Pathfinder 2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1


As the elixir worked its way into her system, Hiromi's head began to clear. "My thanks! I thought I was a gonner! Is the creature still about?"

OOC: Seek Seek Seek (or point out if she spots it)

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Jericho creates an elixir on the fly and gives it to Hiromi.
Corwin tries to find the invisible demon and strikes wildly when it might be, missing.
Elkran looks around for the creature but cannot spot it. He casts shield and maintains the dancing lights.
Urik spots the demon near Elkran and swings twice at the demon, missing.
Hiromi drinks the elixir and feels much better afterward. Then she too spots what might be the demon near Elkran and points it out to everyone.
The demon appears in front of Elkran and Urik and attacks Urik with its claws, missing. It then casts a spell. (Jericho, make a Will saving throw).

Party is up.
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First Post
Jericho ignored whatever the demon had tried against him and moved behind Corwin... I can't help in combat much but just in case the little bugger tries to get away...

OOC: Will save: 1D20+2 = [19]+2 = 21, hey thats the best roll for me this game :D
1. Stride to F14
2-3. Ready. Attack demon with staff if it moves to within reach


"oh der ya are!" Elkran chides, dropping his shielding magic for offensive magic, reaching his splayed hand to touch the creature while invoking negative energy "Gelidae tactum!"

1>Somatic casting Chill touch
[roll1] negative damage
2>Verbal Casting Chill touch
3> Concentration Dancing Lights


OOC: I'm so sorry I had forgotten that I had not declared my actions.

"C'mon you little blighter," she yelled at the daemon, "Show yourself!"

OOC: 1: Draw her weapon again; 2: Stride to H16; 3: Intimidate (Demoralise) [roll0]

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