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D&D 5E (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)

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@Prickly Pear Sesto's new crown is pretty cool - it's:

"The Crown of Bestial Grandeur"

Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

This nondescript crown is made from the bones, horns, and ivory of various animals. While wearing the crown, a creature attuned to the crown can activate it as a bonus action, unleashing their Bestial Grandeur form, in which they appear as a large, powerful and beautiful yet beast-like version of themselves for 4 hours. While in this form the creature gains the following benefits:

  • the creature is under the effect of the enlarge portion of the enlarge/reduce spell
  • the creature has advantage on charisma checks made to influence others
  • the creature has a unique beast-like quality (defined when first attuned, and always remains the same for that creature when they use the crown).
Roll 1d6
1) Eagle (the creature grows feathers, wings, and golden eyes, gaining a fly speed of 30 feet and advantage on wisdom (perception) checks
2) Bear (the creature grows fur and claws, gaining a 1d6 slashing natural weapon and can reduce all damage by their constitution modifier (min 1)
3) Stag (the creature grows horns and hooves, gaining +10 feet to their movement speed, and can jump twice the normal distance.
4) Shark (the creature grows teeth and webbed hands, gaining a 40-foot swim speed and a natural bite attack that deals 1d8 piercing damage)
5) Bull (the creature grows horns and hooves, gaining a natural gore attack that deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage and can be made as a bonus action after any dash action. In addition, when the creature uses the dash action, they do not provoke opportunity attacks.)
6) Serpent (the creature grows scales and their lower half becomes serpentine. All their melee attacks deal an extra 1d4 poison damage.)

* * *

Roll for Sesto, or if you have a favorite, feel free to try to convince me. Arrufel was a mangy tabaxi with the "Stag" form.


I won't bother festooning magic items on the missing players, but I'll come up with something for Mord, too. Also, you can just consider yourselves fabulously wealthy. To this day, I feel like one of the biggest failures of 5e (mostly I like it), is its terrible lack of anything to buy with your money. It makes me disinterested in even bothering giving out treasure.

I'm weirdly starting to get excited about continuing this adventure, so it may not be long before I open it up to inviting new players... we will see. I think I'll try to get Fitz's Folly back on track first.

Prickly Pear

LOL. You just need to keep yourself busy, right? Just wait until the rest of your games flow nicely and you have plenty of time to dedicate for the continuation of this adventure.

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