TUW: The Steel Trade [IC]

Sylvar B.

When he isn't building the perch or gather limbs or making lashings to tie it all together Saemund is spending time with Feroz in order to further solidify their bond. Bolo, you may have all the feathers that fall off of him...and his droppings too if that will make you happy... Saemund lets out a loud guffaw at the thought, and gives Bolo a good natured slap on the shoulder...it startles Feroz...but Feroz just looks at him and thinks...foolish human scaring off all the food.

Feroz sees Turtle approach in a friendly way and doesn't know what to think at first...I cannot eat this creature because he is too large, and he doesn't appear to be a threat, and the other humans appear to trust him, even like him.... Ordinarily I wouldn't associate with four legged creatures who have never tasted the sky...but I suppose I should try to make friends.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Day 118: Evening Camp, Part 3

Sannit will assist in searching for metals and minerals. As they travel he will take note of what kind of terrain the Seekers find what material in, trying to determine how to find good locations rather than random searches.
OOC: Sense Mineral:
Range: 14 Strides
Effectiveness: 54%
Time: 1 / (54 + 72) = 11 minutes

Sannit also chooses a different direction from Sheldon and Merin. He is unable to locate any usable metal but does find a single yellow stone. There is enough variation in geography that Sannit sees nothing notable in it.

OOC: New Collection: 1 Yellow Stone

Kwargrow said:
Bolo will search for useful plants and herbs, also noting what terrain produces what to be able to find it better in the future.
OOC: Sense Plant:
  • Adhesion + Will
  • Essence + Adhesion +
  • Mind + Knowledge + Will +
  • Collegiate
Time = 1 day * rarity / (Effectiveness + d100)

This is used to determine if an edible or medicinal plant exists within the effective range. Due to the inherent ability of the plant to augment healing or provide nourishment, a sample need not be possessed nor previously encountered in order to locate in this manner. The complexity of the plant detectable depends upon the skill of the Diviner. A sample of a desired herb or food can be used to augment this ability to locate plants beyond the normal complexity.

Range: 18 strides
Time: 1 / (58 + 50) = 13 minutes

After just over 13 minutes time, Bolo is disappointed but certain that no plants in the immediate area are useful medicinally or edible.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Days 119 - 122: Following the Path

GM: Sannit discusses his idea concerning geography and metals with the rest of the group as they travel. IT makes sense to everyone that a pattern should exist. In like mode but different venue, it is decided that the mountains must be home to various large birds.

The party and train of pack animals is scouted by another bird the next day. This one appears to be twice as large as Feroz, though of a different coloration. It veers on for easier prey. The second day moving forward, a pod of big horn sheep is encountered. They are watched for a short time and allowed to leave peaceably, since their hides are not needed, neither is their meat.

Saemund was able to construct and fashion his perch to one of the older burros. Myth keeps eye balling the bird as they travel thinking that it is bound to taste like chicken and wonders why Saemund does not eat the bird. The third day, nothing notable is encountered.

Each evening Merin, Sheldon, and Sannit search for minerals. Indigo and Bolo search for herbs.

OOC: New Collections:
1 Green Stone
1 Burgundy Stone
1 Bloodstone
1 Iron Rock (8 Ingots)
2 Iron Ingots
1 Chromium Ingot
2 Zinc Ingots
1 Tin Ingot
2 Measures Soothe Leaf
2 Measures Mend Leaf
1 Measure Restore Leaf

GM: Shortly after beginning to journey the fourth day, the party notices what appears to be a natural cave higher up in the cliffs to the east. It also appears that with a little winding around some of the straighter rises, the cave could be reached even with the pack animals in tow.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Tor says, "If the cave is natural, it is probably the home of some sort of animal. Do we want to take the time to scout it out? Or should we continue? I am inclined to scout it, because I believe that it is safer to know what's in there, than it is not to know."

Merin says, "It shouldn't take us very long. Why don't we start by getting into detection range, and using Way to sense whatever creatures might be in there. If we don't sense anything, we can poke our heads in really quickly, and then move on, if there is nothing of note."


Vadin says,
"I think we should check out the cave. It looks like we can all fit in this one. Perhaps we can find more animals that would be of use."
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San-Bolo agree to investigate the cave. Bolo says, "If the cave is home to some animal, Turtle can tell us once we get there."


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Day 122: Investigating the Cave

GM: The party winds back and forth, finding a decent enough path up to the mouth of the cave. The area in front of the opening is flattened out a bit, and it appears as if worked debris has been dumped outside. Though the party has never encountered such, it is obvious what the debris indicates: Mining has been conducted inside this cave.

The party is currently about 20 paces from the opening, approaching from a northernly direction. The sun is rising from behind the cave, casting the opening and porch area into shadow.

It will take about a week of in game time before Feroz can be permanently freed of the rickshaw. 3 full days have passed since his capture. He can still be released and given direct commands by Saemund. The tasks cannot exceed 1 hour of game time. Use the bird as much as you can. It is a good addition to the party.
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Sannit strokes his beard as he considers the cave opening. "Now is not the time to get too ahead of ourselves. We should search for lifeforms. If there are none we can look into the cave."


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Day 122: Scanning the Area

Kwargrow said:
Sannit strokes his beard as he considers the cave opening. "Now is not the time to get too ahead of ourselves. We should search for lifeforms. If there are none we can look into the cave."
Sheldon nods toward Sannit.
"I will do it. I have the greatest range. Give me a minute."

Vadin begins to slowly search around the area. He asks wonderingly, "can we use the way to sense the presence of living creatures?"
Sheldon -
"I need to take a few steps forward. Come with me. I will show you."

OOC: Perceive People:
  • Adhesion + Invocation
  • Persona + Psyche
  • Essence + Adhesion + Invocation
  • Mind + Knowledge + Persona + Wisdom + Psyche
  • Collegiate + Divination
  • Inversion
At least 1 skill rank in Divination is needed to perform this task. This active task is used to detect the presence of people within the effective range. The specific race or tribe of people may be in mind and can be as specific as adolescent male Maldrog or as general as any people. No specificity is necessary, unless in an urban setting where trying to sense all people would generally create overload. This task will not detect animals, even sentient animals like coatls or dragons.

Sheldon: 68 + 63 = 131
Inversion: 48 + 80 = 128

Sheldon links with Vadin so that he, too, can sense what Sheldon is sensing.

Sheldon conveys his information back to the others without trying to be particularly quiet.
"I am sensing 6 people. They are hidden from our view along that ledge that runs parallel to that cave entrance. Since they are hiding, it is obvious that they saw our approach and took defensive measures.."

GM: The narrow ledge on the party's side of the cliff has good cover and appears to be a rather defendable position. The ground in front of the ledge slopes away in a parallel direction. Without climbing straight up the cliff face, the only way to access it is to approach from the mouth of the cave
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