Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil


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Character Thread (PCs and major NPCs)

OOC Thread

Dalamar: Kerwyn, Dwarven Spellthief (was Suel Human)
Isida Kep'Tukari: Craven Proudheart, Human Paladin of St. Cuthbert
Manzanita: Torn (Rowena Eldred), Human Cleric
Paxus Asclepius: Belaver Thornfoot, Halfling Druid
Pyrex: Raner Bluestone, Dwarven Fighter
Seonaid: Toriah, Goblin Rogue (was Half-elven)
Thanee: Lenya, Rhennee Warlock
Xael: Lylamwyn Aleandlues, Dwarven Wizard (was Gray Elf)
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The Welcome Wench in Hommlet

Dinner time at the Welcome Wench in Hommlet

The group of friends is sitting at the table. The meal is completed, but drinking is not finished yet.

One of your group managed to cajole the leader of the local militia, Elmo, to come over and talk about his days as a valiant adventurer. His favorite weapon, a battle axe given to him by his brother, leaning up against his chair. His mug in his hand. The old, experienced, and still muscular man, tells tales of his youth…

“So there I was, young and scared, following my older brother into the heart of the enemy fortress. We wore elven cloaks and our quietest pairs of boots as we snuck past Trolls and Demons. On the throne in the heart of the temple of elemental evil, sat the Old One himself. He had left Dorakaa and come to our fair lands.

“But the story of how my brother and I chased the Old One back to Dorakaa is a story for another day. You were asking me about adventure…

“Ahhh, if I was your age, I would go to the City of Hawks. It is said that you can’t walk down the street without encountering an adventure in the city of Greyhawk.

“Of course, if you have family responsibilities that prevent you from traveling, you might have to settle for more mundane adventures…

“The old Waterside Hostel in Nulb is one of the few buildings still standing in that abandoned hamlet. Nobody lives in Nulb anymore, but people claim that the Hostel is haunted. Are you interested in Ghost stories?

“Closer than Nulb is the ruined moathouse. Some say there is treasure buried there. I’ve gone searching through the moathouse dozens of time. All I’ve ever found is ghoulish and ghastly undead. And the gnawed on bones of treasure seekers.

“Probably your best bet for adventure is the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil itself. Twenty or thirty goblinoids have taken up residence there. Can you believe it? A fat, bowlegged hobgoblin is sitting on a throne that a God of Evil once sat upon. Most of the temple has fallen apart, but the throne is as solid and as ugly as ever.”
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The Ballad of Emridy Meadows

Redithor Halfmoon sings "The Ballad of Emridy Meadows" in the Welcome Wench and plays a stringed instrument similar to a guitar. The half-elf's tone is off-key, but his words are clear. Talking continues as he begins to sing, but by the end of the song all are silent in the tavern.

Harken now to my words of sadness
learn about the downfall of madness
How the sacrifice of one was a boon
for the land of the crowns and the crescent moon
In the days of Emridy meadows

An evil and fearsome power arose
In a house of worship, now avoided by most
It corrupted poor souls, deceiving them all
Intending to bring Furyondy to fall
In the days of Emridy Meadows

Furyondy, pearl of the heartland realms
shining jewel of the north
changed your face forevermore
when your prince was to sally forth

Lured to the new god by promise and lies
Many sold their faith, never knowing the price
Held fast in the grasp of insanity
they started a war that should not be
On the fields of Emridy Meadows

While battle raged the darkness grew
Like a chill of winter the northern winds blew,
And the souls of the brave and the hearts of the fair
Soon were filled with doom and despair
On the fields of Emridy Meadows


Down came the prince with the valiant heart
His sword split the night cutting deep through the dark
He fought like a titan, an angel of light
And single-handedly turned the tide
That night at Emridy Meadows

Then the morning mists faded and the light of the sun
heralded a peaceful time to come
Still the victory was bitter-sweet
Cause the prince disappeared soon after his deed
That night at Emridy Meadows


Oh, Thrommel my lord, what happened that day
Did you abandon us or drown in the fray
Now the nights are long and the days are cold
And people still missing their prince of old
Since the days of Emridy Meadows

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The PCs who have lived in Hommlet for several years have heard about Thrommel before, a slain hero who saved the nearby area from the forces of evil.

