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    GMing Advice (Add New Thread Links in Posts, Please!)

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    META (Includes DM/Player Problems),
    Creating (Includes Home Brewing), or
    Running the Game (Includes Creatures/NPCs/Villains and Tactics)

    All EN World Threads on DMing Advice

    (Please don't bump the old threads unless you actually contribute to them.)

    Opinions: What makes a good adventure?

    Are CRs redundant?

    How do I get more roleplaying out of my Players?

    I need more planes!!!

    Combat Reports on the Best 3rd Lvl Spells

    D&D Races: Evolution in Action...

    Did I make a bad DM decision?

    Invention rules

    Orcs in d&d vs LOTR

    DMs: What emotions do you stir up?

    Your character does WHAT?!!!

    Campaign ideas. Big or Little?

    PHB gods

    [Creatures] Dark Crystal and D&D

    [quasi-OT] Bronze/Iron Age info?

    DnD and epic high fantasy

    Best Gaming room and Game table setups!

    Questions. Need some help populating my dungeon

    How do you guys introduce material from the class books?

    How do you deal with Roleplaying XP?

    Wizards, Sorcerors, and Mages Oh MY! (Wizard names)

    Never Deal with a Dragon

    What dragon is a realistic challenge?

    Counterspelling. How often do you use it in your campaign?

    Poll (sort of): Playing in character vs not

    Everything I Ever Learned About DMing I Learned From Comic Books

    Advice needed: Mystery adventures

    [Poll] Which Classes does your Group play?

    stupidity and monte haul gaming

    Floor Plans

    [Poll] What unusual PC races has your group played ?

    Groups who want old school dungeon crawls. Good or Bad?

    Low level parties and dungeon encounters

    Availability of Mithril

    RPG Mood Music

    What has most influenced your conception of fantasy?

    The best class for new players?

    Campaign Expectations.

    Layouts of old sailing ships


    A Question on old myths

    The Bible--Wars, Culture, Faith, and Inspiration

    The Sub-Continent and Culture of India

    Winging It!

    Why don't spawning undead take over the world?

    Player challenges

    Whats the best way to end a campain?

    What do you want in your Wizard's Tower?

    How do you get the players involved in the story?

    It finally happened... (problem player)

    To kill or not to kill (the party.) That is the question!

    Wondering the opinion of the board on this matter.... (Casting Defensively)

    How Sword Making works...

    Chariots....whose used them and what do you think?

    Smugglers with Bags of Holding

    Campaign websites, share your ideas

    Grabbing Your Players' Attenion and Keeping It- How to do it?

    [DMing style] Semi-freeform??

    How do i make life more interesting for the Sorcerer?

    Comedy in D&D, good or bad?

    (player problem)What do YOU do...

    Critical Hits

    Open Ended Choices for Players

    FF Tactics DnD Campaign Setting

    Best way to start for new players/DM?

    Poll: Most popular ranged weapons in your game

    Easy DMs Anonymous

    What levels do you most enjoy playing?

    Do you think they'd take him serious?

    Undead recommendation

    Symptoms of Lycanthropy?

    How to hide a spellbook

    What makes the best Ranged Attacker?

    when a player does not make it...

    Campaign flavor

    Biggest baddest WHAT in the land?

    [POLL]What's your favorite monster?

    Is this DM bs or is it not?

    Is it Dungeon Master or Game Master?

    How MYTHIC are your bad guys?

    Least Belivable aspect of D&D?

    How do you make your villians scary?

    [POLL]Random ENcounters

    Deitieless Religions?

    What do you call that bit where the priests live?

    [BADD] A clinic for DMing Dragons- long

    [OT] Standard Pronunciation Characters Font Needed

    {Dungeoncraft] Campaign Question/Ideas

    What are your party's combat tactics?

    What spells would you use the Persistent Spell Feat on?

    Setting Idea: Water Planet

    What do YOU do with sorcerors?

    Character Death from DM perspective

    Druids, 'Keepin it Real'

    Homebrewers, where do you borrow from?

    How do I go about writing down my campaign info?

    [ot] Kobold Tactics from Hell

    Role playing and social skills

    The Ranger as... Urban Thug?

    What would you like to see more in an adventure?

    Good tactics to employ?

    Player abusing the rules? [long]


    DMs: How Do You Handle Your City Streets?

    What to do when the character's ability scores exceeds the limit?

