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Inspired by this thread, it has been decided that the Play by Post Forums, being generators of many bits and pieces of signature data, could use a thread specifically for that purpose. Currently signatures are limited to 1000 characters, including any url data that is contained in your sig. This allows you to condense a number of urls into a single signature.

So, this thread is the Play by Post Players signature thread. Here are some basic instructions for how to use this thread:

1) Click the

2) Type out the information as you choose. Use the URL code to add links to your post as you need. Keep all your play by post data to one single post. Then click the Submit button at the bottom of your window, and your set to go.

3) Now when your new post pops up, the url in your scrollbar will read out with the exact post number of your post. Copy that url, and add it to your signature however you choose. Now, with less space, you can carry your character and game information with all of your posts. If you fail to catch your own url for some reason, click edit then save changes to get that url back. If you want to isolate your post, then click the post number in the upper-right and corner of your post to open the URL to view only your post.

Edit your Original Post in this thread with additional data or changes. You are limited to a single post, and any additional posts will be deleted.

This is to reduce the amount of Play by Post information you need to store in your sig. If you need a larger sig thread, try this thread.
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Erekose13's Pbp Sig

Email: erekose13(at)hotmail(dot)com

Games I DM:
Active Games:
[LEW] E2: The Secret of Gemhold [Tracking] [RG]
- The siege of Gemhold

Successfully Concluded Games:
[AE/AU] The Test of Time
OOC: [RG] [Maps]
- Animosity between giants and dragons, which side will they choose?
[LEW] The Tomb of Chaos [Tracking] [RG]
- An archiological expedition in an ancient tomb.

[LEB] The Forgotten Forge [Tracking] [RG]
- Unravelling the mystery of a murdered provost in Sharn.
[LEW] L1: Strange Doings [Tracking] [RG]
- Mysterious dead cows
[LEB] Marked by Destiny, Marked by Tragedy [Tracking] [RG]
- Aberrant visions and kobolds in Sharn
[L4W] the Sibylline Idol Tracking

[AU] Lost Dreams [The Stone Troll - IC]
OOC: [RG] [Maps]
- Searching for Lost Dreams in the memories of an angel.
Fallen Angel Chapter 2 [Ch1]
OOC: [RG] [Maps]
- Rescuing a young angel from the clutches of the ogre-bugs.
The Darkness That Comes Before
OOC: [RG] [Maps]
- Trying to stop the resurrection of the No-God, Mog-Pharau.
Savage Tide
- Pirates, Dinosaurs, & Demons!

Games I play in:
Active Games:

Eternity @ Living Enworld, in Rystil Arden's [LEW]Terra Subterranea and the Caverns of Lost Time [AC] [RG]
- an Elan Egoist 8 trying to find the Subterranean shard to save the world.
Sir Tenebrynn Glimmersight @ Living Enworld, in Rystil Arden's [LEW]Peregrinations of the Shard [M1] [M2] [M3] [P3] [M4] [CotM] [RG] [Pic] [Pic2]
- an Elf Fighter 1/Diviner 5/Eldritch Knight 4 chasing the wandering shard.
Maugra Ironcrane in Whizbang Dustyboots' Ptolus: The Legend of Longcoat
- a Dwarven Cleric of Tuen 1
Dogrynn the Reaver in Voadam's Death in Freeport
- a sibeccai gestalt weapon master/anima mage 1
Callen Stewart in Halford's [L4W]Ebon Mirror: The Dark Marks
- a human wizard 1

Successfully Concluded:
Pailoelan Frosttongue in Isida KepTukari's [AU] Life in Vein
OOC: [RG] [Pic]
- a Loresong Faen Magister 3 who prevented the binding of all Wind Spirits.
Phaern Starspike in Isida KepTukari's [AU] Stone Bones
OOC: [RG] [Pic]
- a Spryte Magister 6 who healed the bones of the Earth deep beneath Serran.
Scinathar in Isida KepTukari's [AU] Butterfly Cage
- Mohj 1 Winter Witch 1 whose destiny made him one of the protectors of Deepstorm.
Ys-Korros in Rybaer's [AU] Seige on Ebonring Keep
OOC: [RG] [Ch1]
- a Giant Champion of Life 3 battling his worst fears.
Iridian Melideth in Graf's [4e - Eberron] Keep on the Shadowfell
- an eladrin Ranger 1 TPK = successful?

