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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Kleborn's Turn

Kleborn said:
"...Hey man, I won't be around my computer much today. Can you go ahead and post for Kleborn, and make necessary rolls? Kleborn will just fire another couple of arrows at the nearest Ogre."

Distance to nearest Ogre: (#5): 100 feet. (Short range, no penalty.)
To-Hit numbers with Elven Strongbow: +11/+6
Ogre Base AC: 16; Kneeling (+2 AC): AC: 18 total.
Arrow #1: 14 (Miss)
Arrow #2: 24 (Hit); Damage: 1d8+3 = 10 pts.
Ogre #5 goes down. [-1, Dying]

Kleborn takes the Elven Strongbow, and launches two more arrows from it; he misjudges the first one, and the arrow falls short, thudding into the ground about 10 feet in front of the Ogre; for the second arrow, however, he adjusts his aim upwards, and catches the hapless Ogre in the neck. The Ogre's scream is gargled with blood, as he collapses onto the spiky ground to bleed out.

Current Positions:


VALE: It's your turn! What do you do?
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Aust Thale

Current Positions:

VALE: It's your turn! What do you do?

~ Need to take the spellcaster out of the fight before it enters. ~

Vale places his index finger up against his lips and aims his spell to center on the Ogre spellcaster. He steps forward as he pushes the air in front of him toward the Ogre.
"Jok jordn is etal roth" (You do not make sound).
OOC: Vale casts Silence centered on the Ogre Mage

Vale is concerned, particularly where the Ogre spellcaster came from. Potentially there are more, and if so, they have limited time to end this engagement and disappear.
Their hit and run tactics have delivered withering blows. However, in a stand up fight, they are not on good ground. They need to use the weather and their quickness to their advantage, and mutilate (be-head) the bodies lest their tactics give them away. To engage this close to the road up out of the canyon limits the number of times they can do this. They need to disrupt the base as soon as they can, preferably before the sun goes down. He wishes Respen was present with his rope trick. They could conceivably do this for days.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Posted From Phone (PFP)

Ogre Magi save vs. Silence, DC 16: (7) = Failed.

Vale mutters a short prayer, and the Ogre falls silent, much to his consternation!

THALLOK: It’s Your Turn! What do you do?


Thallok glares at the silenced Ogre and says "That Ogre is more enjoyable now that he is silenced, but I think dead would be much better. How about it bow?" He takes aim at the Ogre and fires two arrows.

OOC: first shot =29
second shot= 21

damage first shot = 5
damage second shot = 6

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Shaking Off The Snow

GM: NOTE: I forgot to roll SR for the Ogre Magi when Vale cast his spell. So I will roll it now, and see if he can "shake off" the effects.

Vale's Caster Level Check: 1d20+8; Target DC = 23: (13) Fail.
The Ogre Magi resists Vale's spell.

The Ogre Magi shakes his head, as if shaking off snow on a crisp winter's day; he them laughs audibly, as Vale's spell fades to nothingness.

It is at this point that Thallok fires his two shots.

Thallok, your first arrow thuds directly into the Ogre Magi's chest, piercing his elegant-looking chainmail shirt!

Ogre Magi has taken 21 pts. damage so far.

The Ogre Magi roars in pain! He turns an angry eye toward Thallok, and shouts in COMMON, "You traitorous PIG!"

As he says this, the Ogre Magi spots Thallok's second arrow in-flight, and barely manages to dodge it.

His AC is at least 22, because your 21 missed.

Taking a queue from the Magi, the two Orcs yell something in Orcish, as they draw their bows and fire!

[sblock=If you speak Orcish]"Death to the traitorous pig! Die, son of Marek!"[/sblock]

Distance to Thallok: 125 ft.
Shortbow Range Increment: 60 ft.; they are on the third increment (121-180 ft.) so penalty is -4 to hit.
Orc #1: (3) Miss
Orc #2: (12) Miss

Thallok laughs as both arrows fall short, landing about 10 feet or so in front of him.

Current Positions:


LATHIR: It's Your Turn! What Do You Do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir / vulture circles the fray below as he glides on spread wings, easily keeping watch on events that transpire. Seeing the appearance of an Ogre Magi concerns him. He notices Thallok's arrows flying toward the new foe, noticing that one hit home. As he circles back aligning at an angle, he casts Wall of Fire, despite being in an animal form.

OOC: The wall can be up to 180' wide, but Lathir wishes to contain it within the road base. The angle is from Ogre 1 to Ogre M, with the facing to the right away from the party. The direct line of fire should be able to effect Ogres 1, 4, and M.

Direct Line: WoF: 2d6+9 17
10' Right: WoFb: 2d4 4

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Bringing Down The Wall!

As Lathir Vulture flies overhead, a wall of fire erupts into being, manifesting amidst the wounded patrol!