    Party Names

    own race as favored enemy = evil?

    what to do about scrying?

    Timetravel for characters...

    Anyone's campaign NOT focused on fighting the forces of evil?

    One player adventure opinion needed

    Cures for Vampirism: Help!

    I didnt let a PC die

    Ultimate 10th level Wizard?

    Uber-nasty kobold tactics?

    Do you believe in Luck?

    [Poll] Bad PC ideas

    DM out of line? y/n why

    [ot rant] a player who annoys me to the point of psychotic thoughts

    Evil with morals?

    CLERICS, how do your players play them ?

    PALADINS, how do your players play them ?

    Interesting dilema with alignment

    Epic Battles

    battle tactics

    The Great Unholy Sword Debate

    Do you have evil PCs in your campaign(s)?

    Need to spice up a campaign

    Do you like playing in towns?

    DM Monster Battle Decisions

    DMs -- Don't you love it when a plan comes together!?

    Giant defense 02-20-02

    PC Death = Campaign Death?

    Hey its a new poll! Do you allow monks in your campaign?

    DMPCs, anyone?

    Campaign Websites???

    Playing two characters

    Which class doesn't fit into YOUR fantasy campaign?

    Seeking More Good D&D Music

    Which PHB race doesn't fit into YOUR fantasy campaign?

    What To Do With Silly, Power-Mongering Players

    Do you allow druids in your campaign?

    Can good characters let evil characters die?

    Do you allow the detect (alignment) spells in your campaign?

    What Ability Score Generation Method do you use?

    River travel.

    Name this pair of Axes!

    How to I scare my group?

    Green Dragon Going to War VS 15th level Party: Advice?

    "Different" Magic Items


    "Themed" campaigns

    Is this good or bad? 1st level party ALREADY has a stronghold...

    SUNRODS - Hot Or Not??

    Inexperienced DM vs. MIN/MAX druid

    Is it harder to go from DM to character?

    negative consequences - need advice

    Speaking of firearms, does anyone use them in their game?

    [POLL]Do you, as DM, fudge die rolls?

    story or world campaigns

    [POLL]Do you allow evil chars?

    (OT) Castle Plans

    Campaign Setting Pros & Cons

    [D&D] Guns and Ammo

    Tracking Campaign Activity

    Summoned Monsters Galore

    Is this going overboard? (Magic per level)

    Do armies in your campaign go around raping, pillaging, and plundering?

    How many players/characters in your campaign

    (DMs) How do you handle overland movement in your campaigns?

    The most terrifying place to have a battle

    What makes a paladin fall?

    Challenge me - Mood Music

    Garments for a young nobleman?

    A different model of adventure writing?

    Mundane magic item that became a lifesaver.

    How big is your campaign world? How many people? What type of terrain?

    Anti Scry Ideas needed...

    Body Modification (specifically implants) in fantasy gaming

    A combined fantasy and modern setting?

    Help me develop a quest to stop a serial killer!

    HELP - Kingdom Building

    [POLL]How often does your gaming group meet?

    How does a rogue fight the Undead?


    Deck of Many Things... ever try to sell one?

    Worshipping an ideal

    Odd Peeves (player problems)

    I killed my entire group

    What's the EL when no combat is involved?

    The Whole Party May Perish!!

    High level 3e magic item purchasing... when does enough become too much?

    DM/GMs- Most memorable Villians/Anagontists you've created

    Buying and Selling of Gems & Jewelry

    Paladin without a Code of Conduct

    Ideas for adventuring in a temple of Good?

    Calender Makers for D&D Worlds

    Please help. Best spell selection for sorc arcan trickster?

    Where to find puzzles for dungeons?

    Problem with Cry baby player

    Learning to do DM type things

    Rules Lawyers, how do you deal with them?

    Decorating help for evil Necromancer

    Neutrality Bites

    How to get long battles?

    Plate Armor - It isn't really that heavy!

    How to break old school Monty Haul players?

    How do you fit monks into Occidental campaigns?

    City based adventure setting?

    Why no life extending magic???

    Do you let players buy Magic items?

    Am I the only one who is depressed by other campaign websites?

    I could use some advice (DM Problem)

    Psionics Attacks

    Empires, Trade, and Gold!

    Enchanted Castles!

    Help with ideas for a curse?

    Q:What kind of cardstock good for counters?

    D&D and Drugs

    What's your favorite scam?