Chenroeth of the Seven Stars in Macbeth's [AU] Through Darkness, Light
- a Litorian Mageblade 1
Groswen Anamne in Lobo Lurker's [Eberron] Raiders of Xen'drik
- a Gnome Akashic 3
Jonas Temm in Paxus Asclepius' [AU] Northlands [OCC] [RG]
- a Human Akashic 1/Unfettered 2
Khorat Jhadqi in Fanog's [AU] Rumbling Mountain
- a Verrik Greenbond 1
Korenmalekh in ShaggySpellsword's [Eberron] Swords and Socialites Part 1: The Forgotten Forge
- a Kalashtar Telepath 1
Mohgrym Xothaerin in Uriel's [FR] The Sceptre of Kings-A Heroic Dwarven Quest
- a Shield Dwarf Nomad 11
Polaris Nemarin in jeremy_dnd's Shackled City: A Gestalt Campaign
- a Elf Paladin/Sorceror 1
Silestrea Morand in Breezly's [FR] Silverymoon Campaign [OCC] [RG]
- a Half-elf Sorceror 1
Thurdack Horne in Wynter Wolf's [FR] Scouts and Trackers
- a Human Barbarian/Sorceror 1
Torryn Boonsharn in Creamsteak's [Scarred Lands] The City of Requiem
- a Halfling Bard 4
Tau Scrymgeour in Ferrix's The Mythar Resistance
OOC: [RG] [CS] [Stat]
- an Elf Ranger 2/Wilder 3
Asterian ged'Irim in Ferrix's Ethend
- a Gnome Telepath 5/Quietus 2
Serryn gor'Dregal in Jolmo's [IH] Belkath's Progeny
- a dexterous Harrier 1
Prince Undinar Deptholas in Isida KepTukari's [FR] Jungle Deeps and Ocean Depths
OOC: [RG] Old: [C] [IC] [O] [R] [Pic]
- a Water Genasi Fighter 6/Living Spell 4
Scinathar in Isida KepTukari's [AU] A Warping of the Blood
- Mohj 3 Winter Witch 2
Fasithe "Fluke" Lightfingers in Isida KepTukari's [Low'Verok] Deepwater's Despair
- a Halfling Rogue 1
Jor aka Jorenna Lorren in Joshua Dyal's [Eberron] The Whisperers in Darkness
- a Changeling Rogue 1
Kerwin Renegal in Branding Opportunity's [Eberron] Age of Worms
- a Human Psychic Warrior 1
Sten Temperlan in Elocin's [FR] The Retrievers
- a Human Cleric of Grumbar 2
Pwyoolp "Morph" Ripplepond in silentspace's [FR] The Underdark Primeval
- a Slyth Druid 5/Vermin Keeper 3
Ghuntomas of Thorn in Dalamar's [IH] Dark Harbor
- an intelligent, perceptive Hunter 1
Magorrym Vormundrak in Rystil Arden's Kiss of Darkness
- a Dwarf Warmain 1
Golgorak the Demon Eyed in Paperbard's [IH] Tales of Arnesia
- a mightily built, shadowborn Arcanist 1/Berserker 3
ao'Thuir of the Ghost Tribe @ Living Enworld, in doghead's [LEW] D2: The Lost Manor [A1] [GW1] [RG]
-a Wood Elf Barbarian 3
Body and Spirit @ Living Supers, in Salix's [LS] Help Wanted: Exterminators [RG]
- a humanitarian gestalt healer/ghost 10
Hxaptös Halcyrunne in Isida KepTukari's [Eberron] The Secret Scion
- a Human Cleric of The Dragon Below 3
Tau Scrymgeour in Ferrix's Ethend: The Hunt for Cantus
- an Elf Ranger 3/Wilder 4
Brightstar Vaukriel in Isida KepTukari's Anything But Normal, Sailing the Endless Falls
- an Illumian Unfettered 5/Duskblade 3
Corinne Silverthorne in Nonlethal Force's Mightier than the Sword
OOC: [RG] [Enigmatica]
- a Drakontos (silver) Beguiler 3
Taren Darkfyre in Malvoisin's War of the Burning Sky
- a Human Shadowcaster 1
The Mythweaver in Rystil Arden's [Neo-Spelljamming] Diplomatic Immunity
- a Byblan Sage 4 investigating a murder.
Obscurity in Rystil Arden's [Neo-spelljamming] Viridian Plague II
OOC: [RG] [Encyclopedia Atlantica]
- a Dolathi Eldritch Infiltrator 10 purging the world of plague.
Surtr Jotnsson @ Living Enworld, in nothing yet. http://www.enworld.org/member.php?u= http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?goto=lastpost&t= [RG]
- a Half-Giant Psychic Warrior 5/War Mind 1
Aethelus d'Cannith @ Living Eberron in Rystil Arden's [LEB] Heart of Artifice [RG]
- a Human Artificer 2 conquering the world.
Bloodtalon @ Living Eberron in SelcSilverhand's [LEB] Into Khyber's Gate [RG]
- a Kenku Urban Ranger 1/Warlock 1 exploring the depths of Sharn.
Thym the Exalted in Deuce Traveler's Ptolus: Palace of the Silver Princess
- a Human Warlock 4 spouting confusing at every opportunity
Maavnod Starspire in Isida KepTukari's The Gray King
- a mutated Goliath Totemist 2
[3.5 Games]
Dogrynn the Reaver Sibeccai gestalt Weapon Master/Anima 1
Maugra Ironcrane Grailwarden Dwarf Cleric of Tuen 1
Dorian Lunaria Human Favored Soul of Glarias 1
Maavnod Warpspire Goliath Warden 1

[Living ENWorld]
Tenebrynn Glimmersight Elf Diviner 5/Fighter 1/Eldritch Knight 4

[4e Games]
Arjhan Khudrat Dragonborn Rogue/Paladin of the Raven Queen 1
Mirage Tiefling Wizard 12
Phaeryn Duskhaunt Elven Revenant Monk 10
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Thanks creamsteak for putting this here instead of in Meta and making it a sticky. I was really feeling constrained with the new sig rules. Right now, I'm just gonna paste my sig in here and modify it later.

Tarowyn Coldoak, Elven Ranger 1/Fighter 3 in jasamcarl's Feint Whispers
D'Bruuhl, Goblin Cleric 2 in dreamthief's Gobquest
Kajhin, Human Monk 1/Psychic Warrior 1 in Bulsarra's StormFront
Chjargal, Bugbear Ranger 1/Druid 2 in GruTheWanderer's Elven Navy Delta Squad
Elidur the Raven, Dorn Wildlander 1/Defender 2 in Toric_Arthendain's Midnight: Peril In Arbordale
Puna Tani, Tangata Shaman 3 in Tonguez' Legends Of Hawaiki
Dr. Smooth, B@d@$$ MoFo in Toric_Arthendain's M&M: Time Of Crisis
Prisoner Morguk, Marikon Smart Hero 2 in Vaxalon's Iron Lords Of Jupiter
Amir Osbourne, Human Strong 3/Shadow Slayer 1 in Morrus' Strange Happenings In Southampton

Isida Kep'Tukari

Community Supporter
Not currently running or playing any games.

Completed Games I DMed

[Arcana Unearthed] Stone Bones - Each hero is plagued by a strange dream that demands they return the bones to the earth. They now go to enter strange caves to discover what the stone voice truly wants of them. IC OOC, RG.

[Arcana Unearthed] Life In Vein - A group of heroes in a city of artists find themselves part of a quest to rescue the city from angry wind spirits. IC, OOC, RG.

[Arcana Unearthed] Butterfly Cage - A gold rush, a search for magic, the town of Hardak seemed a place to make a quick bit of gold. Now the party has found something more than they bargined for... IC, OOC, RG.

