Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil


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From his new "benefactor", Kerwyn receives the following spells in addition to the Light spell he already acquired: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Lesser Confusion.

Kerwyn's stinky benefactor and armored cultist friends.


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As Lylamwyn ponders one of the holy symbols taken from the cultists, he remembers that the male human cultist called out a name, "Yan-C-Bin". Lylamwyn thinks he should double-check a book back in Lord Burne's library. The name might be that of the extra-planar creature that is the Prince of Evil Air Elementals.


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"Stupid lizard didn't even have any healing spells..." Kerwyn mutters to himself as he gets up. He goes on to try and wipe his hand clean on anything that won't be going with them that is at hand.
"Yo, teach," he says when done getting most of the stink off his hand. He aims at Lylamwyn with his right inder finger. "Twang!" Imitating the sound a crossbow makes when fired, he casts light at the elf's cloack.


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“Nice trick, Kerwyn. So, how is everyone? We still have some way before us. Let's dump the scaly one somewhere out of sight and then continue, shall we?”


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The party rests another twelve hours after the fight with the cultists without further incident and recovers spells.

Kerwyn (-7, conscious)
Craven (-15) carrying Cure Moderate potion
Belaver (-3)
Raner (-13) carrying cure Moderate Potion

Reptile Cultist (-30, stable, unconscious)
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"So, anyway, that's about the only useful thing I got."
Kerwyn activates, for the heck of it, the stolen detect magic.
"So, anybody interested in these things?" he says, showing the unattended brooch and cloack that Radiate Abjuration.
IF they look at least moderately cool, he'll also wear them.


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"We need to tie up the lizard and make sure it survives. Belaver could of course heal Raner and Craven, and then we should get going.", Lylamwyn says.


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Examining Spugnoir's map, you can see three directions to go once you pass through the door the cultists came from.

You can go to the secret exit from the Moathouse that Spugnoir mentioned, now that you have vanquished the enemies that Spugnoir said blocked the route to the secret exit.

You can go down a flight of stairs to the room where Spugnoir said the cultists have been excavating another dungeon level.

Or you can make a right turn before the stairs and head into the undead infested catacombs.

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