    Tough Puzzle/Combat Situation for the Party

    What Should a Large City Have?

    PCs lack of respect for the 'caste' system of your typical fantasy society

    Prestige Classes and Worldbuilding

    BADD- evaluate my dragon DM'ing? (KotSQ, Glacier Season module SPOILERS)

    [BADD] How would a Dragon MOVE its hoard?

    Big monster vs. Building: Need some help here. (KotSQ SPOILERS)

    players making useless characters

    Carrying weapons

    My PCs lack charisma...

    Magical wood

    Fan Site Legalities

    The Oddest Thing You've Done As A DM When Running A Game

    Paladin Codes of Conduct Samples Please

    Wizard or Sorcerer Spells as an Extension of Personality

    [POLL]Players reading DM-only material

    I'm working on a dungeon GoD, but I got some questions

    Limitations of Teleport

    2 simple questions (running)

    [POLL]Taking and giving damage...

    Brain dead, need Campaign Idea

    Mythic Greece campaign setting

    Identifying Magic Items

    encounter in a city

    Allow an evil cleric and other evil characters??

    Giving character magic items

    Kill All the Hostages! (We'll bring them back...)

    Dealing with raising the dead

    How do you portray evil Humanoids?

    I just made a mistake giving away powerful items

    Are Prestige Classes Really Necessary?

    Adventuring group lineup - Feedback please!!

    Problem: want PCs to train, no money

    Broken Paladin's Code Help

    Help DnD 12 year old DM

    [Advice Needed] Speeding Up Battle

    Under vs. Over estimating Party Power...

    Tailoring treasure to the party

    Age penalties for PCs... ever make an aged character?

    [POL]who always take charge in your group?

    Where to go to get Oriential Names...

    Level Spread in Your Party?

    Do you base your fantasy names on real-world language?

    What if Raise Dead/Ressurection was an evil spell...

    Any dms running games online?

    Is Animating Dead Evil?

    DM anger managment tricks, got any?


    So what do you do with a paladin that...

    What's Your Biggest Failing as a DM

    If I eliminated the cleric class...

    What are your strengths as a DM?

    Bad DM stories

    What are the advantages of a high Con for mage?

    Message board game

    Monte Haul Campaigns

    player who rants about everything!

    A valuable GMing lesson I learned last night

    New Campaign Started...check out the PC's

    I'd like some Opinions please (DM problem)

    Search skill useful for a rogue?

    Characters with NPC classes...

    Allignment Problems in my Campaign: Chaotic Neutral or just Annoying...

    Over Crowded Party

    Need help with EPS (Extreme Player Stupidity)

    D&D Session Without Combat

    Players playing 2 or more characters

    What would you change about your gaming group?

    [POLL]Your favourite 'real world' Pantheons/Mythologies

    [OT, Wierdness] Name/Title Generator

    1 charisma

    Converting old players to 3E

    describing HP

    WHY!! why do they toss my miniatures around?

    (5KD) Help! First session and I'm unprepared!

    [POLL]Best race overall for a fighter

    Detect Evil question

    [POLL]DMs: how do you integrate familiars into the game?

    Real world myths and legends: Who's Epic Level?

    Point buy vs. rolling

    What is the most interesting way you have used a monster?

    My players seem unable to kill my bad guy...

    How much gold can a backpack carry before tearing or to heavy to carry?

    Narrow-minded hypocrite (Player problem)

    [POLL]What is considered ok for paladins in your game?

    How to make Players trust you(The DM/GM)?

    [POLL]How do you envision bards?

    Why should it matter what order you gain your abilities in?

    Rod of Wonder: Suggestions for additional effects

    Giving the PC's a country

    [POLL] Game Night is canceled, What do you do?

    Nobody takes charge...what to do?

    DM needs advice (player death eminent)

    Effects of Death

    Need dark, gothic-feel music

    [OT] Medieval Special Ops

    D&D Kills Group Cooperation?

    NPC levels...

    How to tell when you have an ungrateful crybaby as a PC!

    Theocracy vs. Magocracy: who would win?

    [GM's] How much should you play?

    Best multiclass for a rogue?

    Need magical travel suggestions

    Specific Paladin Question

    How do you differentiate Gnomes from Dwarves and Halflings?

    Critical Miss Chart

    [POLL]DMs - premade or homemade modules?

    Where do you draw the line for ECLs?