[Low'verok]Maiden of Pain's Redemption - Loviana was once a devotee of the Maiden of Pain. Can she redeem herself with her virtuous lover at her side, and her former sisters out for her blood? IC, OOC, RG. (moved to another board)

[Vasorn] Vasorn, the World Under Dragonfire - Dragons hold all the other races enslaved, and the Underdark now fights for the freedom of all. Our heroes now have to protect the collected knowledge of the resistance against a dragon incursion. IC, OOC, RG.

* [Low'verok] For the Greater Good (A game of Exalted Deeds and Hallowed Might) - A group of the purest hearts in Low'verok have been called to the capital city at the urging of a powerful priest. What evil must they face? IC, OOC, RG.

[Low'verok] Of Vile Darkness (A game of evil deeds and shadowed minds) - A villain of some renown has made it known to several vile souls that he has work for them in the capital of Low'verok. Whatever deeds are to be done, no one is safe from them. IC, OOC, RG. * = Exalted Deeds Versus Vile Darkness, The Final Confrontation

[Low'verok] Planetouched Peril - A group of new heroes, many of them touched by the planes, have come together for a simple guarding job. But it seems someone is after their charges, and they are the only ones who can protect them. IC, OOC, RG.

Games on Permanent Hiatus that I DMed

[Eberron] The Secret Scion - A group of people is running, and have collided in Sharn. What happens when all their enemies find them? IC, OOC, RG

[Dawnforge] The True Kings - A group of heroes have been tasked to unite the Kingsmarch. Can they rise to this legendary task? IC, OOC, RG

[The Endless Falls] Anything But Normal, Sailing the Endless Falls - Their liege-lord slain, can a group of mis-matched heroes restore the Kingdom of Knowledge? IC, OOC, RG, Prelimiary RG.

[AU/AE] A Warping of the Blood - The dragons have returrned to Serran, raising questions in everyone's mind as to who is to rule the lands of the Diamond Throne. IC, OOC, RG.

Tarumen, Land of Earth and Sky - In a world of nature's grandur, a storm is brewing... IC, OOC, RG.

[1930's Call of Cthulhu d20] The Snake Pit - A madman with a secret. A group of strangers with a mysterious connection. And a terrible conspiracy that could spell the end of the world... IC, OOC, RG.

[Epic] Scions of the Endless Falls - You were the most powerful people in your world. Then the gods destroyed it. What would you do? IC, OOC, RG.

Gardens and the Graves (Fantasia campaign) - A group of fey spirits must protect their fey-blooded human family from falling into the clutches of evil. IC, OOC, RG.

[Forgotten Realms] Jungle Deeps and Ocean Depths - A group of warriors, priests, rogues, and royalty thrown into the Jungles of Chult, each with a mission of their own. What adventure awaits them there? IC, OOC, RG.

[Low'verok] World of Low'verok - A merry band of adventurers were on a simple quest. Now it has taken a more deadly and urgent turn. IC, OOC, RG.

[Low'verok] Deepwater's Despair - A group of adventurers turn from strangers to allies, as a mysterious enemy plagues a local town... IC, OOC, RG.

[Pseudo-Low'verok] Magic Kingdom for Sale* (*Some Assembly Required) - A powerful group of adventurers have to tame the wilderness for their king. Trolls, gnolls, and powerful giants stand in their way, as well as miles and miles of The Great Unknown! IC, OOC, RG.

[Keldev] Heirs to the Burning Thrones - The genies of old have called their heirs to their sides. Will they survive the tests and be able to take power? IC, OOC, RG.

Dead Games I DMed

[Forgotten Realms] Graverended Grimoire - A long-standing group of villians that are becoming dominant evil powers in Faerun learn that Lolth is dying. Which one of them will grasp her power? IC, OOC, RG.

Dead, Dying, or Stillborn Games I Played In, or Games I Had To Leave

Anune of House Deneith [CN Female Human Swashbuckler 5] in Bront's Hanable's Hunters. IC, OOC, RG.

Blade Stopthrust [LG Female Spiker Fighter 12] in Sephiroth no Miko's Squaring the Circle Redux. IC, OOC, RG.

Clare Karaby [LG Female Human Cleric of Pistis Sophia 1] in Insight's The Tol Haggerun Prophecy. IC, OOC, RG.

Craven Proudheart [LG Male Human Paladin 4] in Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. IC, OOC, RG.

Daman Don [CG Male Human Bard 1] in Andrew D. Gable's [Ravenloft] Grand Conjunction. IC, OOC, RG.

Death Gift [N Female Elf Wizard 5/ Blood Magus 2] in Krauss von Espy's Crypt of the Crimson Stars. IC, OOC, RG.

Denasa (with hairy spider familiar Legs) [CG Female Gloaming Sorcerer 8] in silentspace's Underdark Primeval. IC, OOC, RG.

Drota Stonebreaker [CN Female Orc Cleric 3 of Luthic] in Nalfeshnee's Tale of the Clueless. IC, OOC, RG.

Duthayer Coalhammer [LG Male Shield Dwarf Paladin 10] in TwistedMindInc's Into the Dragon's Lair. IC, OOC, RG.

Evendur Tallstag [LG Male Tethyr Human Fighter 8/ Divine Champion 5 of Helm] in LordRaven88's Vampires of Waterdeep. Recruitment Thread,IC, OOC, RG.

Fairweather (with dire tiger animal companion Kessian) [NG Female Human Druid 25] in Paxus Asclepius' Against the Crimson Tides. IC, OOC, RG.

Folo Woodwalker [NG Male Forest Gnome Druid 5 (ECL 6) with badger companion Digger] in Crimson Tide's Silver Marches Campaign. IC, OOC, RG.

Forge [N Female-Personality Warforge Artificer 1] in J-Dawg's Whisperers In Darkness. IC, OOC, RG.

Gabriel Sovot [CE Male Vashar Bard 7/ Virutoso 7] in moritheil's Invasion of Mori. IC, OOC, RG.

Granite Alehearth [LG Male Dwarf Monk 6/ Drunken Master 6] in Paxus Asclepius' Experience II. IC, OOC, RG.

Jalen Isadore [NG Female Human Cleric 7 of Ilmater] in Endur's Tears for Twilight Hollow. IC, OOC, RG.

