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Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil


First Post
Tales of the Temple

Elmo gulps a drink.

"Yes, I know a bit about the Temple. And I've heard more. Redithoor has memorized all of the tales that are commonly told.

"But none of the tales really capture the essence of the place. Magic at its worst. Demons from the Abyss. Evil as a force that can twist and pervert.

"There was gold there, too. Wealth taken from the gullible and countless victims."

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Paxus Asclepius

First Post
"Then why talk of the gold? If it was lost, it was lost for a reason, and those who seek to benefit from the foolishness of others will swiftly find that they share that foolishness."


First Post

“There are a few folks out there who kill for less than gold,” Lenya remarks, while putting the freshly filled mugs she has fetched from the bar on the table. “And the prospect of finding these treasures will lure not only a few there.”

“I hope the evil that once reigned there is vanquished once and for all. The stories about this place alone make me shiver.”


First Post
As Craven walks into the Inn, he is greeted warmly by the buxom, red-headed, and unmarried manager of the Inn, Vesta. Maridosen, a surly and world weary dark-haired woman from Verbobonc, is tending the bar.

Several of Craven's friends are sitting at a table chatting with Elmo (several chairs at the table are empty as if they were expecting Craven and others to show up).

Lenya is waitressing, but spending most of her time visiting the friends at the table.

The owner of the inn is sitting in a chair near the fireplace.

Redithoor is packing up his musical instrument, as if he just finished playing.

The Oeridian merchant Chat, from the Yeomanry, is engaged in a conversation with the gnome Nierethi Poscurian from the Kron hills.

Craven spots his "mentor" assigned by the Church of St. Cuthbert, the warrior Xaod, in a corner getting drunk with Tragge Liftsilver, one of Raner's co-workers at the stonemasonry.


First Post
Ostler Gundigoot, owner of the inn, rises from his chair by the fireplace and goes upstairs. Vesta helps him up the stairs.

After they go up the stairs, Redithidoor plays another song.

A wizard went a’courting
in fair Greyhawk town.
While he was wooing his fair maid
dad caught him with his britches down!

Our wizard went a’courting
in the cruel realm of Ahlissa.
While diddling with his fair maid
he learned she was her sister!

Our wizard went a’courting
in the spooky town of Nulb.
When he lifted the veil of his fair maid
he found naught but a skull!

Our wizard went a’courting
Hommlet’s own sweet Vesta.
And by the look ol’ Ostler’s giving
moving on would be best-ah!

Our wizard went a’courting
in the woods of auld Celene.
Finding out you elf maid’s a man
is a shock that’s pretty mean!

Our wizard went a’courting
in the lands of Rary, ex-friend of Melf.
Imagine his surprise when he found
Rary dressed just like that elf!

Our wizard went a’courting
in the fell lands of Iuz.
Despite his soulful searching
he could only find a succubus!

Our wizard went a’courting
in the Kingdom of the Pale.
All the girls he found were clerics
so he had to turn to ale!


First Post
Elmo replies, "Aye, the evil never stays vanquished. I have to go out on patrol in the Kron hills tonight, hoping to intercept some hobgoblins before they get close enough to raid the outlying farms. I should be back in a couple of days. Good evening all."

Elmo leaves the tavern.

Vesta comes back downstairs and scowls at Redithidoor with a look that says 'that song.', Redithidoor gives a sheepish grin in response.

The drinking and merriment continues.


First Post
A Gray elf in silver robes, the scroll maker Zerosh Nubric, walks into the bar. Spotting Lylamwyn Aleandlues, he walks across the room and greets Lylamwyn, ignoring the others drinking at the table.

"Ahhh, young master Lylamwyn, when I heard that you were going to be meeting with Elmo and your other friends tonight to discuss adventuring ideas, I said to myself that this is an opportunity I should not pass by.

"I have in my possession a scroll of the most potent spell any adventuring wizard lives by. Capable of soothing the savage Cereberus that guards the gates of hell or stopping a horde of rampaging orcs in their tracks. I, of course, refer to the legendary enchantment known by the common appellation Sleep.

"Now, I understand that you have not yet come into your full inheritance nor have you begun your adventuring activities, so you may lack the significant wherewithal to purchase such a powerful magic.

"Never fear, for I have such great faith in your prowess, and such friendship for your father, that I will give you this most potent of scrolls for free."

And with that, the eloquent Gray elf, presents an ornate scroll to Lylamwyn.

"I might also have an adventuring idea that you could look into if you have some free time."


First Post

As the elf does not look like a customer, Lenya stays seated on the table with her friends, but keeps a watchful eye on him, in case he looks in need of a good ale.

“All this talk about adventure... when are we going to start our own?”


First Post
Somewhat surprised by the sudden gift, Lylamwyn manages to respond as he accepts the scroll.

"I sincerely thank you for your gift, master Zerosh, I'm sure it will be a resource of utmost importance to me.

I also thank you for your trust in my abilities, and must admit that you are rather correct in your assumptions about my present monetary situation. I'm all too well aware of the costly investments of wizardy.

But you have awakened my interest, please tell me of this adventuring idea you know."

OOC: Okay, should Lylamwyn know that he knows Lylamwyn's father? :uhoh:

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