    I need some help locking the tower

    Children of the Wild Shape

    [POLL]What Color are Kobold Eggs

    Discovering messages/notes/etc.

    More for Perform

    Golems as Characters?

    Sense Motive DC's in combat

    Campaign Websites ... Ideas?

    Great class combos?

    Can DnD ever approximate the heroic literature?

    Do undead heal naturally?

    Where does arcane magic come from?

    Should the DM foster Party Conflict?

    How do you handle Dead Players Equipment

    what ring to forge?

    What spells exist for nations to use?

    Needed: Villain manerism/idiom/quote

    Question about Wizards spells

    [POLL]DMs: Do you alter gaming material before using it?

    Tips on DM'ng high level campaigns

    Moral quandry (Alignment question of a sort)

    What Spells does your wizard memorize?

    Sorcerer Spell selection

    Cool Encounter Areas

    The heavy burden of money

    The Well-Tempered Plot Device

    Need a name for BIG monsters

    Pitched battle of armies

    PAGING ALL MERCHANTS! How do you protect your wares?

    when the DM is in fact wrong

    [POLL]Biblical-era Middle-East setting

    PAGING ALL SLAVERS! How much do you sell your slaves for?

    Need help getting riddles for a riddle contest

    [Rant] My DM is crazy

    Monsters and Humanoid Races!

    When did the archetype of wizards wanting to become god come about?

    Help ! How can I challenge the Druid ?...

    Adventure font???

    Young NPCs and NPC Class/PC Class levels

    Please make my Druid interesting

    My PC transcends the bounds of "class" - Help!

    [POLL]Is character alignment essential to the D&D experience?

    Do you use material spell components?

    Centaur Paladin and Special Mount

    Could a party of Clerics survive?

    [POLL]Dungeon Master or Dragon Master?

    "And for an extra twenty thousand, we'll make sure he *stays* dead."

    [POLL]Which is better, Enchanter or a Telepath?

    How to get players more involved in the game

    Demon dying to fast

    How to describe combat with large size discrepancy?

    Building cost?

    Traps (Esp. Ancient Traps)

    How to Twist Plots

    Characters with attribute penalties

    Monsters, Women, Glory, and Gold!

    How many Divinations is too many?

    Question for Veteran DMs (Longest Campaign)

    What's Your Monster Palette?

    Dm Suicide!!!

    Legendary Animals?

    Problem Player

    Humour in a DnD campaign

    Compelling Encounters!

    Question - How to run a psionics campaign ...

    Name days?

    Mythic Hybridity in Fantasy

    3 Sure-Fire Ways to Run A Successful Horror Adventure!



    (OT) I need fonts!

    Music to "role" by


    Playing with No DM - is Collaborative play viable?

    DM on a Budget Wants to Spice Up His Game

    GM tool: Moon Phase

    (Greek/demi-human)Gods in Deities&Demi-gods

    What do your heroes do when they're not adventuring?

    Colors of Magic

    Note passing

    What PC/NPC races have you created or modified?

    Half of Party Captured, what's a DM to do?

    City-States and their towns/villages

    Looking for advice on a setting

    How infrequently is too infrequently?

    Any tips for improving low CR monsters against high-level PC's

    Fiendish nomenclature question, and 3eMM rant...

    Any cool Greek sayings/battle cries?

    I'm hearing rumblings...(disgruntled players)

    To Multi-Class or not to Multi-Class

    Found a solution to torturing PCs

    A kingdon without magic can survive in a war against a magical one?

    [HELP] Flex your DM muscle and help me out.

    Any advice for the newly evil?

    [POLL]Laptops at the gaming table

    Greeks? Egyptians?

    Worship and D&DG

    Need Ideas for Tomorrow's Game

    Uncommon familiars

    [POLL]What type of Pantheons do you use?

    7th lvl Party vs. Beholder

    Creative curses

    Help make my DM see the light...

    Advice for a DM

    First thing out of an "Awakened" mouth...

    What do people buy with thier gold?

    Blasted ROLE-PLAYERS!!!

    How much does a Kobold weigh?

    Creating A Homebrew Setting

    Ever have party members start fighting each other while fighting enemies?

    DnD Background Music Revisited - OA Edition

    Stupid characters...

    Help with Monk tactics.

    Did I overreact?

    [POLL]Favorite Battling strategy

    Alignment used as crutch...

    Army size?

