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PF2E [IC] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Playtest Party#1 Chapter#1

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Soundlessly, a figure appears in the other passageway. The filthy looking hobgoblin's shape melts away to a faceless humanoid form. "How did you get in here?" it demands as its three pronged tongue dances in the air for a moment. With a greatsword and claw, it attacks Urik. As that happens a giant rat leaps past Drakus and attack Elkran.
GM: Drakus 1> Revert form 2> Sword Attack Urik 3> Claw attack
Sword: 1D20+12 = [18]+12 = 30 Crit by 10 over AC
1D8+5 = [3]+5 = 8
16 damage
claw: 1D20+7 = [14]+7 = 21
1D4+5 = [2]+5 = 7

I assume Urik is down. We're still using the original dying rules. So DC for recovery saves is 16 as near as I can guess. Ouch. Screw that. We'll use the updated rules. You have Dying 1 so recovery save is DC 11 and it is a flat check, not a fort save.

Rat 1> stride 2> attack 3> attack
2 bites: 1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20
1D4 = [2] = 2
1D20+2 = [15]+2 = 17
1D4 = [1] = 1

Elkran takes 3 hp total and require 2 Fort saves, DC 13.

Initiative order
Drakus Stealth: 1D20+9 = [15]+9 = 24
Urik 21
Corwin 17
Hiromi 13
Elkran 8
Jericho 3

Party is up. Good Luck.
ashen ossuary lair.png
Drakus is the red D. The rat is the beige circle.
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Corwin steps up and delivers a sharp blow to the faceless creature. His second strike the creature manages to dodge.

Current Initiative:

Initiative order
Drakus Stealth: 1D20+9 = [15]+9 = 24
Corwin 17
Hiromi 13
Elkran 8
Jericho 3
Urik 21 - moved because dying.

Hiromi was scared. She was poisoned, and now this... demon was here. She thought about running, but she didn't want to abandon her companions. With great resolve, she dropper her lockpicks, took her bow in hand, and fired two arrows as quickly as she could.

OOC: 1: Draw Bow; 2: Strike! [roll0] for [roll1]p; 3: Strike! [roll2] for [roll3]p


Elkran steps in front of the rat, and, raising his hands towards the enemies, he splays his fingers out while touching the thumbs together. 'Boin!' Gouts of flames rush forth from his outstretched fingers, as he carefully manages the the edge of his cone of fire so as not to include Corwin.
1>Step to M2
2>Somatic casting
3>Verbal casting
[roll0]fire damage on rat and Dwakkus. DC15 Reflex. success for half, crit success for none, critical fail for double damage


Urik feels strangely detached from himself after the sword of Drakus rends his flesh. He can see he is falling, and he hears the thud as he hits the ground, but then everything goes black, until...

The half-orc opens his eyes and looks around. He is in a vast sea of grass that is gently swaying in the breeze. Am I dead? he thinks. 'Not yet,' comes a voice from behind him. The half-orc turns around. In the midst of the grass is a single large boulder. And atop the boulder sits a dark skinned man, his legs crossed, his palms pressed together, and his eyes closed. Urik falls to his knees in awe.

'Kneeling accomplishes nothing,' says the man. His eyes not opened. 'I have come to offer you a choice: Stay here and you may have a place among my students; or return to your mortal shell and your doomed allies and the next time you see this place you may be trapped in this boundless ocean - forever.'

Urik nearly jumps out of his skin. Learn by the side of the Master of Masters himself! But... but he hesitates. 'I swore an oath that I would see the Dreamer's Star returned to its owner. And if I still draw breath I cannot abandon those who took up this quest with me.' He cannot say more as his breath catches in his throat.

'I see,' says the man. 'A bauble named for a flighty deity and a temporary alliance is sufficient for you to decline my direct guidance towards your enlightenment.'

There is an uncomfortable pause, and Urik feels a distinct sense of dread.

'Without commitment, nothing I would teach you could bring you any closer to Nirvana. You have chosen well.' And then Urik's vision goes black again.

Reflexively the half-orc's fingers clutch something heavy and wooden in his hand, the haft of his morningstar, and his eyes open. Corwin stands over him, engaging with the villainous Drakus. Through ragged breath he says a short prayer and then cries out urgently, "Hiromi, grab the Star and get ready to run!"

And then Urik unleashes a mighty roar as he twists around to give his last swinging at the legs of his foe!

OOC: I use my Hero Point and my roll to regain consciousness.

1. Verbal Casting - Shield.
2. STRIKE! _: 1D20+2 = [19]+2 = 21
1D6+3 = [2]+3 = 5


GM: I wish you had cleared that with me before posting it. The Esoteric Way is involved with Pharasma, just like this lost temple you are in. She would not have spoken to Urik that way. She would instill in Urik the urge to clean, restore, and reopen the temple. She would be more likely chastise him for not recognizing the significance of the temple around him.

I gleen this from the pathfinder wiki where the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye is found in Categories: Articles containing spoilers; Canon conflicts; Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye; Ustalav; Organizations: Pharasma; Organizations: Lawful neutral; Organizations: Whispering Way

You manage to strike successfully from prone. Drakus has taken 20 hp so far.



First Post
Jericho was worried something like this would happen... they were probably dead but he could not face himself on the morn if he ran now. Taking a deep breath he flung the vial the had found in the other room at the monstrosities face!

OOC: Jericho had one of the vials of Alchemist fire in his hand so
1.) [roll0], if it hits [roll1] with 1 points of persistent fire damage each round. Also it deals slash of 1 fire damage.
2.) Draw second vial of Alchemist fire
Waiting as the to attack is just to great for me to even have a chance this round

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