Aust Thale

Vale Advances His Position

~ This has gone on long enough. ~

Vale is agitated that his Silence spell was defeated by the Ogre Mage, but thankful that the Mage attempted escape in the manner that it did, not to mention Lathir's overwatch.
He moves forward 30 feet to within 10 feet of the spikes, while drawing another arrow and notching it. He shoots at one of the Orcs (p2) without so much as making a sound.

OOC: #1d20+8 = 12; likely miss

Vale winces as his front foot slides in the mud as he releases the arrow, throwing it off its intended course. If it hits anything, it will be a surprise.

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
VALE: Your base movement is 20 feet. (You are a Dwarf.) You are in mud (x 0.75 movement.) Your maximum move distance is 15 feet.

And a 12 is indeed a miss; the Orcs have a Base AC of 16. Since they are kneeling (because of the spikes) they have an 18 AC.

Current Positions:


Thallok nocks and fires two arrows from his current position, one at each Orc. Both arrows strike true!

Arrow #1: (25) Hit; Damage = 4 pts. [-2, Dying.]
Arrow #2: (21) Hit; Damage = 9 pts. [-7, Dying.]

Orc #2 takes his arrow in the throat; Orc #1 takes it in the heart. Both collapse onto the stony ground, where they begin to bleed out.



Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir / vulture banks wide and takes a long swoop around the carnage below. He circles in for a tight spiral then back outward again, moving in exactly the way a real vulture would. As he has been circling for several minutes, he hopes that his behavior might attract the attention of other, real vultures who are always on the lookout for an easy meal.

Additionally as he passes, he will scan the area to make sure there are no other present dangers; afterward, he will swoop in low and tight moving around the kill as if testing the air for the right smell of blood. He also banks near the party in case any vocalize some communication to which he might need to be privy.

Sylvar B.

Sylvar approaches the remains of the dead Orcs / Ogres casting Detect Magic along the way. He pipes up, For our own protection we should take the magical items from this party, but for the sake of time and speed we should leave everything else. Should we survive an assault on the fortress and the Orc camp we can come back and get the rest. If we aren't to heavy laden to move. As he detects magical items he puts them to one side. Then he has another thought, he speaks while searching. If the Ogres have more of these disks and deploy them en mass, we may be in more trouble than we know

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Looting The Patrol

Although he remains aloft in vulture form, Lathir dismisses the spells, seeing that the battle is over.

Sylvar said:
Sylvar approaches the remains of the dead Orcs / Ogres casting Detect Magic along the way. [...] As he detects magical items he puts them to one side.

Sylvar concentrates for about 18 seconds, and then makes his report.

Patrol Inventory:

10 Large-sized Hide Armors
20 Large-sized Javelins
10 Large-sized Greatclubs
6 Chainmail Shirts w/ Pomarj Markings
6 Shortbows w/ Pomarj Markings
6 Falchions w/ Pomarj Markings
6 Quivers of Arrows / 20 Arrows Each

Total Monies Recovered (Including Ogre Magi):

744 pp.
1,236 gp.
2,499 sp.
2 Diamonds of Unknown Value

Ogre Magi:

Large-sized Magical Chain Shirt (Strong Abjuration)
Large-sized Magical Naginata (Strong Evocation)
Large-sized Magical Cloak (Faint Abjuration)
3 Unknown Potions (Faint Transmutation)

Sylvar said:
"...If the Ogres have more of these disks and deploy them en-masse, we may be in more trouble than we know."

Val (Vale's Axe) makes its opinion known: "The sissy Elf is correct. That's a Succor disk. It's main function is to teleport whoever breaks it back to the safety of their domicile. Its secondary function is to bring the maker of the disk to whomever breaks it. It looks as if this disk were enchanted with the secondary function. That means that if the Ogre Magi was standing around in plain sight of his buddies, and then he suddenly disappeared, they probably know what happened, and know that the second patrol has run into trouble. I doubt they'll send a third patrol. If two patrols have been defeated, the next thing they send is going to be tougher. Rest assured. If I were you fellows, I'd hot-tail it back to the overlook, and hide out for a few days, until this thing blows over."

EVERYONE: What do you do?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir / Vulture continues to circle in the sky. Now that the overt assessment of the spoils has been performed, his circles begin to drift back down the road toward the fort. Maintaining his behavior as a vulture, he is also drifting to keep an eye on the path to make sure nothing else is approaching.

Hearing part of what was said by Vale's axe, Lathir considers plopping a load down on it, but for risk of splattering its holder, he refrains. It would have had no real effect on the axe, but if it is going to talk thusly, then suggest cowering, it should, at least, be covered in the stuff.


Tam-Tam peruses through the treasure, excited about the coin --- but especially, the two diamonds.

