Ohio Gameday (January 18th) Game Sign Up

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Crothian said:
It's the holliuday season so things are going to move slowly. Hopefully they will pick up after the New Year.

I know, we're probably on the verge of suspending gaming until January, but it doesn't hurt to BUMP every so often.:cool:


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I agree, plus at some point I have a majot annoucement about this. Well, maybe not totally major, but I think it's pretty darn cool!! :D


If you're in columbus, sign up, play! It will be some fun for a dreary January saturday, you'll meet new gaming people, you even have a chance to win a Lamborghine!

(A 0% chance is still a chance, right?)


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Well, you might not have a chance to win the car, but you might have a chance to win other cool prices. Stay tuned for full details!! :D

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