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Ohio Gameday (January 18th) Game Sign Up


Crothian said:
Well, I got a a special box in the mail today. Later Friday I should have specific details!!

Does it self-destruct in five seconds? Is it ticking? Can you hear something moving around inside? Come on man...give us some details!!

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Clear Dragon

First Post
Does it have airholes? It better. If I get another dead hamster because someone forgot to poke airholes in the box I will be perturbed ever so slightly.:D


First Post
Not ticking, no airholes (and none needed :D), And nothing moving around either.

There are going to be prizes to give away. So, how do we determine who gets them? Should have some games or contests set up? Perhaps some odd d20 trivia? Any suggestions?

I figure everyone who runs a game will be given something juast as thanks for putting the time into preparing and running.


First Post
I think something more along the lines of role playing related would be a little more appripriate. However, feel free to challenge people for their own prizes. :D


First Post

I'd love to have prizes to give away. Let the DM decide based on the game.

Do I go with:
Prize for most damage dealt?
Prize for best roleplaying?


Mr Fidgit

First Post
well, there will be a paranoia game. i've heard that at conventions, prizes are awarded for things like: most clones killed, best death and so forth :D

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