    D20 Mass Combat

    Viking swords and durability

    [OT?] Giant ant colony conquers Europe!

    Your Favorite 5th Level Acane Spell???

    [POLL]On average, what level is your PC when the campaign ends and you roll up a new PC?

    Mmmmm Kobolds

    Three feet of hewn stone, who can break it?

    Idea For A Villiage/Town. Is it evil?

    [POLL]How do you use Adepts in your game?

    What's a Dm to do...

    Babylonian/Judeo-Christian Mythology

    Troublesome Players?

    Hi...oh, I forgot, a question about Amnesia

    Why would a "modern" fantasy world with firearms still have swords and plate mail?

    Traits and Disadvanrages

    HELP! DM/Player Issues

    Are Rogues Useless?

    A CON of 5!

    Same class party

    campaign design help needed

    How much tweaking do you do in your world?

    (advice) how should a newbie DM start DMing?

    Advice needed on DM-player conflict (long)

    -------------- through 04-25-2002 -------------------------------

    --------Added but not yet sorted---------

    Human only campaigns - good? bad? tips? ideas?

    Character Trees?

    [Gloating] This is what happens to unprepared characters.

    Need answer to riddle for my session

    A world without gods, where clerics worship demon princes (armies of the abyss)

    How can nations afford armies?

    Sometimes DMing is a lonely job...

    The tale of a Rat Bastard DM

    New Riddle

    Need help naming an Organization in my campaign

    Tactile Role-Playing

    (DMs) How Much Do You Hype Up Your Game?

    Changing Scenes?

    Am I being too tough on my players?

    I'd like some suggestion for divine gifts.

    Providing Dragons With Classes?

    What makes a good elite undead man-at-arms?

    (LONG!!) Some Player's are Complete @$$'s!!!

    Unbalanced Groups... reports please...

    The players start a religion idea (comments sought)

    Check out this pantheon idea...

    Some ideas for deific-level adventure...

    need help with namings within this organisation ... please?

    10thousands of names, 100shops (with each 50 weapons) and 100 taverns

    Better Name for Elven Concentration Camp

    Help please! Knighthood ceremonies/certificates...

    Help Me, Teach Newly Recruited Girl Gamer Learn DnD

    Fate and the Player (my players should not read)

    Marsh of Roses

    CLericless PArties

    Populating Taverns and Parties...

    [Advice] Putting more options in my games

    Undersea Adventures

    All you Latin freax! Help me with a phrase!

    Deity question

    Status Quo vs. Designed Encounters

    What do you consider the quintessential knight in shinning armor?

    Party Leader(s)?

    The King's Rangers! (Reprised)

    How to keep players motivated (or, "change that smelly old carrot once in a while")

    How do i get my players roleplaying?

    magic outlawed in region


    Tomb raiding & grave robbing?

    Fantasy Sciences

    Look out, DM Venting

    Prehistoric Adventures?

    [revival] How to describe combat with large size differences?

    Goblin Suicide Bombers?

    Commoners as Adventurers: Possible?

    [OT] did i overreact?

    D&D's about fun right?

    Advice needed: Poor DM decision, and something of a eulogy for a beloved character.

    Fantasy Music

    Help me focus my starting campaign.

    Standard Characters and Power Levels in The D&D Campaign

    Barbarians of The Dark Forests

    [OA] Setting Based on India - Resources?

    Chinese Setting and History (not just for Oriental Adventures)

    Animal Characters

    Barbarian Justice

    Favoured classes - nature or nurture?

    Agricultural Magic in the Dragon Earth Roman Empire


    ? for the History Buffs: Roman Arms & Armor

    Homebrew vs. Premade Campaign Worlds

    killed a character tonight, and i feel sort of bad...

    DM'ing Style

    DM Blunder - Spoiler Warning for Dungeon Mag #91

    My D&D Group needs a really good encounter

    Sources of Experience other than combat

    Need Some Corrupting Ideas to Tempt my players

    PC Morals: Outhouses, Drug dealers, and misguided dwarves

    ----End added but not yet sorted-----------

    When players don't show up to the session

    Ever had that one player who's just on a different wavelength?

    How do I encourage roleplaying without being a jerk?

    Novice DM, looking for advice

    How Do You Run a Good Campaign?

    What info would you want in a New DM only book??

    First time DMing

    New DM needs help.

    Advice on DMing a huge party

    Campaign World Advice

    Advice for a virgin DM?