"May I have a look at those diamonds? Having been a lapidary and jeweler, I think I can accurately assess the value of these two beauties"

And with that, he pulls forth his old jewelers loupe, ready to look them over.


I nod at Val's words. "Laying low for a few days is probably the best call. For now they will be on high alert. If we had more troops en route I would suggest random attacks on the enemy to keep them jumping at shadows. Since it is just the handful of us though, allowing them to sit and wonder while we recuperate is a sound alternative." Trusting Sylvar's words, I then grab the non-enchanted equipment and look for a place to stash it. The arrows I bring with us back to the overlook. "Might as well not make it easy for them to equip other soldiers," I state, "and I think we might potentially have need of more arrows," I add with a grin. "Let's beat feet back to the overlook - unless Lathir is able to spot an alternative route away from here we can take to circle around to it.... We might not want to show our tracks heading there from here."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Downtime On The Overlook

The party gathers the spoils, loading them onto the horses as best they can. Magical items are kept separate from mundane equipment.


Main Party:

Patchwall 16, CY 963, Around Sunset: Party ambushes the first patrol.

Patchwall 17, CY 963, 9:40 AM: The second patrol leaves the fort. The party follows them along the top of the ravine wall.

Patchwall 17, CY 963, 11:40 AM: Lathir ambushes the patrol with his two spike stone spells.

Patchwall 17, CY 963, 11:41 AM: The party joins the battle during round 3; the entire conflict takes only 2 more rounds (another 12 seconds.)

Patchwall 17, CY 963, 12:00 PM: The party finishes cleaning up the battle site and loading up the loot.

Patchwall 17, CY 963, 2:00 PM: The party returns to the overlook campsite, after having been gone for about 4.5 hours.


Patchwall 16, CY 963, Around Sunset: Respen receives a beating from Dame Clare, as retribution for the destruction of Golem #14.

Patchwall 17, CY 963, All Day: Respen heals up from Dame Clare's beating, Day One.

Patchwall 18, CY 963, All Day: Respen heals up from Dame Clare's beating, Day Two.

Patchwall 19, CY 963 - Patchwall 21, CY 963: Respen and Nel spend a lot of time together, becoming very intimate with each other.

Patchwall 22, CY 963, 8:00 AM: Respen has conversation with Nel and Clare about the mission to Margull's study.

Patchwall 22, CY 963, 8:50 AM: Respen and Nel appear in Margull's study after being teleported by Dame Clare.

Random Encounter Check, Campsite:

During 4.5 hours that party was gone to ambush the second patrol: None.

Patchwall 18, CY 963, All Day: No Encounters.

Patchwall 19, CY 963, All Day: Night-Time Encounter. 17 Orcs.

Patchwall 20, CY 963, All Day: Mid-Day Encounter. 22 Giant Ant Workers + 2 Giant Ant Soldiers.

Patchwall 21, CY 963, All Day: No Encounters.

During the early morning hours (1:30 AM or so) on Patchwall 19, the party observes a large patrol of 17 Orcs (15 soldiers and 2 sergeants) leave the fort and proceed AWAY from the party, in the opposite direction. The patrol does not return. But then again, their directive might include several days worth of travel, depending upon what their destination and purpose is.

During the lunch time hour (around noon) on Patchwall 20, CY 963, two crews of Giant Ants stumble upon the party's hiding spot. The party easily dispatches the vermin.

It is now Patchwall 22, CY 963, 10:30 AM. The party has rested for several days, and all party members are at full health / full spells.
Anyone who wants to have performed any "downtime tasks" (identification of magical items, distribution of wealth, etc.) may simply write a post stating what transpired.

As Mentioned In The LINE Chat, Each Party Member In The Camp Earns 2,500 xp. pts.



Tam-Tam, using his jewelers loupe, (before the orcs leave or the ants show up --- after breakfast on Patchwall 18) inspects the two diamonds at length to determine quality, type, carat and added to its base*, to determine a monetary value of the sparkling beauties.

The other days, he just helps with inventory and packing of the items for use, or sale, always assessing values of all the items --- especially those that will probably be sold for a (hopefully) tidy profit.

* = Base: is the minimal value, intrinsic or perceived, of a particular gemstone, whether precious or semi-precious. Two examples:
#1: the Turquoise --- in some regions of Earth, it is a precious stone, in others, it is merely semi-precious, though of higher status than say, quartz. Because of this diverse cultural valuation, turquoise will never have as high of a minimal base than my second example...
#2: the Diamond --- actually Emeralds should be more valuable (and maybe are, now; for diamonds are proving to be "common as dirt", to use the vernacular) since emeralds are now found to be rarer to find than diamonds ever were. That being said, "perceived value" has kept diamonds at the forefront of monetary valuation bases of all the gemstone types.
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