Jalen Isadore [NG Female Human Cleric 11 of Illmater] and Roth Nosebreaker [CG Male Human Fighter 1/ Rogue 3] in Ashy's Up From the Dust. IC, OOC, RG.

Karjanga Stonecrusher [CN Female Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Sorcerer 3] in Lazlow's Tales from The Old Bald One-Eyed Salty Red Dog Tavern IC, OOC, RG.

Kelsis the Bright-Eyed [Female Sibeccai Akashic 4] in Erekose 13's Lost Dreams: The Stone Troll [Arcana Unearthed]. IC, OOC, RG.

Kori Miron [NG Female Human Wu Jen 6 (Complete Arcane)/ Candle Caster 4 (Tome and Blood)] in D20Dazza's The Last Gods - The Candelight Avengers. Recruitment Thread, IC, OOC, RG.

Kromgron Stonebreaker [NG Male Dwarf Psychic Warrior 5] in Ferrix's The Mythar Resistance. IC, IC2, OOC, RG.

Lalreth Evermoon [CN Male Elf Ranger 6 with owl animal companion Hibou] in Evilhalfling's Dragonhunters. IC, OOC, RG.

Lia Nialo [NG Female Elf Ranger 6] with hawk companion Sikilar in Endur's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. IC, OOC, RG.

Lok-Nar [LE Male Zweibold Fighter 1] in Krug's Koboldquest. IC, IC2, OOC, RG.

Luth Stonar [N Male Human Cleric of Grumbar 1] in Chosen of Valkur's Waterdeep/Undermountain game. IC, OOC, RG.

Lydia Shardweaver [LE Female Human Cleric 3 of Wee Jas] in Telsar's Puppy Kicking PCs. IC, OOC, RG.

Maraat Jaasakah - Marot "The Deadly" [NG Male Human Warlock 5/ Enlightened Spirit 1] in stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. IC, OOC, RG.

Miriam Christina LeGou [Female Human Spiritualist 3] in Gomez's Masks of Nynarlathotep. IC, IC2, OOC, RG.

Mirumoto Zokiro [LG Female Human Samurai 7 of the Dragon Clan] in Ghostknight's Empire of the River God. IC, OOC, RG.

Morika Kevsecks [CN Female Gorebrute Shifter Druid 4 (shifter druid substitution 1)] in Ringmereth and Dark Jackalope's Game of Kings. IC, OOC, RG.

Myna Basi, The Moth [Female Human Fighter 3] in The Other Librarian's Servants of the Twilight King. IC, OOC, RG.

Nameless [LN Male Warforged Fighter 3] in Gomez's Dark Tides, Cold Steel. IC, OOC, RG.

Narine Valborg [CG Female Maenad Wilder 8] in Kelleris' Planes to Shape, Secrets to Keep... IC, OOC, RG.

Quillia Yilltre Alamble (with pseudodragon familiar Kosji) [NG Female Gnome Wizard 13] in Goddess FallenAngel's Crucible of Faith. IC, OOC, RG.

Roth d'Cannith [LN Male Human Artificer 3] in Kaodi's Genesis Man. IC, OOC, RG.

Roth Nosebreather [NG Male Human Fighter 1] in Dr. Screampunk's Killing Zander. IC, OOC, RG.

Ruslan Bonescriber [LE Male Human (hag bloodline) UA variant Necromancer 18] in Ankh-Morpork Guard's The Gods Hate Us. IC, OOC, RG.

Sebak of Gauros [CN Male Tiefling Warlock 2] in Verbatim's Final Resting Place. IC, OOC, RG.

Se’ket [LN Female Human Druid 4] with beetle companion Kek in reel big gish's Xen'drik Chronicles. IC, OOC, RG.

Sidra [N Female Litorian Totem Speaker 5] in Eva of Sirrion's Curse of Azure Bonds. IC, OOC, RG.

Silence [NG Female Human Cleric of Pelor 6/ Radiance Servant of Pelor 6] in Krauss von Espy's Maure Castle. IC, OOC, RG.

Sul Ilumé [LN Female Lumi Outsider 2/ Fighter 8 (ECL 12)] in Harvey's The Nameless Legion - Archon Lance. IC, OOC, RG.

Supoja Guchiko [CN Female River Spirit Folk Wu-Jen 4] in Ariakor's Tianchao Wangguo. IC, OOC, RG.

Targ [NG Male Ogre Fighter 5] in Starman's Heroes of the Day. IC, OOC, RG.

Tesseron Keldare [CG Female Human Variant Bard 23] in Emperor Valerian's Mercy in the Nine Hells. IC, OOC, RG.

Togashi Cho [Male Human Monk 5/Tattooed Monk 6] in DarkNemesis' [Rokugan] Blood and Cherry Blossoms. IC, OOC, RG.

Tol Caspian [LN Male Wildren Fighter 11] in Legolizard's Planar Game. IC, OOC, RG.

Trigessa Screep [CN Female Halfling Ranger 4] in Narleth Drider's In Breland's Name: The Xen'drik Expedition. OOC, RG.

Vestra Morger [CG Female Elan Psion (Nomad) 5/ Chronorebel 6] in Eluvan's Of Wealth and Taste. IC, OOC, RG.

Vestra Morger [NG Female Elan Psion (Egoist) 1] in Mithreander's The Advancing Hoard: Game 2. OOC.

Vivianna Spellsoul [LG Female Azurin Good Incarnate 2/Wizard 3/Soulcaster 1] in Nalfeshnee's Incarnum Campaign. OOC, RG.

Vivri Zepher [CG Female Human Holy Warrior of Darmon 1] in GPEKO's Heroes of Darmon. IC, OOC, RG.

Wimzig Tinsnipper [LN Male Rock Gnome Cleric 6 of Gond/ Techsmith 4] with Gondsman Aegis Ward in Willowhaunt's City of the Spider Queen. IC, OOC, RG.

Yina Fireforged [Female Litorian Champion of Freedom 1] in Lobo Lurker's AU Sunless Citadel. IC, OOC, RG.

Zek (Mother Anja) [N Male Doppelganger Rogue 2] in Tailspinner's Dawnforge: Heroes of Legend. IC, OOC, RG.