    Do You Consider Yourself A Good DM -- If Yes, Why?

    DM Advice on dealing with PCs buying/selling magic items

    Critter Bits and Magic Recipes!

    New DM needs Control and Guidance Advice

    How to improve at DMing?

    Speeding up play in dungeons

    EN World DM Clinic!

    Maps and Other Campaign Resources

    What's in your DM binder?

    Do you survey your players?

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    Using Non-Monster Manual Monsters

    Advice: How to handle a party of mixed levels?

    Tracking Damage in Large Combats

    List of performances

    History in your Game - ?

    Best DM Advice?

    A question for you archeology metallurgical, *and now forensic* experts out there...

    Technicalities of running an online game

    When characters loot the bodies of other characters

    Relative Rarity of Precious Metals

    City Sizes and Populations

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    Players with no Patience

    As a DM, do you let PCs precisely "place" areas of effect for spells?

    HELP! Japanese Setting - customs and traditions

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    Hey, DM, what should we do now?

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    Advice for DMing an "old school" game

    History in your Game - ?

    (Monster Encounter) in alphabetical order...(contribute!)

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    History in your Game - ?

    lazy DM looking for maps

    History in your Game - ?

    Need advice-getting rid of a player

    Tactics class. Begin now.

    Storage, Care and Feeding of your Combat mat (tm)

    History in your Game - ?

    Background questions for PCs

    How vivid is the violence in your game?

    Is it harder to be a DM in a high-level campaign?

    Problem - As a DM, What Would You Do?

    The DM's Province

    What monsters look like

    How does magic and psionics work in your world?

    DM's - What rolls do you make for your players?

    All NPCs have attitude.

    Where are you getting your adventures?

    [3.5/3.0] Collaborative Effort: Collection of Round-by-Round Monster Tactics

    [3.5] Revised Spell List Sheets in Word Format

    How Do You Curb Table Talk?

    [OT] Classical Music

    What is XP?

    Language Flavor

    Advice for my wife's first adventure?

    In-game Age

    How tough should a DM be?

    I am a bad Combat DM

    History in your Game - India and Asia

    Burnt out GMs

    History in your Game - Smiths and Smithing

    History in your Game - Alchemy

    How Do Your Villains Escape?

    Prestige Class Rules should be for players only

    What class is your villian?

    History in your Game - Horses

    Player that can only play once a month

    [Poll]Gaming groups: friends or all business?

    Need advice: DMing for the first time in a looooong time

    Need help/advice on Group frustration...

    Free Will and Choices

    History in your Game - Archers

    Just make it up

    Improvisation tips?

    Are you playing the type of game you want?

    Best Class for a solo player campaign

    Fightin' 101


    History in your Game - Torture, Martyrs and Witches

    [Poll]DMs: Do you use PrC's and Templates?

    How do you build your campaign worlds?

    What kind of encounters would you prepare for 8 first level PCs?

    Stupid player decisions + bad dice rolls = dead PC

    History in your Game - Guilds and Trade

    Gaming Families

    What's your favorite method of on-line play?

    Are new gamers always shy?

    History in your Game - Food; From Farm to Table

    Advice on Commune

    Are your players into your campaign?

    So I'm DMing a bunch of stewardesses...

    [Poll]DMs, do you use the different combat options?

    In-Game Justifications for Edition Conversions

    Moral Dilemma - What should I do?

    History in your Game - Travel

    The End is the Beginning

    Using dreams to influence character's roleplaying of alignment

    No Common Tongue

    History in your Game - Mummies

    darkvision & black puddings

    PCs who kill everyone that attacks them

    Frustrated DM...

    History in your Game - ?

    Bad prepared Dungeon Masters!!!

    Three Levels of Play

    Party Treasure: How Do You Divvy?

    Need some DMing advice - trying to avoid the railroad

    Poll : Do you allow godless clerics?

    Help me with Medieval Medicinal Knowledge of the Four Humours

    Good v. Good

    Spartan Training

    Bit of a gap from thread number 69912 thru 88857 . . .

    MinMaxing as a DM or how to be a lazy DM and still have success

    Bit of a gap from thread number 88857 thru present . . .

