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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. III [OOC] (Completed)


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My guess would be Jarrith and Ashlyn up front, Khensu and Ladreth as rear guards, and casters in the middle- maybe Marot first, with his enhanced sight, then Avron and Ravika, then Tessa (to provide divine caster support for the rear guard.

Two abreast that would be:

Does that work for everybody?

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Ashlyn's happy with that marching order. Her raven will also be alert as an extra pair of eyes whilst sitting on Ashlyn's shoulder.

Regarding the other stairwell ... since it is close to the dining hall, I would expect it to lead down to a kitchen. If we get lucky it might continue downwards, but it's anyones guess what that might lead to. As stonegod said, we have no idea if the other stairwell leads to the crypts, so I'd reccomend that we stick together as we explore (at least for now).

I do like the Hide from undead idea, but I don't think now is the time to use it. It also does leave 3 of us vulnerable to attack, and if I was a vampire lord, then that would be an ideal time to strike the smaller group.


I'm good with that marching order as well.

If we want to keep the Hide From Undead in reserve, I'm all right with that too.


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Completely OOC, but if Marot was not paralyzed, he could whisk both himself, Avron, and Ashlyn back to the top of the stair well with Flee the Scene. But it appears that he'll probably be dead in the next round, so it may be moot.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
I edited the round as I made the mistake of swapping the attacks: Ashlyn was attacked by the gargoyle; Marot and Avron attacked by the golem. This actually doesn't make things better...

I also added info from Listen/Knowledge checks that are relevant.

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