Zook "Threetongues" Ningle [CG Male Gnome Cleric 3 of Garl Glittergold] in silentspace's Storms of Change part 4. IC, OOC, RG.
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Jemals games

*This is NOT a complete list, just the stuff I remember at time of Editing.*

Games I'm currently GMing:
Jemal's Anniversary Special (M&M Play yourself!)
Mutant Apocalypse (M&M) *Started 2011*
Star Drift (Sci Fi M&M)
Jemal's Planar Quest (3.5 becoming Epic)

Games I'm currently in:
Necessary Evil(M&M) - Siren, Atlantean Enchantress/psychic
Gurps Another World Within

Games I used to DM:
War of the Gods (D&D Lvl 40 non-caster)
Epic Problem: Prevention (LVL 30 good)
Epic Problem: Return to Power (Lvl 30 Not-so-good)
Epic Mortal Kombat (Lvl 40 Fighters Tournament)
Jemals Prisoners (Lvl 12 prison Dimension)
New Heroes Arise
Judgement Day
Final Fantasy J (Lvl 10 Fiinal Fantasy campaign)
Mutant High (M&M LVL 12)
Mutant Rising (M&M)
Jemal's Chosen (M&M)
Jemal's School
Jemal's Legends
Rebuilding the World
4E Past Tense.
Circle of Champions(M&M)

Games I was in for a while:
[D&D 3.0/3.5]
Adventers in Cormyr(Doorway From Everywhere) - Goran Elzyn, Draconic Half-Ogre Barbarian2/Fighter2
IndustryGothica's "Those Left Behind"- Rokelsh, Human Barb2/Fgtr1/Ranger3
Tragedy at Silvergard - Sir William Windwalker, Human Paladin
Darimaus' No mans Land - Whin Z. Roe, Human Fgtr/Sorc/E.Knight/Monk/Abjurant Champion (lvl 20)
Parting Gifts - Kurina, Elven Archery Horizon Walker (lvl20)
Invading Space Elves - Kiera, Human Sorc8
World of Low'verok - Rokelsh, Human Brb1/fgtr2
Heroes of Silleria - Michelle Cho, Human Female Sorc 2
Retired & Bored 3.5 - Daniel Adams, Human Rngr1/Fgtr4/Horizon Walker 9
Adventurers from Tacnar - Jonathon Boyd, Human fgtr1
Citizens of Gladenrach - Kurita, Human Monk 10
Epic Game - Kel Vorath, Sorc 26/Archmage 4
Ultimate Survivor D&D - Unnamed Mage of Chaos.
Darkhawk The Horror Within - Sir Jonathon, Human Fighter1
Engines & Empires - Kel Vorath, Human mage 1
Ruik's Carrion Crown - Gor (lvl 1 Cleric)
[Mutants and Masterminds]
Insight's Secret Wars(M&M 3e) - Optic PL 10
Superheroes of the Trust - Optic (PL 11)
Marvel Avengers 1989 - Savage Wolverine (PL 8)
Marvel Hero RPG (M&M) - Mr Fantastic
Insight's Emerald City Knights (M&M) - Power Gamer

For the Emperor - Bruce McClane, Catachan Mercenary
Buffy: Hellmouth in Waterloo - Jason Williams, Demon-Hunter
ICCG - ME, Fast 3/Strong 1/Martial Artist 7
Ever Dream Deity Roleplay - Jemal(God of the Undead)
Caros' Better Days - Captain James Varboy (Noble3/Soldier3/Scout1/Gunslinger4)
Babylon 5 - Kevin Cole, Ranger 3

PBP games I've finished:
Under A Vaulted Ceiling - Gentaria Ferach, Drow Cleric4/Ranger1/Fgtr1

Always looking to game!!
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Games I'm Dungeon Mastering:
Newfoundland: IC, OOC, RG.
A small group of second level adventurers sets sail for a new continent, but ends up shipwrecked on a remote island.

Heroics around Hommlet: IC, OOC, RG.
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil module, with a prologue to let players start at first level.

Games I'm playing:
House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen by Endur: IC, OOC, RG.
Dariel Kront'tane, Drow Male Rogue5/Ranger6. A nervous and coutious Drow warrior adopted by House Millithor.

New Heroes Arise by Jemal: IC, OOC1, OOC2, RG.
Deirdre Silvereyes, Human Female Paladin of Heironeous2. Eager to right the wrongs, serious attitude with little interest in fooling around.

Fallen Angel by Erokose13: IC1, IC2, OOC, RG, MAP.
Michael Swordsbane, Human Male Fighter5. Mercenary, hero or treasureseeker, depending on the occasion.

The Sceptre of Kings by Uriel: IC, OOC, RG.
Prince Alembregh of Temperlain, Gold Dwarf Male Fighter4/Paladin of Gorm Gulthyn6. Heroic Dwarf eager to fight against the forces of evil.

Arokyn: Savage World by Argent Silvermage: IC, OOC.
Krit Ka, Insectoid Elf Male Monk1. Bred in military caste. Uncreative, focussed, always training his combat moves.

World of Low'verok by Ray Silver: IC, OOC, RG.
Damien Tallstrider, Human Male Cleric of Pelor3. Healer travelling around with his horses and carriage, pulled into adventure by his friends.

Crossed Paths by Manzanita: IC, OOC1, OOC2, RG.
Dhormuin Blackbeard, Dwarf Male Cleric of Moradin3. Young orphan Dwarf, leaving the Hold for the first time in his life with great interest.

Life's Bazaar by Kajamba Lion: IC1, IC2, OOC, RG, MAP.
Cassandra Moonshadow, Human Female Psychic Warrior2. Unattractive muscled woman, but with her heart at the right place.

Retired and Bored by Tailspinner: IC, OOC, RG.
Armand Eagleheart, Human Male Cleric14. Veteran Adventurer that decided to settle down. But adventure seeks him.

Storms of Change by Silentspace: IC1, IC2, OOC1, OOC2, RG.
Zanock, Orc Male Fighter1. Young naive orc warrior, travelling to see the world.