    D & D Dungeon Tiles - Photos

    Castle Maps


    Collected History in your Game Thread -

    (monday) history in your game "barbarous folk/Genghis Khan/National Geogrphic/More Genghis, and the Mongols influence till 1300"

    (monday) history in your game "Greek/Internet ancient history sourcebook/law"

    (monday) history in your game "islamic cultures/medieval sourcebook on islam/coins form islamic countries/(added math and map links)"

    (monday) history in your game "everyday jobs, guilds (again, because it ties in) and a bit on Tolkein"

    (monday) history in your game "animals- and a bit on naming"

    (monday) history in your game "a few tidbits about astronomy back in the day/ancient astronomy all over the world/astronomical observation broken down by place and time/japanese astronomy in Kinki"

    (monday) history in your game "today: average stuff. household goods, church things/womens fashions, circa william the conqueror"

    (monday) history in your game "the bard-ish life/European Medieval and Renaissance music/gregorian chant"

    (monday) history in your game "regional differences/medieval Serbia/medieval Ireland"

    (monday) history in your game "scotland - Historic find"

    (monday) history in your game "letters and journal entries from explorers and culture clashes today"

    (monday) history in your game "baths and sewers/environmental timeline/sewage/bedrooms, bathing and indoor plumbing"

    (monday) history in your game "architecture/castle terminology/architecture gallery"

    (monday) history in your game "mythology, heroes and legends/irish legends and myths/german changelings/german heroes"

    (monday) history in your game "boats in different priods/institute of nautical archeology"

    (monday) history in your game "religious stuff/unusual religious practices"

    (monday) history in your game "demons/devils and demons in illuminated manuscripts/7 deadly sins/Names of 72 demons"

    (monday) history in your game "free time/tower of london/dice, and cheating at dice, circa 1550"

    (monday) history in your game "making of a manuscript book/printed book/medieval manuscript manual/view from workshoppers"

    (monday) history in your game "pirate nest/castle floorplans/encyclopedia mythica"

    (monday) history in your game "mummies baby/ice mummies, desert, egyptian, bog/egyptian mummies (silly games)"

    (monday) history in your game "travel/a fransciscan heads east/marco polo/ibn battuta on ibn battuta"

    (monday) history in your game "dinner at the inn, or the castle, or on the road"

    (monday) history in your game "guilds, trading..."

    (monday) history in your game "torture, martyrs and witches-with other dinner conversation"

    (monday) history in your game "archers run amok in this game"

    (monday) history in your game "this week: horses!"

    (monday) history in your game "here is a rambling sidelong glance at alchemy"

    (monday) history in your game "smiths, and stuff from the smith"

    (monday) history in your game "india"

    (monday) history in your game "wonders/armouries/archery"

    (monday) history in your game "anasazi reservoir/japanese polearms/chinese polearms/the staff-sling"

    (monday) history in your game "the paston letters/daily life in china"

    (monday) history in your game "code of chivalry/samurai creed/bayeux tapestry, and the battle of hastings/the scots in panama!"

    (monday) history in your game "town of Gurna/korean"

    (monday) history in your game "medieval toilets/norman poop/mounted knight vocabulary"

    (monday) history in your game "tinker gnomes, longitude and OLD machines/artifact/mead and sex/medieval women"

    (monday) history in your game "medieval musical instruments/sword and buckler instructions/The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria/salamina"

    (monday) history in your game "journal of western martial arts/history of the quarterstaff/non-oriental monk info)"

    (monday) history in your game "vikings"

    (monday) history in your game "roman empire/hun info/knighthood, chivalry"

    (monday) history in your game "intrigue with romulus/dangerous driving"

    (monday) history in your game "earliest writing?/siege stuff/food in 1518/healthcare"

    (monday) history in your game "cannibalistic ancestors?/following the sun/great wall/moses"

    (monday) history in your game "nine oldest swords/more on the slavegirl/slavery of the time/hadrian's wall"

    (monday) history in your game "reciept found for slave girl/need a pilgimage?/maya and drought"

    And here is the mother of all useful idea threads -

    1000 non-RPG websites for RPG ideas

    DMs should find the shared experiences being given as feedback in the following three threads helpful. I urge everyone to add their own to the threads by answering the informal polls and questions they contain...

    Survey #1 - Everyone, Tell us about your games, please!

    Survey #2 - The DM's Percentage

    Survey #3 - The Gaming Ideal

    If a question comes to mind while reading one of these past threads, don't be afraid to ask it! Some of the best discussions on the EN Boards are the ones that are revisited after a period of time and digestion...

    (Bookmark this thread now for future reading!)
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