Lathir cannot fail to break through SR 5 (Fiendish Orcs)
However, aside from Spell Resistance, the Orcs also have Fire Resistance:
Orc #1: 4 pts. Damage - Fire Resistance (5) = No Damage Taken
Orc #2: 4 pts. Damage - Fire Resistance (5) = No Damage Taken
Lathir's Caster Level Check: (1d20+10) = 30 (Success vs. Ogre Magi w/ SR 23)

Ogre #1: Takes 17 pts. of Fire Damage. [Badly wounded, still standing.]
Ogre #2: Takes 4 pts. of Fire Damage. [-2, Dying.]
Ogre #4: Takes 17 pts. of Fire Damage. [-6, Dying.]
Ogre #M: Takes 17 pts. of Fire Damage. [Total Damage So Far: 38 pts.]

Orange Squares inflict 2d4 damage.
Blue Squares inflict 1d4 damage.
Ogres 1, 4, and M got hit by the wall's manifestation.
Ogre #2 got hit by the wall's heat wave.

The Orcs laugh at the licking flames, but their bigger cousins are not so lucky; tow of the Ogres scream in agony as the flames envelop them, causing them to collapse into an oblivion from which they will not awaken. The Ogre Leader, who has just used a potion to heal himself, is lucky to survive, although he is still badly burned by the flames.

The Ogre Magi writhes in pain as the flames catch his robes, but he is made of stronger stuff, and is not ready to give up this fight.

Current Positions:


Sylvar: It's Your Turn! What do you do?
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Sylvar B.

Sylvar will move up as close to the spikes as possible without entering them and fire off two shots from his bow. Sylvar targets the Ogre Mage. If he strikes and kills OM he will target the Ogre 3, if not both shots will target OM. Under his breath Sylvar says "Uler, I will be your champion and emissary, bless my arrow and my bow once again that I may vanquish this evil mage from the land."

OOC: Sylvar 1st attack roll is a 25, critical hit confirmed with a 23, Damage roll =15hp
Second attack roll is a 13, probable miss, damage roll was a 1...lol...so it wouldn't have mattered anyway

Your first arrow thuds into the Ogre Magi's thigh, causing him to wince, more with anger than with pain.
Your second attack is indeed a miss; it sails about 5 feet above the Ogre Magi's head.
The Ogre Magi has taken a total of 53 points of damage so far; he is bleeding, suffering, and angry. But he is far from finished.

Standard Action: The Ogre Magi assumes Gaseous Form.

Movement Action: The cloud of gas moves 15 feet straight up, and then another 25 feet West, toward the party.

Initiative Order For Round 5:

Dewydd: 25
Tam-Tam: 23a
Kleborn: 23b
Vale: 23c
Thallok: 20a
Orcs: 20b
Lathir: 17
Sylvar: 12
Ogre "M": 8
Ogres: 2
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Element of Surprise Has Been Lost!

The Ogre Leader says something in the Giant tongue, and then both he and the remaining Ogre warrior leap toward the ravine wall!

[sblock=If You Speak Giant]"We have to warn the fortress! Jump for the wall and try to climb up! One of us has to make it! We're dead if we stay here!"[/sblock]

Jumping (Long Jump) distance of 15 feet.
Base DC: 15; No running start = DC x 2 (30);
Reach Bonus: +5, Height Bonus (+1 per foot above 6') +4 = Total DC 21
Jump Skill: Ogre #1: 1d20+8; Ogre #1 needs a 13 or better to make the jump.
Jump Skill: Ogre #3: 1d20+5; Ogre #3 needs a 16 or better to make the jump.
Ogre #1: (23) = Success; Ogre lands on cliff face, and finishes his movement (10 feet upwards.)
Ogre #3: (11) = Failed. Damage taken: 11 pts. [-2, Dying.]

Climb Check (Ogre #1): 1d20+8: (24) = Success. 10 foot distance has been covered. 20 feet remain until he reaches the top of the ravine wall.

The Ogre Leader manages to make the leap, and begin scaling the ravine wall; his compatriot is not so lucky; Ogre #3 falls short, and is grievously wounded once again by the stony spikes; he somehow survives the injury, but the flames from the Fire Wall lick against his flesh, and that is finally enough pain to finish him; Ogre #3 blacks out, crumpling to the ground in smoldering heap, slowly dying from both blood loss, and smoke inhalation.

Current Positions:


DEWYDD: It's Your Turn! One Ogre is escaping up the ravine wall! The other Ogre is escaping in mist form! The Fiendish Orcs seem unaffected by fire! What do you do?
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Within a split second I identify the spell cast by the Ogre Mage. Calmly, I state, "Those of us without damaging spells should finish off the mundanes. Only magic and magic weapons will harm the Ogre Magi now. He can't travel fast, but can maneuver through places we cannot. Keep an eye on him." Taking a 5 foot step down and to the right, I quickly fire off three shots at the Ogre attempting to scale the ravine wall.

OOC: 38 Spellcraft to determine spell cast by Ogre Magi. You already said it was Gaseous Form, so I definitely beat the DC.

Attack 1 - 21. 10 damage if it hits.
Attack 2 - 14.
Attack 3 - 6.
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