Yrtchull's Return by Uriel: IC, OOC.
Teretha BlueMane, Tiefling Female Wizard7. Sneaky spellcaster, befriended with a Girthyanki Psychic Warrior.

Sealed Lands by Kalanyr: IC, OOC, RG.
Arianne Autumnleaf, Human Female Telepath3. Physical poor and smallshaped woman with strong mental powers.

Games that died:
Metropolis by Corlon: IC, OOC1, OOC2, RG.
Harald Stonefist, Human Male Fighter4/Paladin of Corean5/Blackguard of Vangal1. Once a proud man, he lost his faith when things went horribly wrong.

Adventures from Tacnar by Shaff: IC, OOC, RG.
Eclyssia Morningdawn, Elf Female Sorceress1. Young elven girl that travelled away from home because it bored her. Likes fun, dislikes killing.

Stealthy Missions by Xael: IC, OOC1, OOC2.
Byorn Woodsplinter, Human Male Druid8. Unsocial, aloof, back to nature kind of guy who dislikes civilization and talking.
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Games I'm In

I'm currently not playing any, due to real life issues.

Ktarlewaweikye Os Tehlayew Olui in Maerdwyn's High Law and low justice (T20, OOC)

Toriah in Endur's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (3.5/RttToEE, OOC)

Freyja in Isida Kep'Tukari's Gardens and the Graves (3.5/Fantasia, OOC)

Garival in doghead's nameless III: lost and found (GnG D&D homebrew, OOC)
[on hold]

Matron Millithor in Isida's Graverended Grimoire (House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen V) (3.5, OOC)
[seeking GM]

Chastity D'Agnacia in Majin's The Lamentation of Lolth (3.5/CotSQ, OOC)
[currently inactive]

Rowyn Elwick Doublelock Daergal Scheppen III in silentspace's Storms of Change (3.0, OOC)
[currently inactive]

Lani-wai-koana in Tonguez's Legends of Hawaiki (3.0/3.5/homebrew, OOC)
[dead game]

Miriah Kalindos in loxmyth's Clockwork, Steam & Sorcery (3.0/3.5, OOC)
[dead game]

Kosk in sophist's The Haunting of Barrenrim (3.5/Warcraft, OOC)
[dead game]

Mickeal Roberts in Fieari's Pint Sized Sword and Sorcery (3.0/3.5/homebrew, OOC)
[dead game]

Toriah in Thels's Heroics Around Hommlet (3.5/RttToEE, OOC)
[dead game]

Kiralin in ToddSchumacher's On the Merchant Road (3.0/3.5/FR, OOC)
[dead game]

Narcelia Millithor in Endur's House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen (3.0/3.5/CotSQ, OOC)

Diarmat in DrZombie's Celtic Dreams (3.5/homebrew, OOC)

Marcus Garivelli in Mordane76's A Beginning to the End (Vampire, OOC)

Enalia Astariat in Breezly's Silverymoon (3.5/FR, OOC)
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Game I DM(ed):

Star Wars Episode 2.1q: The Fall of Eraydia: Clone Wars era. The heroes deliver refugees to supposed safe haven on the windswept world of Eraydia, only to find a Separatist invasion in progress when they arrive. (Game is dead at my hand, as I made a giant production out of lawnmowing, basically, and my players justifiably lost interest.)

Games I'm In:

(Casual D&D) A Game of Trust: Guilt Puppy, DM. Now in its second thread incarnation as Casual D&D II: The Fellowship of the White Dove. Heroes on a mission to save the land from discord and strife; their biggest enemy being themselves and the choices they make. Playing Brother Fendric, half-elf Cleric 5 of Pelor. My favorite D&D game. Just finished (and survived) the best combat I've ever played in, 8 of us defeating 12 orcs, some of whom were barbarians, with MW weaps and better armor.

The Heroes of Silleria: MerakSpielman, DM. Heroes reclaiming a Keep on behalf of the Crown. Big adventuring party, plenty of characters after DM reopened recruiting. Playing Kerith Onnwall, human Rogue 2. Game temporarily suspended since DM's hard drive went down for good, taking all the juicy campaign info with it. Tragic: we've already defeated lizardmen, krenshar, monstrous centipedes, a purple fungus, and darkmantles (don't laugh - this was the toughest of everything but the krenshar). God, I hope this game gets going again.

Star Wars - Rebellion: Toric Arthendain, DM. Heroes out to rescue Rebel operative on Dantooine, currently under Imperial attack. Game up and died a while ago. Playing Ryn Turiaf, human Scoundrel 2.

Living ENWorld: details already in sig, per standard procedure.
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Living EN World Judge


Under a Vaulted Sky:Yrtchull's Return
Yrtchull Ferach and his band of thrown together companions (his cousin Cambrech, another Drow, Nurin and a Tiefling Wizard and Githyanki Monk, as well as Urftuk, Yrtchull's faitful Cohort Orc Barbarian) seek escape from a mad Wizard's stronghold deep in the Underdark. The place seems to have become a battleground since ther incarceration, with no sign of the Wizard, though his Troglodyte forces lay about, dead alongside grimlocks and Ghouls...

This one doesn't have a Rogue's Gallery, as the characters barely trust each other, thus the secretive nature (It is making for much fun in emails and plotting...)
OoC Thread

IC thread

The Dungeon:Out of Whistle
My strangest Game.
Part 'Labyrinth', part Wizard of Oz and part 'The Dungeon' by Phillip Jose farmer, in general feel anyways. This game is a whatever/whoever/however sort of thing.The Party currently consists of Kaz,a Kender Wizard,Kael,an Elven Cleric,
Aska a Human Cleric(npc),Taklinn, a Dwarf Fighter/barbarian (npc), James, a Human Psycher/Fast Hero,valendir, an Elven Cleric and Damien Westhover, a Half-Dragon(Copper)Fighter,as well as Jack Lobbins, the group's Atomie(Fey) Scout.

RG (although they still need to post them there...)