Lylamwyn Aleandlues, in his capacity as a scribe working for Lord Burne and Lord Rufus, has heard a little more about the story. Visiting nobles frequently inquire as to whether Thrommel's body or sword have ever been found. The reply is always negative. Thrommel's sword was reputed to have been a gift from the Gods. Thrommel was Crown Prince of Furyondy at the time of his disappearance and destined to become King of both Furyondy and Veluna. Nobody knows what happened to Thrommel or his sword, although it is rumored that the Scarlet Brotherhood made him disappear to prevent the unification of Furyondy and Veluna.

The moment of silence ends as Old Ostler Gundigoot speaks up from his easy chair by the fireplace."I would have been proud to call him King." After those words, the tavern returns to its normal hustle and bustle.
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“Another round of ale, gentlemen? You still look thirsty, and I know, I am,” Lenya says with a big smile, once the half-elf had finished his song. “And that's the only adventure to get here tonight, apart from tale and song.”

Isida Kep'Tukari

*Craven wiped the sweat from his face as he put the finished longsword in its sheath. It had taken a good week's worth of solid work, but it was one more weapon for the temple's armory. He finished cleaning up the forge, banking the fires, and giving the floor a quick sweep; the acolytes would finish up later. Shrugging aching shoulders, he went to wash himself before his shift at the Welcome Wench. He shivered as he poured the bucket of cold water over his head and scrubbed himself clean of the accumulated sweat and soot of the forge. Drying quickly, he dressed himself and put on his light leather armor before taking a truncheon and dagger and leaving for the evening. It was rare that he even had to pull them out, as a matter of fact, he had never taken out an edged weapon in the tavern, and only had to use the truncheon once on a very rough and extremely drunk dwarf.*

*Walking across town, he shook his head a few times to get the rest of the water out of his hair, combing it with his fingers, trying to get it just right. A good appearance gave the impression of confidence, something he was always careful to project.*

"Craven! Remember Marly wanted some honeycakes from the inn tonight!" his mother called out to him as he passed the potter's. Smiling he waved his ascent, and shook his head. As if he would forget...

*Walking into the Welcome Wench, he saw a lively crowd, and smiled a bit. A good crowd always meant a good night for the innkeeper, and an interesting night for him. Sometimes the lively crowds were the least trouble, being too focused on merriment to think about violence. The more sullen crowds could be the worst. Craven went and took his usual post at the end of the bar, with a good view of the room. He was a tall man, well-built, with dark blonde hair, and well-fitting clothes. However, despite his good looks, he had long ago discouraged the wenches from flirting with him. The innkeeper didn't like it... and Craven couldn't think of the girls here in that way. He had grown up with too many of them. They were like sisters to him.*


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Somewhere else ... A desk covered in scrolls. Three scrolls in particular are open upon the desk.

First Scroll:

Most Trusted Lieutenant and Advisor Naquent,

Please spend a month conversing with the Oracle, extraplanar forces, and utilizing the Crystal Ball to analyze the failures of other evil Overlords and what might go wrong with my cunning plan.


Second Scroll:

To My All Powerful Superior and Master of The Temple,

I pursued your directive and accomplished it to a most impressive degree.

Here are the list of recommendations (note some of the recommendations came in extra-planar terminology I am unfamiliar with, but I am sure your most Magnificentness will fully comprehend the meaning of these terms).


For myself, I promise to fully implement all of these recommendations whenever I am called upon to carry out your orders or otherwise further the plans of evil.

your obedient servant,


Third Scroll


These recommendations are rediculous. Indeed, I find it more appropriate to do the opposite of these recommendations in nearly every case.

I am certainly not giving up my goatee.

Report to the torture chamber. Your punishment shall be severe.



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Raner Bluestone

Thanee said:
“Another round of ale, gentlemen? You still look thirsty, and I know, I am,”

"Another round'd suit me just fine." Raner responds as he sets down his empty mug, signalling one of the serving girls for a couple of fresh mugs.

Then, turning back towards Elmo "I've been tales of the Temple e'er since I came to Hommlet; some a mite on the fanciful side, others more mundane. What's yer take on what really happened there?"

OOC: Quite a few new additions to that list since the last time I saw it. Still funny though :)

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