Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil


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Endur said:
"I can provide you with a scroll that will create a Wall of Stone to help you reseal the crypts below the Moathouse.

"Are you going to pursue these evil cultists to Nulb and the Temple of Elemental Evil?"
"The obelisk itself could be sealed quite easily with the spell, though I don't really think it's a very long-term solution to the problem. We broke through one wall ourselves when we escaped from the moathouse, so I doubt it's going to hold any demons or somebody who really wants to get in or out. But the sheer size of the Obelisk makes it pretty hard to destroy it.

As for continuation, I guess we could make a - hopefully - short trip back to the moathouse to seal it again and perhaps to try to dispose of the dragon that's guarding it. One of the cultists we had taken as a prisoner escaped during a combat back towards it, but I hope he hasn't had time to do anything dangerous like opening the portal. But I'm not the one to decide whether the group goes anywhere or not, and I have absolutely no intention on going anywhere alone, so we'll need to discuss it later, once everybody is again back in shape."

OOC: Do we actually have any indication that there's some activity in the temple itself? Well, I mean, of course there is, but you know. My memory is bad when I have to relate to nigh-incomprehensible ramblings of insane cultists and such...

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Promising to show up as soon as possible, Lenya leaves the inn and looks for her companions. She'll need some of their finds to pay for any healing (trying the druids first and then the two priests of Pelor/Ehlonna, but not the St. Cuthbert church). She will also tell them what she saw (Vesta being asleep and the magic on Maridosen) and hopefully get filled in about their progress.


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Lylamwyn promises Lord Burne to return to talk about sealing the crypts and investigating more later, when the group has recovered and shared their plunder.

He leaves for Spugnoir's home to return his stuff, and then tries to gather the rest of the group with him to take the prisoner to Elmo.


Toriah grumbles at the mention of bed rest, but he feels drained enough not to argue forcefully. He settles in with the intent of getting up as soon as he feels the slightest bit better.

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