Remnants of the Horde:Flight from Aruth
In a Land where things are not as one would expect, where the Good guys are the Ogres, Goblins and Half-Breeds born of man and monster, where the Elves are the Oppressors, a brave few try to survive.
Led by the courageous Durgo,Ogre Hero and his half-wit son Bargo, a group of half-Fiends,Hag-Born and Goblinoids flees north with a secret Charge.
Their Kingdom lies in Ruins and Chaos, as their King fell mere days ago in battle against the Elven Legions. Durgo tries to get his band back home, with the AruthianLegions at hs Land's doorstep. Will the Remnants of the Horde survive long enough to regroup and protect their tribes and clans from the Genocidal Fascist Aruthian Legions?


The Sceptre of Kings:A Heroic Dwarven Quest
A Dwarven Prince and his band of Comrades and faithful troops seeks to bring the Chaos and infighting to an end in Cuvaghn, ancient an Dwarven City fallen to the forces of Darkness.
Of course, scheming Dwarves, Drow, Orc hordes and a dragon seek to keep the Dwarf prince from the Sceptre of Kings...




A Game of Trust: Niccolo the Gnome Bard 4

Deep Water & Shoals:Nicodemus Arfalinium, Dwarf Wizard 3

Heroes of Silleria: Norynth Abercrombie, Human Ranger 2

Arcane Might-Search for a Home: Myrkskog, Elven Rogue 3/Wizard3

Against the Slavers: Gwystyl, Grey Elven Rogue 1/Diviner 5

Clockwrk,Steam and Sorcery: Froud Galvinium,Gnome Mechanist 1

Arokyn: Vorgune Human-Feral Barbarian1/Druid 1


The Monestary of Saint Feragon: The adventurers,with the aid of Bron Bekkle, seek to find out what has befallen The Monestary south of Orussus. Bron fears that the Monks have been beset by Kroggothite ferals and recent discoveries have brought to light that the Kroggothites are using forced conversion to create bestial soldiers for their Dark God.

To Delmon's Aid: Adventurers seek to help an embattled Dwarvish Wizard recently attacked by the feral forces of the Foul God Kroggoth.

Dwarven Golems and Old Ruins: Playing Silvercat of Rivenblight, an Elven Rogue seeking the mystery of an old Dwarf Ruin where diminuative constructs mine and defend something long forgotten...treasure and lost Dwarf Lore? Silvercat means to find out...
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Game I DM:

Knights of the Old Republic: The Last of the Sith:
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
Master Essenu's Group IC
Master Kanas' Group IC

Star Wars Rebel Alliance: Freedom Fighters:
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread

Star Wars Galactic Empire: Serving the New Order:
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread

The Gods Hate Us:
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread

Games I Play In:

City of the Spider Queen
Jyren BlueIce, Water Genasi Cleric 7/Elemental Archon 2
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread

Rokugan: Blood and Cherry Blossums:
Isawa Renshi, Human Shugenja 6
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread

Taden, Kobold Druid 2
OOC Thread 1
OOC Thread 2
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread 1(Prologue)
IC Thread 2(Delivering the Box)

Bughunters Moreau
Sneak, Feline Moreau Fast Hero 2
OOC Thread
Rogue's Gallery
IC Thread 1
IC Thread 2
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Game I DM:

[Mutants and Masterminds] Rogue's Gallery Thread , OOC Thread
Curtains #1 - A Crossing of Paths
Curtains #2 - It Came From Below!
Curtains #3 - A Problem of One's Own
Curtains #4 - Shell Games

Games I Play:

Sollir Furryfoot's [M&M] Transcendence Now --- Joe Vaughn, OOC Thread

hero4hire's [M&M] Heroes for Hire --- Echo/Maya Lopez, OOC Thread

Living Supers [M&M] --- Kid Dinosaur, currently assigned to Bront's Quake Your Booty

Living Supers [M&M] --- Pandora, currently assigned to Salix's Help Wanted: Exterminators

Complete, Inactive, or Dead Games:

[Arcana Unearthed - Concluded] Rogue's Gallery, OOC Thread
Siege on Ebonring Keep - Part 1
Siege on Ebonring Keep - Part 2

Isida Kep'Tukari's [AU] The Butterfly Cage --- Grathis the Twice-Bitten (Racial Sibbecai), OOC Thread

Isida Kep'Tukari's [AU] Stone Bones --- Leesea Elmsbreath (Loresong Faen/Spryte Akashic), OOC Thread

Isida Kep'Tukari's Of Vile Darkness --- Lord Torr Stormrider (Human Weretiger Fighter/Rogue), OOC Thread

LazarusLong42's Not With a Bang --- Bellows Axegrinder (Dwarven Evoker), OOC Thread

Corlon's Feng Shui --- Dennis "Chopper" Guffey (Everyman's Hero/Lumberjack), OOC Thread

Mordaine76's [M&M] Armageddon: Rise of the Nephilim --- Shin "Blackout" Peterson, OOC Thread

Velmont's [M&M] Institute Issue #1: Fire and Flesh --- Jessica "Sea Nymph" Lorne, OOC Thread

Dark Nemesis' [M&M] Metahuman College #1 --- Watching Cloud Rice "Winter Hawk", OOC Thread
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My Living ENWorld character:
Gath Stonefist, a somewhat stupid and crude half-orc that was once a slave. Strong and ugly the way you like it. Presently looking for the Bastard of Bluerun.

My characters in other games:

Filbert 'Bert' Wateryfoot, a cowardly but still jovial halfling cleric of Fharlanghn, in Silentspace's Storms of Change

Nárin Mûzar Baruk, a smelly and quick to anger dwarven warrior, in Guillaume's Bazar de la vie

Orillian of Forbach, a pompous aristocratic conjurer, in Kahuna Burger's Oathbound: Homecoming

Yajarn. a serious Mojh who values Strength above all, in Ekerose13's Lost Dreams

Deceased or retired characters:

Ayi-Morotik, a mighty yet elegant Giantess akashic, in NarlethDrider's Tyrzra'eln

Tar-Namaris in Fanog's Rumbling Mountain

Rupert Vonstrom, a carefree and immature human (unfettered/runethame), in dead_radish's Vale of Shadows
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Manzanita's Signature

Game I DM:
See List of LEW games DMed[/URL].

Active Characters:

Ignatious O'Reilly (Iggy) adventuring in Living EN World. Halfling Wizard 7/Loremaster 1 (started 09/04/03).

