a little bit to figure out the controls.

Storn A. Cook Illustrations is my buddy Storn Cook's website. He also has a thread on the boards here for even more art.

deviantART: where ART meets application! has a LOT of cool artists but will take some searching.


I made one through HeroMachine and then I discovered I had an old picture that I planned to use a while back for a different game.

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Voda Vosa

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A picture for Paramax:

I have an alternate concept:

Green Dragon:
Martial artist from China, Green Dragon has mastered the technique of the Dragon, and using his chi, he can perform attacks that simil those of ancient Chinese dragons, like Dragon Breath, Dragon's Claws and Dragon's constrict.



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I'm out. Fusion can do anything a crimefighter can do better.

That is your prerogative of course, but I would like to remind everyone that this is not first come first served recruitment, nor have any submissions been even really reviewed much less selected.
Also please refer to my first post wherein I announced that I will preserving niche protection. Which means I will be striving for every character selected to have relevance within a team dynamic.


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A picture for Paramax:
I have an alternate concept:

Green Dragon:
Martial artist from China, Green Dragon has mastered the technique of the Dragon, and using his chi, he can perform attacks that simil those of ancient Chinese dragons, like Dragon Breath, Dragon's Claws and Dragon's constrict.


I like the concept. Emerald City has a very strong Asian Presence. So the concept definitely could go very well in the setting.


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Okay so far we have

Insight/Momentum/Energy Controller/Sheet needs review
Thanee/Fusion/Battlesuit/Sheet needs review
Walking Dad/Pulse or Clay or Greyhound/Energy Controller or Elemental or Speedster/Various Stages of Build
Voda Vosa/Paramax or Green Dragon/Alien Ooze or Martial Artist with Ki Powers/no sheet
Shayuri/unknown/Speedster/no sheet
Graybeard/none/none/no concept submitted
rangerjohn/Rook/Crimefighter/interest withdrawn

I will be going over sheets soon. Those still interested please get in those fleshed out concepts at the very least. If you have submitted multiple concepts I suggest reviewing the other concepts think of what you want to play and pitch it. I probably will not be reviewing multiple sheets per player. :)

Voda Vosa

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Here's my build for Green Dragon. Pretty straight forward "hit you hard" type of character.



Devoted to the martial art of the Dragon, in the Ancient China Mountain of the Seven Lotus, Shin Fen Fo was raised and trained in and around the tradition and values of The Dragon. The monks of the Shrine of the Seven Lotus lived isolated from the outer world, and wanted to train Shin as an herald from the temple to the rest of the world. Through Shin, the monks wanted to give the world a lesson, that the ancient and sacred ways were still useful, despite the world's technological developments.
Once Shin training was done, the monks send him to wander the world and show it, performing heroic acts and helping turn the tides in favor of good.
Devoted paladin of Good and tradition, Shin will stop at nothing to accomplish his destiny.
When he was wondering the world, he eventually ended up in Emerald City. Seeking to aid his fellow countryman and spread the influence of the Seven Lotus among the peoples of this place, Shin got a hero name for himself, as a crime fighter, he would be named Green Dragon, and fight for those who couldn't defend themselves. However the old values and traditions, added to the cultural differences, made Shin a difficult person to get along, especially when he thought that the destiny was pointing him in a certain direction. That is why interaction with other heroes of the city was tough, when meeting the Green Dragon.


Enemy: Zim Tian, the second chosen one by the monks. They saw evil and greed in his heart, and chose Shin instead. Zim escaped the monastery and purses Shin. He'll try to kill him and take his place. Once he has accomplish that, he'll begin to break havoc in the name of the monks, as a vengeance against them. Zim's powers are similar to Sin's.

Shin will never hurt someone uncappable of defending him/herself
Shin will try to protect innocents
Shin will not attack an enemy already battling an ally, unless said enemy is about to kill the ally.
Shin will not let anyone interfere in his battles.

Abilities ( 72 pp)
Strength 4, Stamina 6, Agility 6, Dexterity 5, Fighting 10, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Precence 1 .

Powers ( 49 pp)
- >Dragon's claws (Slashing) ( Damage 6 : Multiattack Penetrating 10 Split 3 (4 targets) Affects insubstantial 2 ) · 27 point/s
- >Dragon's spit (Acid) ( Damage 6 : Range 250 Multiattack Split 4 (5 targets) ) · 1 point/s
- >Dragon's Breath (Acid) ( Damage 6 : "Line Area (5 ft wide, 30 ft long), Range 250 Ricochet 4" ) · 1 point/s 31
- >Dragon's touch (Bludgeon) ( Damage 6 : "Affects insubstantial 2, Innate, Split 3 (4 targets),Penetrating 10" ) · 1 point/s
- ">Dragon's Tail (Piercing, Slashing)" ( Damage 6 : "Reach 1, Thrown 3, Penetrating 10, Secondary effect" ) · 1 point/s

- Dragon Tunic (Device) ( Device : "Immunity 12 (Aging, Critical hits, Disease, Fatigue, Poison, Suffocation), Protection 5 (Impervious)" ) · 18 point/s

Advantages ( 12 pp)
Accurate Attack 1, All out attack 1, Assessment 1, Defensive Attack 1, Diehard 1, Evasion 1, Fearless 1, Improved initiative 1, Instant up 1, Power attack 1, Quick draw 1, Sieze initiative 1.

Skills ( 8 pp)
Acrobatics 2 (+ 8 ), Deception 0 (+ 1 ), Athletics 0 (+ 4 ), Expertise 0 (+ 2 ), Insight 4 (+ 6 ), Treatment 0 (+ 2 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 1 ), Technology 0 (+ 2 ), Close Combat1 0 (+ 10 ), Close Combat3 0 (+ 10 ), Vehicles 0 (+ 6 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 6 ), Ranged Combat1 4 (+ 10 ), Ranged Combat2 0 (+ 6 ), Ranged Combat3 0 (+ 6 ), Perception 4 (+ 6 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 1 ), Investigation 0 (+ 2 ), Stealth 2 (+ 8 ),

Initiative: 10
Dragon's Claws + 10 Attack for DC: 25 Range: Melee ( )
Dragon's Spit + 10 Attack for DC: 25 Range: Range 250 ( )
Dragon's Breath + Line Attack for DC: 25 Range: Area 5x30 ( )
Dragon's Tail + 10 Attack for DC: 25 Range: Reach 5 melee ( )
Dragon's Touch + 10 Attack for DC: 25 Range: Melee ( )
Throw + 6 Attack for DC: 25 Range: thrown 20 ft ( )
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I'm trying to put together an artificer/gunslinger type, but my tabletop game is tonight and I've got to work tomorrow so I won't have anything extensive written up before tomorrow evening (US/Pacific). Would be extreme normal human dex//agility, good int & awareness, rogue-type skills, attacks with firearms and magic bullets.
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