Persephone in Living EN World (started 10/03) Human Sorcerer 4/Human Paragon 3. Beautiful Princess. Adventurer hoping to avoid ugly orcy things.

Rowan McTavish Male Human Barbarian 3/Fighter 1/Ranger 1 in LEW. (Started 01/06)

Raven ThornFemale Human Rogue 3/Fighter 1 in Living Eberron. Scion of House Orien, betrayed and humbled, seeks redemption. (started 08/06)

Indefinite Haitus:

Julian Hemlock Half-elf Bard 1. In Sasserine for the Savage Tide! Started 01/30/07

Short list of dead games[/B]:

Manzanita Sparrow in Silentspace's Storms of Change (started 11/03). Grey elf Wizard 4. Responding the the call of an empire on the edge of destruction.

Crossed Paths, DnD 3.5 (started 05/03). From across the known world, a group gathers on a heroic quest, but are they all on the same side? This game lasted about 2 years before PC dropout and DM burnout ended it. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
Part V

Arkan Far Traveler in LazarusLong42's Not with a Bang (started 7/03). Half elf Ranger 2. Hired by a wizard to fight the irregulars, now with the irregulars, fighting the wizard.

Sargon the Barbarian Human Barbarian 1 in Isida Kep Tukari's Deepwater's Despair. Cloned hero looks for answers in a new world.

Raven in Thels' Heroics around Homlett. Elven Bard 2. Curious & broke elf looks for a good story.

Dain Ironhelm Dwaven Ranger 1 in Breezley's Silverymoon.

Solomon Kreel IV Half orc Rogue 3/Ranger 3/Brb 1 in Driver8's Demon hunters.

Reinert of Ken in Emerald's PbP game (started 01/03). Dwarf Rog2/Ftr1. My first PbP PC. For over a year, now, Reinert, the ugly, ornery dwarf, and his equally ornery (but not so ugly) companions try to right wrongs as they make their way back home after being kidnapped by slavers.

Valandil in Inez Hull's The Phantom of the Northern Marshes (started 12/03) Dunedain Ranger2/cleric2 in a LOtR adventure

Drogo Hornblower in Majin's Lamentation of Loth (01/04) Ghostwise Halfling Druid 5. On the way to the City of the Spider Queen

Raven, half-orc Rogue 3/Barbarian 1(started 08/04) in Majin's Shackled City.

Torn female human cleric 11 of Heironeous(started 11/05) in Endur's RtToEE. This game was played to its conclusion.

Solomon Kreel V, male half-orc Ranger 4/Barbarian 1 (started 05/04) in Dark Master's Heroes of Mergove. plot thread
The Return

Two Axe. Half-orc Fighter 3. Adventuring to win the hand of his beloved in the Temple of Elemental Evil. (started 12/28/06)
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PbP PCs:
-- Sebrin Oliver Manderock, the drunken, dusty, out-of-tune, dried-up, old lutist and his comrades enter The Tourne. OOC. DM - Guiltpuppy (Casual D&D I, II, III, IV & V campaign entering it's 5th year!)
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PBP Games I DM:
Crucible of Faith
Forgotten Realms/Planescape game ~ 3.5 D&D

PBP Games I Play:
~ T'aria in Telsar's PCs Still Kicking Puppies PBP (D&D 3.5 Vile)
~ Killishandra in SisyphusX's Blood Loyalties (Amber)
~ Quealisae in DM Magius' Out of Place, Out of Time - Time's End (D&D 3.5 Epic)
~ Sakura in GhostKnight's Empire of the River God (D&D 3.5 Oriental)
~ Domina in Paxus Asclepius' Against the Crimson Tides (D&D 3.5 Epic)
~ Aleahea in Creamsteak's Age of Mortals - The Knights of Solamnia (D&D 3.5 Dragonlance)
~ Shar in Isida Kep'Tukari's World of Low'verok (D&D 3.0 Homebrew)
~ Shalah in Isida Kep'Tukari's Heirs to the Burning Thrones (D&D 3.5 Homebrew Arabian Nights-style)
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Dark Nemesis

Games I DM

-Metahuman College Issue 1: College Bound (OOC RG
-[Rokugan] Blood and Cherry Blossoms (OOC RG)

Games I Play In

~Brigitte Firestarre in Isida Kep'Tukari's World of Low'verok game.
~Tariq Salim in Isida Kep'Tukari's Heirs to the Burning Thrones game.
~Dawn Desantis in Isida Kep'Tukari's Magic Kingdom for Sale game.

Characters on hiatus/retired
~Angela "Gemini" Lance in Radiant's X-Men X-changed game.
~Brandy Galadonel in GPEKO's Heroes of Darmon.
~Rylee Fallon, in Keia's Stargate SG-1 game.
~Amora "The Enchantress" in hero4hire's Heroes for Hire game.
~Alyshia Ra'nier in Isida Kep'Tukari's Vasorn, World Under Dragonfire game.
~Raven in Karl Green's Team: TITAN, Class of 2004 game.
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Flowers on the Walls

Want something to Read, eh?...<I>Shackled City (), Sep's Story (), Travels through the Wild West (<a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=152" target="_blank">I & II</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4975" target="_blank">III</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10847" target="_blank">IV</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14878" target="_blank">V, VI, & VII</a>), <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=102" target="_blank">Wulf's Collected Story Hour</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=" target="_blank">Meepo! Story Hour</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=779" target="_blank">PirateCat's Story Hour</a>, <a href="http://enworld..cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=99" target="_blank">Wizardru's Story Hour</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=643" target="_blank">Posy's Story Hour</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29455" target="_blank">Greenwood Trader's Story Hour</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?threadid=36387" target="_blank">In Hextor's Name</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31397" target="_blank">Clearwater Crusaders</a>
What I do...<i>Shades of Netheril (Thread: <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32008&perpage=40&pagenumber=1" target="_blank">I</a>, <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37106" target="_blank">II</a>; <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38324" target="_blank">OOC</a>; <a href="http://enworld.cyberstreet.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=504146#post504146" target="_blank">Character Sheet</a>)</i>, Return of the Slavelords! (IC, OOC, RG)